Author's POV

Marriage Camp
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Author’s POV:

Dongwan led the way in the forest, his jacket working as an umbrella, while Minwoo strode behind the older man promptly. The rain had surprised them, the storm had surprised them, and the difficulty of the mission had surprised them. When the boat had burst into tiny little pieces in front of their eyes, Dongwan hadn’t got another plan.

Other than that, they had not talked anything since Minwoo had told Dongwan to row the boat. It was awkward, and uncomfortable – since Dongwan always wanted to talk – but at least they had something else to focus on to.

Dongwan had tried calling Hyesung, but when he had reached for the phone, he had found out that it had dropped somewhere. Dammit…even better…he was the man of misfortune. He had turned to Minwoo, of course, and a simple eyebrow raise had worked for the guy who had fished out the newest Samsung phone.

Minwoo opened the screen, only to shake head at the older man. So, they didn’t have food, place to stay, a boat to go back, phones, and it was raining. It was the perfect package for the two, who had the worst relationship in the mansion – well, if you didn’t count Vanness and Dongwan.

“Light,” Minwoo suddenly breathed out.


“There,” the young man pointed. “Come!” he abruptly took the charge and began to run towards the entrance of the small cottage.

“No, we can’t go!” Dongwan grabbed the shirt off the soaking wet guy. “What if the cottage is owned by a murderer? Or what if no one is home? Or what if they just purely don’t want two drenched guys – other too young to be with someone like me – and they will just chase us away? Or what if—“ Minwoo rolled his eyes and pried himself free.

“I don’t care.” He mumbled. “I just need a place to sleep and get warm.”

Dongwan glared at the receding back of his teammate, and felt the urge to curl his hands around the neck and choke him – just to scare him. Part of him, however, agreed with Minwoo. It was better to try than nothing.

They stood behind the door and rang the old doorbell, still standing in the rain. They no longer used the jacket as an umbrella, and their hair was flat on the crowns of their heads as an ahjumma opened the door and studied them from head to toe.

“How can I help?” she asked.

“We got into a very serious accident and cannot get back to the other island,” Dongwan explained. “And my…” he glanced at Minwoo. “…boyfriend…is cold and needs a place to stay for the night. Is it possible for us to have two rooms with separate showers and some food…?” he tried to sound as desperate as possible.

The ahjumma blinked her eyes, and then told the men she will go and check if they had any rooms left. Apparently the place was a motel of some sort.

“We have two rooms available,” she spoke. “But why do you want two?” she raised an eyebrow.

Dongwan chuckled handsomely – Minwoo rolled his eyes since he knew the guy was trying to kiss the lady’s as much as possible to make her let them stay – and took her wrinkly hands into his.

“Nunim,” he crooned. “I would love to sleep next to my Minwoo,” he curled his arm around Minwoo and held him near. “But…I don’t believe in before marriage so…we sleep in separate rooms whenever it is possible.” he smiled.

The lady looked doubtful, but shortly she let the guys get in and find their rooms.

“Boyfriend?” Minwoo interrogated.

“I couldn’t come up with anything else okay?” Dongwan muttered and approached the room at the end of the

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Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: wahhhh finally I can remember my password and my email for this account hiks...can't believe this FF was over... (T_T)
but I'm happy that all couple finally found their soulmate and their happiness...
Good job authornim...can't wait for your next project
Chapter 20: Ah it's really over...
So Kangta decided not to go public this time?
And the others never got married, cause they learned now, date first!
I liked this ending, it was sweet and short
All of them ended up nice and happy together, I liked the ending, all fairytale like
Chapter 19: this is really over..
I love how the different couples have different things they want afterwards, like, Ricsyung are older and got together so fast, they always seemed more ready for marriege, while Jindy are still in the dating stage, it makes sense with Andy younger and Jin isn't that old either, Woodong too, Minwoo is so young, and seems like Wannie got younger while being with him so he is ok with just moving in together
and then there''s Jita, ah the Jita, Jihoon hurt me by regretting this whole thing, I hope he doesn't regret now, but damn it was cute saying his mom warned him hahaha
oh my god Kangta and the blanket was so funny!! oh my god idiot they can still see you hahaha
Jihoon is so cute and has no self esteem, hope he gets better now
And payback!! now they see you aren't a saint either!! you ed Kangta too!!
Chapter 19: Aww this is so cute >.< update soon~