Time For Change

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Minwoo, Hyesung and Andy have been friends for years. 

Getting drinks for free and flirting and sleeping around might sound like a dream when you're young, but when you're heading towards 40, it might be time for a change. 

Minwoo is a famous designer. 

Hyesung is a rich widow.

Andy is an heir.



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missstery #1
Chapter 9: It releave me to see that Jin was nothing serious, but it was funny to see the tantrum he threw for not getting Andy's attention, this man is very fool or blind, I don't know. I only hope that he soon discovers his feelings. The relationship between Min and Wan hurts me, hopefully the case ends soon so they can be together. I'm glad that Jin has reconsidered and don't want to marry Sunmi, I think the blow fixed his head a little, hahaha. So much so that he supports Andy again, I like him better at the moment. And Hye hasn't realized Andy's feelings either? I think it' is from family then. That's all?
You can't leave me like this, Andy finally had the courage to confess and I don't know what will happen. Should I wait for the next chapter?
It's great to hear from you again, and your stories. It seems that almost everyone has forgotten about Shinhwa, I know that they are not in the best moment, but it seems that the hiatus of the group is also from the fans, I am glad to see that you have not abandoned your stories or your readers. Thank you very much for that. I hope you are well, take care and I'll be waiting for more.
missstery #2
Chapter 8: I want to see what will happen when Jin finds out who stole Andy's heart, I hope it goes well. Minwoo and Dongwan have to talk to solve everything, although I understand Dongwan, I hope he doesn't make us suffer too much because I feel bad for Manse, he loves him very much. I love Junjin, but I think someone needs to hit him hard because is so fool. I'm glad that Hye was encouraged to take the first step and ask Eric for a date, I love that and how their relationship is developing. Many things happened in the chapter that leaves me with doubts, I want to know what happened with Min and Jin, so I'm definitely looking forward to the next chapter. Nice to hear from you, thanks for the update. A hug and take care.
missstery #3
Chapter 7: Now if I'm on time, I think Minwoo and Andy are right and it was all planned by Minwoo's ex. Junjin really needs a hit, I can't believe he doesn't realize Andy's feelings, I just hope our Andy doesn't suffer so much. I was excited when Dongwan arrived, because without him Minwoo would not have a chance, although the cold treatment hurt me, maybe he did it to not complicate the case, I hope so. Wow, Junjin is distracted, but at least he tried to fix things, that's progress I think. I'm glad Eric came back and they talked about what happened, and although they're not ready yet, it's already a step accept that there is something more between them. And the end was very interesting, I want to know what Andy will answer and I would like to know what he said when was sleeping, that will be interesting. Long comment again, sorry but I love your stories and I can't help it. Thanks for the update, I don't know if I mentioned it before but, I'm from Mexico and we just had a bad time, luckily my family and I are fine, but still a little scared, so this helped me to relax even if it's a moment. Please take care and I hope your mood be better, stay healthy and a hug.
missstery #4
Chapter 6: The title really goes well with the chapter, and with my mood after reading it, I really feel bad for them. Especially for Andy and Minwoo, I could really feel their pain and disappointment, I almost cry. Though from Dongwan I want to believe that he's not guilty. And from Andy I felt worse, I love Junjin but, someone could give him a hit so he realizes how he hurts Andy and how he loves him. And now Eric is missing. I just hope they don't suffer too long, and it all clears up soon. Thanks for the update, I hope you are well and healty, take care.
Rahaf1997 #5
Chapter 6: It’s down hill alright😭😭😭 thx for the update 🧡
OrangeBlue09 #6
Chapter 5: Woww chapter 6 is definitely a surprise like the title said, you always now how to bring our heart go with your story line sandy. I wonder what happen on jindy date dinner, jinnie just to naive to recognize that Andy is the one for him, I hope slow but sure they can develop the feeling for each other
Elf_Kiesschangjo #7
Chapter 5: I'm new followers but I already fan of your stories, it's really my style 😁😍 (what I mean is I really like it)
Elf_Kiesschangjo #8
Chapter 5: Sandy, you stop by 😍🥰 thank you for updating... We miss your stories 🥺😢
OrangeBlue09 #9
Chapter 2: Idk why but every story that you write it feels like home to me. Whenever I miss shinhwa I just come back here and I'm very excited for the new fanfic and I hope you can continue your other story cause I really enjoye my self reading all of it !!
Rahaf1997 #10
A long awaited update indeed. I really like your stories 🧡.