It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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You didn’t know how long you had been running for. The 6 of you were far away from the orphanage now. All you could see were shacks now.

“I’m tired.” You whined. “Just a little more.” Seunghyun tugged on your hand.

Seungri fell onto the ground. Everyone stopped and looked back. “Go without me. I can’t go anymore.” Seungri lay down.

Jiyong rolled his eyes and jabbed Seungri’s leg with his foot, “Get up!”

“Shh, I hear something.” Daesung said.

Everyone shut up. Ears perked up.

“Do you hear…music?” Taeyang asked, confused. Even Seungri stood up.

All of you warily went to the shack in the far left. 6 heads poked into the building. It was filled with cheering women and men in their 20’s. Some were drinking and others were socializing. There was a rap battle going on. It was an underground hip-hop club.

“Whoa…” All of you were awed by what was going on. Jiyong and you were interested the most.

“Can we go in?!” Daesung asked. “Let’s go.” Jiyong led the way. “Hey, be careful.” Seunghyun hissed.

You saw the rappers and headed towards them.

“~~~~~~~~~~!” Taeyang scolded and grabbed your hand, causing you to be yanked back. “You can’t just run off like that!”

“I wanna see.” You pouted and made grabbing motions towards the stage.

Taeyang sighed and walked you over to the stage. “Waaa…” You looked up in awe. The rappers were amazing. How did they just spit out words like that? Their lips moved so fast and their words were so powerful.

Jiyong watched next to you. Taeyang clapped him on the shoulder, “Watch ~~~~~~~, araso?” “Yeah.” Jiyong didn’t even look. Taeyang left to look for the rest.

“They’re so cool, huh, oppa?!” You admiringly squealed. “Yeah…” Jiyong agreed. He, too, loved hip-hop. He loved to rap himself and used to rap in the shower all the time.

You started to walk off but Jiyong grabbed the loop of your backpack and yanked you back without even looking. “Stay here. It’s gonna be a to find you.” You made a face and crossed your arms.

You looked up to see Seunghyun coming your way. You brightened and ran over, “Oppa!” You hugged his arm and bounced up and down, “Aren’t they so awesome?” “Yeah, they are.” Seunghyun also loved to rap.

“Hyung, I’m hungry.” Seungri said.

“Why you? Jiyong is the one that didn’t eat.” Taeyang stated.

“Still.” Seungri mumbled.

Jiyong pulled out a handful of bills from his pocket and gave him $20. “Go get something to eat.” All of you gasped at the money. “Thanks, hyung!” Seungri giddily ran off.

“Where’d you get that?!” Seunghyun hissed. Jiyong casually shrugged. Before Seunghyun could ask more questions, Jiyong’s attention was fixed back onto the rappers. Seunghyun sighed and let it go for now.

Seungri came back with food. He shared with you and the others. Seungri stuck a fry into your mouth. “Yummy, huh?” With food, he was hyper and energetic. You giggled and nodded.

The 6 of you were happily eating and watching when a few rappers noticed you. “Hey, what are you kids doing here?” They started heading over. “!” Jiyong cursed. Seungri dropped his fries. All of you scrambled towards the exit but you were blocked.

“How did you get in?” The rappers asked.

One grasped your arm, “A little girl?”

Jiyong acted on instinct and snatched your arm away. He protectively stood in front of you with a fierce growl, “Don’t TOUCH my sister!”

The boy looked at him amused, “Damn boy.”

“Why are you all in here?” One man asked while grabbing onto Seungri and Daesung.

Seunghyun pulled his brothers away and securely put you all behind him. His dark eyes penetrated the man, “We like hip-hop so we were just watching. And we paid for the food with our own money. There’s nothing wrong with that.” *Or whoever’s it was that Jiyong stole from.*

“You like hip-hop?” The man raised an eyebrow.

Seunghyun nodded.

The man smirked, “All right then. Rap.” He pushed all of you on the platform. The music stopped and everyone was staring at all of you. You got stage fright and hid behind Daesung.

“Come on.” The man crossed his arms, “Rap.”

Jiyong and Seunghyun looked at each other.

“Scared?” The rappers laughed.

Jiyong furrowed his eyebrows. No one could call him a coward. He snatched the mic and put it to his lips. The moment he opened his mouth, jaws dropped onto the floor. How could an 11-year-old rap so well?! Jiyong tossed the mic to Seunghyun. He caught it and rapped his own rhymes. On top of that, Taeyang, Daesung, and even Seungri danced. You clapped proudly.

When they were done, the audience wildly cheered. “Man, boys, you got some swag!” The rappers ruffled their hairs. Jiyong was grinning like crazy. Seunghyun laughed and hi-fived them. One of the rappers put you on his shoulder. You giggled in happiness.

“My name is Teddy, by the way.” The man grinned. Seunghyun introduced all of you. “You kids must be starving. Sorry we made you drop your fries. Have whatever you want. It’s on me.” Teddy said. “Really?! All right!” Seungri grew excited. Everyone laughed.

All night long, you and your family ate and talked together with Teddy and his friends. Soon, you had fallen asleep on Seunghyun’s lap. Seungri yawned and rubbed his eyes. Teddy lightly d your hair with a soft, sympathetic gaze, “Do you kids have some place to go for the rest of the night?”

Seunghyun shook his head.

“You guys can rest at my place. Come on.” Teddy led all of you into his van. It stopped at a small condo. “It’s not much but it’s better than outside, right?” Teddy smiled. “Your sister can sleep on the bed.”

Seunghyun carefully lay you down. He pulled your backpack and jacket off. Seunghyun smoothed your hair with an affectionate smile. *Poor thing must have been so tired.* He kissed your forehead and went to catch up on some sleep.

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Chapter 61: This was the best thing I have ever read.
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Chapter 2: Jiyong is so funny xD im dying here c:
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