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Nothing was worse

Than seeing "positive" written on a pregnancy test.


A new fic.

Will update when I have time! ^^

Next Chapter might be the last one guys haha


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Chapter 32: nice ending ;)
missstery #2
Chapter 32: I loved that everyone had their happy ending, they went through a lot to get it, I'm really going to miss this story. Thanks for the update and all your stories, I really enjoy it and make me miss the boys a little less. Take care and a big hug.
Chapter 32: I enjoyed this. We don't have enough Shinhwa content on here
Can't stop reading and rereading your stories they're too good. All the babies are out omg making me feel clucky now lol. They are so super cute. Though hope WooDong can be happy as everyone else. And of course BABY YUNHO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Shinhwa_kiwi #5
Chapter 31: Baby Yunho Baby Yunho I am very bery happy kkk Jindy's kid! Gosh I love them all n thank you author nimmmmm~
Chapter 31: Yunho.. nice :)
Andy and Minwoo met in pregnancy workout class or something like that, right?
turyka #7
Chapter 31: Yay!! baby is Yunho is finally here, everyone is happy, love the chapter
CrowLuna09 #8
Chapter 31: Thank you for the update, you always makes my heart moved whenever it comes to jindy. Thank you for fulfilling my Fangirling dream. Your fanfic is beautiful as always, Hope to see an update on your other fanfic too. Stay safe and stay healthy ?
Shinhwa_kiwi #9
Chapter 30: Yey Jindy's baby is out I'm super happy yeyyyyy! What will his name be? Can't wait to be revealed next chapter kkk thank you author nim~
turyka #10
Chapter 30: Yay an update !!! Finally all the babies are out.
Cute chapter (^^)v