Hard And Soft Melody
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HEY GUYS! How's the chapter 1-5? Did you enjoy it? Anyway, I just want to introduce you to the extra 2 characters in this story which is Jo Jikwon and Jang Sekyung. They 'll have a big role in this story. So,


Jo Jikwon

He's a warm guy and a very humble person. As you know, he's the president of student council. He's smart and he has everything a girl ever wanted. He dated Jinah before but they broke up already. But somehow, his heart was only for Jinah. So he tried everything, to get Jinah back. and He will do anything to get her again.



Jang Sekyung

She's a very beautiful girl. Same age as Jinah, Eunji and Yoona but younger than EXO. She's this 'multi-talented girl'. she speak in 4 language and play 3 instument in orchestra which is Piano, Violin and Flute. She's as sweet as sugar but sometimes her tounge is very sharp. She's close with EXO member since they spent their childhood times together. But afterall, sugar is still a sugar. It will taste good if you still consume it in normal term.

But When it's too much it will kill you.




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Chapter 38 is so messy it's messier than my room my job and everything right now. What a dark week indeed
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