Yet another Korean drama

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The life of Shin Hyesung, a poor but handsome man, turns around one night when he meets a rich CEO, Eric Mun. 




Junjin and Andy will be the perfect side couple. 

Dongwan and Minwoo will be another perfect side couple.


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missstery #1
Chapter 16: I knew Jimin was bad, but I didn't imagine how much. Although she already tried to kill them once, it is certain that she will not stop to get what she wants. Now I am more afraid of her and of what may happen to them. Andy is very brave keeping the information to himself and not putting anyone else at risk, although it would be good if someone else knew just in case. And now to worry about Eric's plan, these men won't let me take a breathe. What is happening to Jin hurts me, he is not physically well, but it hurts me more that he feels sad for Andy's love. I really enjoy this story, although sometimes it makes me a little sad, I hope everything gets better soon. Greetings and take care. As always, I'm glad to see you here.
missstery #2
Chapter 15: Lots of confessions in this chapter, and while I should be excited about it, I feel bad because seem like is not unrequited. Either Hyesung is too observant or Andy too distracted not to realize what Jin feels for him, although maybe his love for Eric doesn't let him see beyond that, as for Eric let's blame his lack of memory and say that's why he didn't know what Andy feels for him, I just hope that everyone's feelings will be clarified soon. Although after what happened to Hyesung I guess we'll have to wait, the most important thing now is to get him back. I already want to know what is in that paper that is so important that that crazy woman dares to kidnap Hyesung, and about what her employees said, I agree, she is a psychotic, I just hope nothing bad happens to Hyesung. I am glad to see an update, because I suppose that you are in better health, continues to take good care of you, and rests as long as necessary to fully improve you. Thank you for your work, greetings.
missstery #3
Chapter 14: Hello, glad to see an update again. It's been a long time, but I'm still waiting for your stories, they really are good and I really like them. I'am also happy to knew from you, I hope you are well and that you have been during all this time, because with the world situation it has not been easy at all. Now with respect to the chapter, it seems that Jin and Andy don't hate each other as much as they say and apparently love is being discovered in this chapter, both them and Minwoo and Dongwan, and maybe Hyesung. That contract must be really important if Jimin is looking for it so desperately, I just hope someone comes along to help Andy and Hyesung and nothing bad happens to them. I wait for the next chapter no matter how long it takes, greetings and take care.
missstery #4
Chapter 13: Eric's amnesia every time is more strange and suspicious to me. Why Jimin always appears at the least indicated time? I hope that Hyesung is not in danger, because Jimin really doesn't like him and she is capable of many things as she said him. Now it's going to be more interesting since everyone knows what Jimin is capable of, I really want to know what that document was, hopefully and find it. Thanks for the update
Chapter 12: I was on my toes reading this chapter oh my gosh... Andys attitude towards jinnie(?) my woodong heart needs to calm down. "it had not been an accident after all." *chills*
missstery #6
Chapter 12: I didn't expect Andy to be like that, I thought he was starting to feel something for Jin, but he was very bad not only with Jin, but also with Hyesung. I hope he changes soon and doesn't hurt none anymore, even if don't do it on purpose or don't realize it. But what happen with Eric? Why is he like this with Andy? I have so many doubts. I loved how Dongwan helped Minwoo, so cute. And Jimin really is evil, I just hope Jin isn't in danger now that he knows it wasn't an accident, at least now he can back Hyesung. I can't wait for the next chapter, thanks for the update and take care
cjmoo_ #7
Chapter 11: Well of course Jimin had 'found out' that Eric was bedridden... -rolls eyes- The nerve of her to 'arrange' this accident! Interesting that Andy was by Junjin's side instead of Eric's hm. I'd feel the same way as Junjin too, that Andy was the one suffering from memory loss. I really hope that Eric will remember Hyesung sooner than later!
cjmoo_ #8
Chapter 11: Will read this soon!
Angelly8a #9
Chapter 11: OMG THAT B*TCH DID NOT! Omg I screamed a lot when i saw the notification that you updated this ❤❤❤❤❤