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When school ended, you wearily trudged to the front of the school. You waited by the gates for Seungri. You pulled out a comforting lollipop.

You had just unwrapped it when motorcycles flew by.

A hand lifted your skirt up.

“UMMAYA!” You squealed. You dropped the lollipop to pull your skirt back down. You looked up to see Block B minus Zico racing out the gates.

“NICE UNDERWEAR, MISS !” Jaehyo winked.

U-Kwon cackled and B-Bomb smirked. Kyung winked and waved.

“DAMMIT!” You screamed, startling the students around you. You were steaming by the time Seungri came out.

“What happened to you?” He blinked.

You looked up and saw Zico. He was leisurely coming down the walkway on a lollipop. You looked at your broken lollipop on the floor and fumed even more. You snapped your head up and met eyes with Zico who had just throw his leg over his motorcycle.

Blinking slowly, almost as if to taunt you, he sank onto the seat.

You pointed right at him fearlessly, “Ask swag boy. The swag stands for TY WILD GUY.” You stormed off.

Seungri blinked at Zico.

Zico shrugged, “Your sister got issues.”

Seungri warily ran to catch up with you.

*ty Wild Guy. Funny.* Zico smirked and shook his head. He started the engines and sped off.

You and Seungri arrived at the library. You received a video call. It was Seunghyun. You checked the time. It was 3:10 p.m. *On the dot.* You slid open your phone. “Yes?” You mumbled.

“Show me where you are at.” He ordered. You sighed and rotated your phone.

“Happy?” You muttered.

“Yes.” Seunghyun smiled then frowned, “What’s wrong with your face?”

“Why? Do I look y to you, too?” You grumbled.

“y?” Seunghyun was confused.

Seungri took the phone from you, “Hyung, we’ll tell you later. She’s not in a very good mood right now.” He uneasily glanced at you.

You threw your books out and he jumped. You clutched onto the edges of your notebook. *Watch out, Block B. I’ll crush you like little ants!*

Seungri gulped. *Sometimes, I think she’s scarier than Seunghyun hyung.*


You didn’t finish your dinner and went to bed early. Your brothers thought it was strange but let it go. You couldn’t sleep and just stared up at the ceiling.

There was a gentle knock on the door.

“Come in.” You mumbled.

Seunghyun poked his head in, “Are you sleeping?”

“Obviously not.” You bitterly said.

Seunghyun came in and sat on the edge of your bed. He carefully hedged, “I heard you had a bad day today.” You stayed quiet. “Is it true?” Seunghyun asked. “Sorta.” You mumbled.

Seunghyun sighed and pulled you up, “Come on. You can tell oppa anything. What happened at school today?”

You finally told him what they were bothering you about. “…On top of that, after school, they saw my underwear!” You complained, mortified.

Seunghyun stayed quiet.

“I hate them. Can we move houses or schools at least?” You asked. “You really want to move again?” He chuckled.

You sighed, “No. But I don’t know what to do anymore.”

“We can do this two ways.” Seunghyun said. You looked at him, curious and interested. He held up a finger, “1stway. We get Jiyong to kill them.”

Your eyes widened, “Muh?”

“Why? You don’t think he can?” Seunghyun raised an eyebrow. “Jiyong!” He called.

The door opened, “What?”

“You wanna go kill a couple guys for ~~~~~~~? They called her a , underestimated her female independence, and saw her underwear.” Seunghyun said.

You couldn’t believe they were talking so calmly about this.

“Sure. Just let me go get my knife.” Jiyong shut the door.

“NO, OPPA!” You scrambled up but Seunghyun pushed you back down, “2ndway. You ignore them. Act like they never existed. If they bother you, don’t give them the time of day. They’ll get sick of it eventually and leave you alone.”

You listened carefully. “So what do you choose?” He asked.

“…I guess the 2nd…although the 1stdoes sound like a good option.” You muttered.

Seunghyun laughed and wrapped his arms around you. “You’re too sweet to ask us to do something like that.” You started to smile.

The door opened and Jiyong came in, “I’m ready to go.”

Seunghyun and you pulled apart. He smiled, “No need anymore. She changed her mind.”

“You sure?” Jiyong eyed you. You nodded.

“All right then. Tell me whenever you change your mind.” He left.

You curiously tilted your head to the side, “Jiyong oppa doesn’t really own a knife, does he?”

“Oh you never know with Jiyong.” Seunghyun winked.

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I started and finished this yesterday and I'm going read it again because it's amazing!!!
Chapter 61: This was the best thing I have ever read.
WynterBelle #4
I'm excited to start reading your fanfic ^_^
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Chapter 61: Heheh love the endingggg♥♥♥♥
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I still love it! plus still my fav. ZicoxOC fic ever!
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Chapter 2: Jiyong is so funny xD im dying here c:
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I stalk ur stories' list and i see this story. i must admit, you've got me there. you put zico and gd in a same story which make me scream like because my biasses in the same story. congrats for the feature, well i'm going to read this now..