HELL Orphanage

It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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Life in the orphanage was, to put it lightly, HELL.

The kids there were so mean since you were the newest.

Seunghyun was busy trying to make a plan to get away. Seungri became a social outcast. Taeyang and Daesung tried their best to help you and Seungri adjust. Jiyong, of course, didn’t get along with anyone. He had temper problems, which led him to be locked up in the ‘Time-Out Room’.

Mealtimes were horrible. You had a hard time eating with the kids rowdily reaching for side dishes. Sleeping hours were worst. The girl’s room was so crowded and you had to be separated from your brothers. You cried yourself to sleep all the time.

Morning came and the warden woke everyone up. With puffy eyes, as usual, you came out of the room.

The first thing Seunghyun did when he woke up was to search for you. “Aigoo, did you cry again?” He asked.

Your bottom lip trembled and you nodded.

Taeyang poked your head, “Babo, we’re just next door.”

“I want to go home.” You started to bawl.

Seunghyun got on his knee in front of you and wiped your tears away, “Stop crying. Why would you cry when all your oppas are here?”

Seungri came over rubbing his eyes, “What’s going on?”

Daesung and Jiyong joined the family reunion. Jiyong sighed, “Again, ~~~~~~~~~, seriously? You’re such a crybaby.”

Seunghyun threw him a look. Daesung hugged you and patted your head in comfort. You sniffled and hugged his waist.

“Let’s go eat.” Seunghyun urged all of you foreword.

You sat between Taeyang and Seungri. Taeyang fed you, “Ah.” You opened your mouth. You reached for the water but some kid snatched it away.

“Hey, that’s my sister’s.” Jiyong sneered. Frightened, the kid put the water down. Jiyong put the water in front of you, “Protect what is yours. Don’t let anyone steal it away.”

You glanced at Taeyang uneasily who nodded. You took the cup and drank the water.

After breakfast, everyone piled to the bathrooms to wash. There were only 2 and it was hectic. Everyone wanted to use the warm water.

You and Seungri brushed your teeth in the corner. You put bubble on his nose and giggled. He blinked and wiped it away.

Seunghyun called you over. After you spat and rinsed, he washed your face for you. You giggled as he scrubbed your face and tickled your sides. He smiled, “Okay, you’re done. Come here, Seungri.” Taeyang patted your face dry.

Daesung came over with lotion. “Where’d you get that, oppa?” You asked with wide eyes. “I got some from the warden’s room.” He sheepishly said. “You STOLE that?” You stared at him. Daesung turned crimson, “Of course not! J-just borrowed. Come on. Girls’ skin should be soft.” He put some on your hand and you patted it on your tiny face.

Your brothers laughed at the sight.

The day went by fast. You and Seungri played together on the playground until it was lunchtime. After another frenzied mealtime, you had to play inside.

“Oppa, where do you think daddy is?” You asked Seungri. He shrugged, “I don’t know.”

“Don’t you miss him?” You asked. “…Not really. He wasn’t a good dad.” Seungri said.

*That’s true but still… dad is a dad.* You thought.

Suddenly, a bully snatched the toy away from you. “Hey, I was playing with that!” You reached out. The bully held it away and sneered, “It doesn’t matter. I was here way before you so I can do whatever I want!” He shoved you and you fell back into Seungri’s arms.

“~~~~~~~~~~~! You okay?” Seungri asked and fretfully looked up at the bully.

“What are you looking at, punk?” The bully stepped towards him. Both of you flinched.

Jiyong appeared out of nowhere and grabbed his arm, “That’s my brother and sister you’re messing with.” The bully was intimidated for a second but stepped up to him, “So what?” “Muh?” Jiyong furrowed his eyebrows. The bully shot, “You and your brothers and sister are nothing but a load of trashbags-“

Jiyong shoved him hard. The bully landed on the ground and actually started to cry.

The warden came over, “What is going on?!” She put her hands on her hips and eyed Jiyong, “Is it you again? Come here.” She dragged him to the ‘time-out room’ and locked him up.

It was dinnertime. You glanced around to make sure the warden wasn’t looking. You took some of the dinner and snuck to the ‘time-out room’. “Jiyong oppa.” You whispered. He looked up. The room was dark already. “Oppa.” He heard his sister call again. Jiyong crawled towards the door, “~~~~~~~, what are you doing here? Go eat.”

“But you’re hungry.” You whimpered.

“No, I’m not. I won’t eat any of the food that makes.” He determined.

“Still, you have to eat.” You tried to sneak the food under the door but it was too small.

“~~~~~ what are you doing here?!” A voice snapped. You gasped and looked up.

*, she got caught.* Jiyong squeezed the doorknob.

“I- I-” You mumbled.

“Go back to dinner.” The warden narrowed her eyes at you.

“Can’t you let my brother go now? He learned his lesson and he’s sorry.” You begged.

*No, I’m not.* Jiyong thought. She put her hands on her hips, “Do you want to be in the time-out room, too?”

*Nasty .* “~~~~~~, just go back.” He ordered.


“NOW.” Jiyong ordered.

You sighed and trudged back to the table.

“Where did you go?” Taeyang asked.

“To see Jiyong oppa.” Tears welled up in your eyes, “I don’t like the warden.” Your brothers were quiet. None of them did.

“Eat.” Seunghyun gently said.

“No, I don’t want to.” You had lost your appetite. You just kept crying for poor Jiyong alone and hungry in the dark.

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