His Brother

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Andy thought he was happy until he met the infamous brother of Eric Mun. 


I haven't written Eric, Junjin and Andy fic in a while. 



Andy Lee: 

Age: Young

Main character

Loves Eric from head to toe, and especially when he farts and burps. 


Eric Mun:

Age: Oldest

Supporting male character

Loves Andy too much and wishes he could be better boyfriend to him, even though he is the best Andy could get.



Age: Younger than Eric

Other leading character

Playboy (has a different girlfriend or boyfriend every week)

the infamous little brother of Eric, a popular singer/dancer Junjin

Always in trouble

Has a heart of gold, but only few people know it


Shin Hyesung:

Age: Secret

Junjin's ex-boyfriend (on and off)

Ballad singer

High school friends with Eric

Very famous

Every girls' (and guys') dream


Lee Minwoo:

Age: Junjin's hyung

Also Junjin's boyfriend

Junjin's manager and the only non celeb he dates.

Is very good at his work, and is a huge fan of actor Kim


Actor Kim/Kim Dongwan:

Age: Also a secret, but he is somewhere in the hyung-line

Formally known as Kim Dongwan, but Actor Kim amongst fans

Also has dated Junjin before, on and off of course

Also sings

Great at acting

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missstery #1
Chapter 21: I'm here again. Jin is very sweet, he knows they love each other and should be together, I loved the "I feel it in here" and it meant his heart, I love him. Hyesung's confession is very much his style, a little clumsy but impulsive. I'm glad to know that Eric already has feelings for Hyesung even though it took him a while to notice it and he needed help. I think Hyesung is right, he's a fool. And that ending, he cheered me up quite a bit so I have to be thankful that Eric is a fool and Hye is very impulsive. And I'm happy too that Minwoo and Dongwan are already together and enjoying their life. Although Junjin's situation still hurts me, I trust that it will soon improve. Thank you for not forgetting us, I know it is difficult to continue when they are not active, and there is not much news about them. That is why you are more appreciated for the effort you put in and also share it. A big hug.
missstery #2
Chapter 20: Sorry, too late, but I'm here. I've had so many things on my mind that I haven't been able to stop by here. I know it sounds like an excuse but I feel bad for not having seen the notification sooner and being able to thank you for your work and that you haven't forgotten us yet. Now, after apologies, let's talk about the chapter. Eric finally realized that Hye is in love with him, although I expected a different reaction, I wants to know what will happen. Andy is a genius like Jin said, using Chilhyun's weakness to escape, he is very smart. Even I felt the tension in the hospital, they need to talk urgently to clarify everything. I know I said they should talk, but like Jin I also asked myself what? when Andy said that. It can't be, everything was going well and suddenly Andy says that they shouldn't be together and leaves? It broke my heart, I wanted to hug Jin too. Thank you for updating even though the chapter broke my heart. But now I'm going to read the next one to see if I can cheer myself up a bit.
Chapter 19: Chilhyun is the guy you read about in the media when you read about obsession going too far, that’s legit insane
missstery #4
Chapter 19: Chilhyun is really crazy, it's good that they already discovered him and I hope they can do something soon for save Junjin and Andy. Although poor Hyesung had to receive a blow, luckily Eric was able to save him and get him out of there. I love Eric, I knew that he loved his brother, but listening to him is so sweet. I'm glad that Junjin also realized who is his stalker, and what a way to teach him a lesson, with his actions. Now I want to know the Andy's plan to escape. Thanks for the update, don't worry, the most important thing is always your health, take care and rest much, so that you can fully recover. Greetings and I hope you recover soon.
missstery #5
Chapter 18: I should say that this was an update that I most expected, I love this story because it has everything. Jin and Andy are so cute, I love them, at least they can be happy for a brief moment although afterwards I don't know what will happen, especially with what happened near the end, when Junjin felt someone was watching at them, I think they are being stalked again. It seems that Eric is better and I am happy, because he gives me the impression, with everything he is doing, that he can forgive Jin and Andy. I was also surprised by Kangta's attitude, and I was always suspicious of him, and with this ending, I think we found the stalker, I just hope Hyesung is fine or someone comes to help him, but I guess it won't be that easy, if Kangta is a little crazy I guess it's just the beginning. I'm very scared for them, but excited because the story became more interesting and I really enjoyed the chapter. Don't worry if you can't answer all the comments, I know that sometimes there is not enough time and there are more important things in life. Thank you very much for taking the time to write the stories and share them, that's enough for me, so no problem, take care and stay healthy.
Chapter 18: OOOh glad to see you are back, and the cliffhanger on this chapter. I may have to read from the start again. It has been quite a while
missstery #7
Chapter 17: Kangta's attitude is suspicious, I think he knows too much about Junjin. I feel bad for Eric, but it's good see that he is over it quickly, hopefully and soon realizes Hyesung's feelings. Dongwan is right, everyone is suspect until proven otherwise. I love that Junjin and Andy are together, so neither has to go through this alone, and I also hope Eric forgives them, even if it's a little difficult. I hope they can find out Jun Jin and andy or the culprit before he finds Junjin and Andy and do something to them. Thanks for the update and not having forgotten this fic. I love your stories and I look forward to more of them. I hope and you are well and take care.
Chapter 17: Been a while since the last update also, just started reading this year. Also just kinda hope that Hyesung confesses to Eric also eventually. Why does it feel like Kangta will be the suspect? Hope not though he seems like a good friend
Chapter 17: Even after everything Eric wwill still be there,. And glad the maknaes are together and happy, justhope whoever it is will be caught soon. Awesome update though thank you ??
turyka #10
Chapter 16: Well so finally JinDy are together, not in the way that I'd love to but that's ok.
Im 100% sure that Sudhir filmed them, when he went to leave the tux, but ain't sure if he leak the video, that would be so bad for him.
Great update !!! Happy 2019(^^)b