Jihoon's POV

Marriage Camp
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I started filming these couples; don’t worry, they know I am doing it; and I had the honours to begin with the fighting couple. I like to call them WanSyung – I know, I’m awesome at naming the couples I treat. I have noticed that there doesn’t seem to be an ending for their amusing fights.

“So…” I commenced, fingers laced. “Why did you get married?”

Hyesung glared at the shorter man angrily, arms crossed above his chest. He really despised the slightly older man so much that I could see it from his eyes. I was certain I wouldn’t get an answer from him so I turned my head at Dongwan.

“Obvious!” He yelled. “We were in love!!”

Hyesung scoffed loudly, looking to the side.

“Were?” I lifted my eyebrow.

Dongwan nodded furiously, leaning closer to me on the sofa. I felt awkward, as he was so close to me, but he didn’t seem to care about it; skinship was skinship to him. Whenever he touched his husband though, Hyesung seemed to shake it off and glower at him with disgust.

“Of course ‘were’,” The tall one finally spoke. “If you have to look at this face every single day.”

The look on Dongwan’s face fell even more as he scoffed ridiculed. I could see immediately that someone was going to die tonight. I already felt bad for Hyesung – who didn’t seem to be bothered by the murderous glower.

“How many times do you have ?” I interrogated.

“We don’t have time to have , when we hate each other so much. It takes all our power,” Hyesung explained, regardless of Dongwan’s protest.

The slightly older man leered at him and muttered, “I have on my own…”

“How often are you angry at each other?” I asked, writing notes.

“90% of every day.” Dongwan finally admitted.

“Oh?” I could feel hope inside me when they replied this; it meant they weren’t totally hopeless and I had a chance to help them in this marriage. “Not full 100%?” I think they could hear the hope in my voice as Hyesung smirked playfully.

“Yeah, we wake up being 10% in love, and then this dumb does something wrong and I get angry.” he commented. “Are we done?” he then spat out.

I glanced at my wristwatch – they still had a lot of time left, but they wished to be in this room as much as I wanted it. So, I just smiled and gestured towards the door and both of them unlaced their legs and strode to the way my arm pointed at. Dongwan halted his steps behind Hyesung and looked over his shoulder. He was about to ask something, but then shook his head and walked out.

I heaved a sigh, turned my head at the camera.

“Session has ended,” I mumbled to it and switched it off. 

Next couple in turn was Minwoo and Andy. They seemed to be the most couple like in the mansion; even though they had married their first loves. Sometimes I felt like Andy did love Minwoo, and sometimes I felt like he wanted to have some time alone – Minwoo kept clinging onto him like a baby koala.

“Come in,” I smiled and gestured towards the sofa.

I called the baby couple MinDy – well, sometimes I thought it should have been DyMin…or AnMin – because although Andy was the man in the house, Minwoo was very dominating when it came to certain things; I could tell though that the reason why they were here was obvious.

“So, what’s up?” I asked.

“I am fine.” Minwoo grinned, arm laced with Andy’s. Already bigger difference compared to Dongwan and Hyesung – WanSyung. “And you, hyung?” He counter questioned me.

I glanced at Andy, who was silent and just staring at me and then his husband – I could feel he wanted to talk a lot, but chose not to. That was his problem I guess. He never spoke unless he really wanted to or had to.

“I am well.” I replied. “We should start.” I turned to the camera and switched it on to film the two maknaes.

Minwoo sat like a rich lady, clinging onto the younger husband, and kept ogling at me. He was so smiley, not knowing what was wrong in their marriage – I wasn’t sure I knew either, since neither of them had told anything. I knew that Andy was the one who had applied to my camp and therefore I wanted to make him open up.

“How’s your marriage been till now?” I noticed I talked to them like to kids – I shook my head.

“Wonderful,” Minwoo sighed.

I turned my gaze at the younger man. He diverted his eyes from mine – Aha, I wrote something down to my notebook and then put it back down to my lap. Minwoo was smiling from ear to ear, his eyes so small that I could barely see the white parts. I kinda understood why Andy had once fallen towards this guy.

“Andy?” I spilled out.

“…Yeah, wonderful…” the maknae agreed.

I wanted to ask more from him, but he was already frightened by my attempts of interviewing him. I wished I could read his mind – Andy was very secretive. I had observed the patients for some time to notice that whenever Minwoo talked cutely – sugar coating and aegyoing (which is often) -, the younger husband wrinkled his nose for a fraction of a second.

Every time the cute “Annyeonghaseyong” exited the mouth, Andy’s eyes rolled back. Not to mention…whenever everyone heard the nickname “Bunny”, the maknae of the group seemed to be biting his cheeks.

“How did you meet?” I looked down at my questions.

“He walked towards me at the corridor and our eyes met and then he asked me out and here we are.” Minwoo explained.

I was waiting for Andy to speak.

“Is that so?” I turned to the other guy.

“…Yeah…” he admitted.

He then turned all quiet and shy.

“Do you guys have ?” I think I asked this question way too early.

Minwoo giggled and slapped the other man softly. “We like ing~” he spilled out

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Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: Just read this in one shot....Oh man this is brilliant
Chapter 20: wahhhh finally I can remember my password and my email for this account hiks...can't believe this FF was over... (T_T)
but I'm happy that all couple finally found their soulmate and their happiness...
Good job authornim...can't wait for your next project
Chapter 20: Ah it's really over...
So Kangta decided not to go public this time?
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I liked this ending, it was sweet and short
All of them ended up nice and happy together, I liked the ending, all fairytale like
Chapter 19: this is really over..
I love how the different couples have different things they want afterwards, like, Ricsyung are older and got together so fast, they always seemed more ready for marriege, while Jindy are still in the dating stage, it makes sense with Andy younger and Jin isn't that old either, Woodong too, Minwoo is so young, and seems like Wannie got younger while being with him so he is ok with just moving in together
and then there''s Jita, ah the Jita, Jihoon hurt me by regretting this whole thing, I hope he doesn't regret now, but damn it was cute saying his mom warned him hahaha
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