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It was Friday already.

Zico’s effort to befriend you was on hiatus for a moment. You wouldn’t even let him bring up the subject matter again.

The bell rang for the end of school.

*Thank God.* You were getting ready to go home when Mr. Park said, “The two in charge of cleaning today is Pyo Jihoon and ~~~~~~~~~~.”

“What?!” Your mouth opened in outrage.

“Come check with me before you leave.” He left.

You stared at P.O. who started pulling up his sleeves. He held his hand out, “Let’s work together to make this classroom a nicer place.”

You narrowed your eyes at him and slapped his hand away. You texted Seungri: ‘I have to clean up the classroom today. Wait at the library for me.’ You put your phone away and grabbed the mop.

Suddenly, the doors burst open. “P.O., let’s go!” His friends piled inside.

“Can’t. Cleaning duty.” He replied.

“Well, well, well, look who has to stay behind.” Jaehyo smirked with a raised eyebrow. You were ready to shove the broom in his face.

“Just make her do all the work.” B-Bomb said. You put your hand on your hip and eyed them, “Like I would let that happen. We both have to clean the room.” “You sure know how to bring a man down.” B-Bomb said.

“It’s no problem. We’ll just stay. We have to wait for Zico anyways.” U-Kwon hopped up and sat on a desk. He pulled out his phone and started texting away. You tried to mop the floor but the boys’ feet kept getting in the way.

“Excuse me.” You said. “Excused, .” Jaehyo said, his eyes on the phone. You pressed your lips into a thin line, “I’m serious. Move.” They lifted up their feet just a couple inches off the ground. You rolled your eyes *Whatever.* You began to shove your way through them.

“Hey!” They protested. “Damn, woman!” Kyung scowled.

You ignored them. You put the mop away and tied up your hair. You bent down to pick up the rag but stopped. Your mom’s ring couldn’t be tainted. You carefully slipped it out and put it at your desk. You took the rag and wrung the water out of it.

While you cleaned the windows, P.O. dusted off the chalkboard.

U-Kwon spotted a sparkly object on a desk. *Hmm? What’s that?* He walked over and picked it up. “Oooh, a ring.” He smirked.

“What is it?” Jaehyo and Taeil came over.

“Let me see.” Kyung took it from them. B-Bomb stared at it also.

“It looks like junk.” Kyung bit it to see if it was real.

You heard talk behind you and rolled your eyes. *What are they up to now?* You furrowed your eyebrows *What are they surrounding?* You walked over and saw the glint of a silver object. Your eyes widened as you gasped. “HEY!” You yelled.

The boys stopped and glanced back.

“THAT’S MINE! GIVE IT BACK!” You strode over.

Jaehyo quickly snatched the ring and held it up.

“Give me my ring back!” You shouted.

“How do we know it’s really your ring? You could’ve just wanted it.” He stuck his tongue out. You glowered at him, “I’m serious. Give it back to me-“

Before you could reach for it, Jaehyo threw it. You gasped. U-Kown quickly caught it. You ran over to him, “Give it back.” U-Kwon smirked and hid the ring, “Give me a kiss and I’ll give it back to you.” You shoved him, “I’m serious! Give it back!” “I’ll take that as a no.” He shrugged and passed the ring to Kyung.

The boys were having fun playing monkey-in-the-middle now.

Suddenly Zico came in. He blinked when he saw his friend throwing around an object as you jumped up and down to retrieve it. *What the-*

“Got it!” Jaehyo grabbed it.

You were pissed off to the max now. You grabbed his collar, “YOU SON-OF-A-! GIVE MY RING BACK TO ME AT ONCE!”

“And if I don’t?” Jaehyo taunted.

“Then I’ll KILL you.” You seriously said.

Zico walked over to get the ring for you.

But at that moment, Jaehyo threw the ring. Kyung couldn’t catch it and it flew out the window.

“NO!” You screamed.

“Oops…” Kyung said.

“Jaehyo!” Zico barked.

You ran over, shoved Kyung out of the window, and looked out the window. The ring was nowhere to be seen. All you could see was green grass everywhere. *No. Mom.* You ran out the door.

“~~~~~~~~~~~~~!” Zico ran after you.

You fled out the entrance and hurriedly sped over to the grass. You got on your hands and knees and started to frantically search for the precious remnant of your mother.

Zico ran over and grasped your arm, “It’s useless. You can’t find it now-“

“Let go!” You snarled and yanked away. He blinked in surprise. “You don’t understand. T-that was my mother’s.” Tears welled up in your eyes. *Oh .* His eyes rounded at the situation. You wiped your tears away and kept searching.

Zico got down next to you and started looking also. But it was hopeless. You couldn’t find the ring anywhere. Frustrated, you curled up into a ball and started sobbing. *Mom’s ring is gone. Otoke?*

Zico felt really bad. He gently touched your shoulder, “Hey…”

You harshly shrugged his hand away and tearfully glared at him, “You want to be friends with me?”

“H-huh?” Zico blinked.

“Then stay the hell away from me. I want you and your friends to never appear in front of me again!” Bursting into tears, you ran away.

Zico wanted to go after you but his legs wouldn’t move. He felt numb and sad all over. *.* Zico glared up at the window. He cracked his knuckles and stormed back into the school.

Block B was laughing and hi-fiving each other in the classroom.

“Ahn Jaehyo.” Zico spat the name in disgust.

The pretty boy looked up, “What?”

“Bite your jaw.” Zico edgily warned.

“What?” Jaehyo was confused.

BAM! Zico slammed his fist into Jaehyo’s face. He flew onto the ground with a bleeding lip. Eyes widened in shock and disbelief. Jaehyo wiped the blood from his lips and shot up with malicious eyes, “What the was that for?!”

“For stooping that low to hurt a girl. That was her mom’s ring goddamit. What the hell were you thinking?” Zico viciously snarled. Jaehyo finally had nothing to say. The boys lowered their heads in guilt.

Zico shook his head, “Imbecile.” He left the room.

You had just arrived at the library.

Seungri was yawning and stretching when he spotted you. He brightened and waved but stopped. *Is she…crying?!* “Oh no.” Seungri ran over. He pulled you out and grasped your shoulders, “What’s the matter? Why are you crying?!”

You just bawled and hugged him, “Oppa, otokae? Umma will hate me.”

Seungri didn’t understand any of your blubbering. Instead, he wrapped his arms around you and d your hair. “There, there. Don’t cry. It’ll be okay.”

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Chapter 61: This was the best thing I have ever read.
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Chapter 2: Jiyong is so funny xD im dying here c:
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