Author's POV

Marriage Camp
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Author’s POV:

“I HATE THIS!” Eric screamed, falling to his knees.

“You aren’t the only one hyung…” Junjin muttered.

“Eyy…” Andy whispered.

Minwoo’s eyes were teary as they heard Jihoon yelling the other team’s name instead of theirs. It meant they were the slaves of the other team.

Hyesung was snickering, rubbing his hands together, thinking what he should do to the other team, while Dongwan was only planning on not letting Vanness boss around Minwoo because already the look on his face was very frightening. Kangta, instead, kept saying that he didn’t want to boss around anyone because that wasn’t his thing.

Hyesung shoved his hand and just stepped closer.

“You will be our slaves for the weekend. Enjoy!” He was so happy.

            Eric ended up doing everyone’s laundry – even his own team’s – while Junjin was in charge of entertainment, Andy of massaging (ish, I know!) and Minwoo of snacks – he wanted to switch with Andy so bad, but Dongwan had demanded that he wants to eat snacks made by Minwoo.

“Do you need help?” Dongwan asked, being massaged by the maknae.

“No…” Minwoo opened a back he had been struggling with for minutes, when everything flew out. “Aish…” he flushed ashamed and collected the chips from the sides of the bowl. “Hyung just enjoys his massage,” he flashed a smile at the guy.

Dongwan nodded, gazing at Vanness, who was not looking at Minwoo this time but Andy, who had a revealing shirt. A normal eye couldn’t tell it, but Dongwan knew when people were being erted. That hand in front of the mouth and nose didn’t hide anything!

“Umm, Andy! Go get my lotion from the bedroom. It’s in my bag,” Hyesung rolled his eyes when he heard the damn word, and just waited for his turn. Dongwan glanced at Vanness, who glared at him and sneakily turned his gaze back at Minwoo.

He stood up from the seat and advanced the kitchen, while Dongwan was focusing on Andy getting out of the room.

“Is there something you want?” Minwoo asked while smiling.

“I want…” Vanness was thinking. “…what is it? You to…my feet.” He said.

Minwoo blinked his eyes.


“Massage.” Vanness brushed his hand through the arm.

Minwoo felt sparks as his cheeks turned rosy and he bowed his head down to hide it. The taller man lifted the head back up and stared deep into the eyes. Minwoo forgot what he was doing, as he abandoned the chips to the cabinet and felt his face burning.

“Minu?” Vanness raised an eyebrow.


“Would you give me your…?”

“Minwoo ya,” Dongwan’s voice was stern when he talked from the living room. “I need you to make me a drink.” He told.

Minwoo ignored Vanness when Dongwan commanded him, and walked away from him to go to Dongwan to hear what the guy wanted.


Vanness sat on the couch alone as Kangta had gone to the bathroom. Regardless of what Dongwan had done, he was looking at the other youngest person, Minwoo, who was dancing with the very tall guy, Junjin. It was difficult for him to learn every name, but Minwoo’s name he remembered easily (also those who had the English names).

“Ah, I’m sweating,” Minwoo sighed, and slumped down to the couch, opposite to the foreigner. “Oh?” he noticed a bottle of water on the coffee table and knew it belonged to the older man.

Minwoo’s cheeks flushed cutely, as he nodded towards it. Either Vanness didn’t want to understand or he was really not perceiving the nodding towards something, but he frowned and just turned his head away. Junjin was switching off the stereo and taking out his CD, when Andy entered the room and saw his husband.

“Minwoo ya,” Andy kissed him. “Iiiiish! You are super wet,” he retreated and began to wipe the face of his husband. “Why didn’t you wash it? Why are you panting so dryly?” Andy asked annoyed.

Minwoo flushed again, as he glanced at the bottle. Andy noticed it and turned to the man who was slouched on the couch, mouth open, staring at the other smaller guy. When he noticed Andy was looking at him, he flashed a smile.

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Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: wahhhh finally I can remember my password and my email for this account hiks...can't believe this FF was over... (T_T)
but I'm happy that all couple finally found their soulmate and their happiness...
Good job authornim...can't wait for your next project
Chapter 20: Ah it's really over...
So Kangta decided not to go public this time?
And the others never got married, cause they learned now, date first!
I liked this ending, it was sweet and short
All of them ended up nice and happy together, I liked the ending, all fairytale like
Chapter 19: this is really over..
I love how the different couples have different things they want afterwards, like, Ricsyung are older and got together so fast, they always seemed more ready for marriege, while Jindy are still in the dating stage, it makes sense with Andy younger and Jin isn't that old either, Woodong too, Minwoo is so young, and seems like Wannie got younger while being with him so he is ok with just moving in together
and then there''s Jita, ah the Jita, Jihoon hurt me by regretting this whole thing, I hope he doesn't regret now, but damn it was cute saying his mom warned him hahaha
oh my god Kangta and the blanket was so funny!! oh my god idiot they can still see you hahaha
Jihoon is so cute and has no self esteem, hope he gets better now
And payback!! now they see you aren't a saint either!! you ed Kangta too!!
Chapter 19: Aww this is so cute >.< update soon~