About Me



I'm a 22 year old girl from Denmark, I'm studying English in Copenhagen University.

I've been a kpop fan since 2006 when my friend showed me DBSK :)

I'm a big Shinhwa Changjo, but also... H.O.T is a thing... and.... ehm... well Kangta in general... and Group S... and just many things mostly first gen....

I have been writing for a while, but I keep forgetting to write, so I'm sorry if I disapear...

I read everything as long as the plot is good, but i am biased to, certain members... mostly Junjin, so almost anything with him in it, i will read :P (I know, biased reader is biased)

I love comments, both writing them and reading them, so expect super long comments and replies if you write to me :D

Speaking of writing to me, please do drop a friend request and a wall post :P I love making new friends :D (I don't bite, I promise :P ) Also come to Kakaotalk, you are a lot more likely to find me there.

I don't know what else to write, i feel like i just rambled and wrote useless info. Anyway, Bye :D