Our Love Is Over

It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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Your brothers knew what you were going through so they made sure to clear out of your way. They didn’t even force you to go to school on Monday. Zico came by and saw that your seat was empty. With a sigh, he went back to his friends.

Finally on Thursday you came back. P.O. tried to talk to you but you wouldn’t even look at him. Zico watched you from far away. He wanted to approach you so badly but he was scared you would never come back to school then. He curled his hand into a fist. *Why would you hurt us both this way?*

The week passed by quickly. It was Saturday night, and you were just numbly lying in bed on your stomach.

There was a knock on the door.

You looked at it.

It slowly opened and a sock puppet poked its head in. You blinked in interest.

“Hiii princess~” A nasally voice that clearly belong to Daesung greeted, “Your brothers wanted to tell you that they love you so much, and they wish to see your beautiful smile again.”

You couldn’t help but chuckle.

“She laughed!” Daesung and Taeyang poked their heads in with big grins.

“Oppas.” You shook your head and sat up.

“What are you doing? It’s Saturday night. You’re just going to stay home?” Taeyang lightly touched your cheek. You nodded. “Aww, come on! It’s Saturday night! You should be out and partying!” Daeung acted like a diva, which made you smile.

“If she hadn’t smiled, just know that I would’ve kicked your . Don’t ever do that when we’re alone.” Taeyang warned.

Daesung spun around happily. You even laughed.

“Come on, let’s go out. Just us three. We’ll go to your favorite place.” They pulled you up.

“What about the other oppas?” You asked.

“Seungri said he wants to stay home. Jiyong and Seunghyun hyung will be home late.” Taeyang replied.

“Let’s go!” Daesung pulled you out the door before you could say no. As Taeyang drove and Daesung rambled on and on, you gazed out the window blankly. The car finally stopped. Daesung opened the door, “We’re here~” You got out and froze. It was the underground hip-hop club.

“Your favorite place.” Taeyang smiled.

“I- I can’t.” You started to go back in but Daesung stopped you, “Come on! We came this far! You can’t go back now!”

“But what if he’s here…?” You whispered.

Daesung and Taeyang glanced at each other. “I’ll go check.” Daesung left. In minutes he was back, breathless, “Nope! No sign of them! So let’s go have fun!”

You were still unconvinced.

“Come on!” Daesung tugged on your arm. Taeyang slung an arm around your neck and rubbed your bare arm comfortingly. “First sign of him and we’ll bolt.” He promised.

As you watched the rappers and dancers battle, you began to feel a bit better. It took your mind off all the pain. “Who wants to come up?!” The MC asked.

“Go.” Taeyang nudged you. “Show them what you got.”

“You’ll feel better once you let out your feelings.” Daesung gently said.

You paused then got up. You headed to the stage. The MC grinned, “Long time no see! Here ya go, honey.” He handed you a mic. You looked at your opponent.

You opened your mouth but someone said, “STOP.” All heads turned.

“I want to go against her.” Zico came up on stage.

Your eyes widened and heart thumped hard. *I thought he wasn’t here.*

*Uh-oh.* Daesung and Taeyang glanced at each other. Confused, your ex-opponent got off stage. Zico snatched the mic and looked at you with his piercing, cold eyes, “I’ll go first.”

You swallowed hard.

He opened his mouth and spat out what had been bothering him since that day you left him,

Do you mean what you said?

We didn't even talk it over, you got tired of it on your own.

You're telling me that it's over based on your own judgment?

Please, don't make me laugh.

I quit drinking for you, I'm the one that matched myself to you.

And you're throwing me away now?

Think about it for one more day and call me tomorrow.

We're barely half way there in this tedious break.

Why, why, why are you being like this?

I'd rather you cry, complain, and ask for the impossible.

Why, why, why are you asking to break up?

This can all be resolved if you think about it one more time.

Why, why, why does it have to be now?”

(Zico/Kyung/Mino/Hanhae- It's not over)

All heads turned to you. “O…kay. And your turn?” The MC meekly asked.

You blinked a couple times to organize your thoughts then took a deep breath. You looked into Zico’s eyes and tried to act as serious and cold-hearted as possible,

“Love doesn't exist. It’s over.

It's useless to kneel down and cry.

I think this is the end between us.

You haven't done anything wrong.

It's just that before something blinded me, just looking at you made my heart tremble.

But now just listening to you breathe makes me uncomfortable.

Although I feel bad, letting it all out comforts me.

With you, I felt like a puzzle that was forced to be fit.

It felt like a boring, long trip.

What else should I do to make you leave me.

I’ve already erased you.

You're no longer in my heart.

Just curse and blame me.

Please throw away a person like me.

I don't care if you curse or blame me.

Our love is completely over.”

(Miss S- Over)

All was silent. Zico looked at you, broken and crushed.

Before you could cry, you left the stage.

Zico just stood there. The mic dropped from his hand and rolled off the stage.

“Ahem, okay mood change!” The MC quickly urged for music to fill the air.

Zico couldn’t hear or see anything. Everything was black. He couldn’t believe you had just said those words to him. *Does she mean what she say? Is our love really over?*

U-Kwon came up on stage and gently touched his shoulder, “Zico…”

Zico shrugged his hand off and ran after you.

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