Marriage Camp
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Jihoon’s POV:

It was obvious that the blanket didn’t cover Kangta – or that he had been hidden under it in the first place. It had been a reaction I had seen from movies. I looked toward the six men and cleared my throat.

“Your back is just fine, Kangta.” I spilled out dumbly and tapped his forehead. “Good thing you asked me.” I added and stepped off of him. “So what’s up?” I pretended like no one had seen me ramming in Kangta and chuckled to Eric.

The judging eyes of Eric and Hyesung, Andy and Junjin, and Dongwan and Minwoo bored into mine, reminding me of every bad thing I had ever committed in my life. I realised I was in front of them, but none of them cared. I slowly lifted up my pants and chanted, “I can explain.”

“Please do,” Junjin said this time, arms crossed above his chest. “I thought we weren’t allowed to touch other contestants; especially those who are still married.” I knew he meant Kangta who was still technically married to Vanness – I heard Kangta hide under the blanket as if people didn’t know he was there.

I wanted to explain to all of them what was going on and maybe seek for their forgiveness, but they all looked like they wanted to murder me. I kept smiling and laughing nervously, trying to get at least one of them on my side, but apparently every single one of them was disappointed by me. “Fine,” I breathed out. “I know I was unreasonable to make you two break up,” I pointed at Junjin and Andy. “Especially when I did something like this myself.”

Kangta finally revealed himself under the blanket and I glanced at him. “But I think I understand you now,” I stated. “I would have never touched Kangta if Vanness had stayed and turned out to be a nice guy.”

Kangta reached for his clothes and put them slowly on, back at the other men. He was shy, and I found him even cuter. “Whatever you want, I will make it happen.” I promised to all of the couples present in the room.

“Really? Everything?” Dongwan repeated.


“Then we’re fine.”

I exhaled relieved.




Author’s POV:

The day had become. The last day of the filming of “Marriage Camp”. The old married couples gathered to the garden of the mansion, all dressed in fancy and pretty suits. Andy and Minwoo had couple colours, black suits but colourful ties. Eric and Junjin had more casual style wear, without ties. And Hyesung and Dongwan didn’t match at all – some had even heard them arguing earlier upstairs.

Jihoon stood on a big platform, Kangta beside him (as his sub-MC) and they were smiling at the old couples. “We’ve gathered here today to celebrate the last episode of “Marriage Camp”!” Jihoon announced. “Let’s watch where it all began.”

The couples turned toward a big monitor and watched the montage of all of them meeting the first time, telling who they were and what they did for living etc. Junjin chuckled when Eric said something funny, and Dongwan grinned when Minwoo’s adorable eyes became smaller every time he smiled.

“Who wants to be first?” Jihoon asked.

Eric lifted his arm. “Me.”

He and Junjin advanced the platform

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Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: wahhhh finally I can remember my password and my email for this account hiks...can't believe this FF was over... (T_T)
but I'm happy that all couple finally found their soulmate and their happiness...
Good job authornim...can't wait for your next project
Chapter 20: Ah it's really over...
So Kangta decided not to go public this time?
And the others never got married, cause they learned now, date first!
I liked this ending, it was sweet and short
All of them ended up nice and happy together, I liked the ending, all fairytale like
Chapter 19: this is really over..
I love how the different couples have different things they want afterwards, like, Ricsyung are older and got together so fast, they always seemed more ready for marriege, while Jindy are still in the dating stage, it makes sense with Andy younger and Jin isn't that old either, Woodong too, Minwoo is so young, and seems like Wannie got younger while being with him so he is ok with just moving in together
and then there''s Jita, ah the Jita, Jihoon hurt me by regretting this whole thing, I hope he doesn't regret now, but damn it was cute saying his mom warned him hahaha
oh my god Kangta and the blanket was so funny!! oh my god idiot they can still see you hahaha
Jihoon is so cute and has no self esteem, hope he gets better now
And payback!! now they see you aren't a saint either!! you ed Kangta too!!
Chapter 19: Aww this is so cute >.< update soon~