You ain't without your crew

It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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The 6 of you arrived at the hip hop club. You uneasily looked around for any sign of Zico.

“Happy, huh?” Seunghyun grinned.

You gave him a weak smile and nodded. You started to look around again.

“Relax. He’s not around.” Seungri put an arm around you. Your heartbeat slowed down. He bobbed his head and looked around, hoping to find the girl he had danced with last night. Seungri did a double take and his eyes rounded in panic, “!”

“What?” You asked. He turned you in the direction of ZICO! His gang was happily chatting up some girls. Zico turned his head and looked around.

“Eep!” You ducked behind Taeyang. “What’s going on with you two?” He raised an eyebrow.

“Nothing!” You and Seungri ran off. “Jiyong oppa!”

“What?” He asked, annoyed.

You tugged on his arm, “Make Seunghyun oppa go home.”

“Why?” Jiyong asked.

“Because HE’S here!” You pointed.

Jiyong turned his head. His eyes narrowed *Him, again.*

“What do we do?” Seungri gulped.

“You,” Jiyong looked at you, “Stay away from him. If he bothers you, either kick him in the balls or call me. And you,” Jiyong looked at Seungri and smacked his head, “Quit being a coward! You’re the big brother, goddamit.”

Seungri frowned and rubbed his head.

“Welcome ladies and gentlemen! Tonight is the hip-hop battle of all time! Come and sign your group up!” The MC from yesterday called.

You walked over to the sign-up table in interest. Daesung, Seunghyun, and Taeyang were signing up. ‘BIG BANG’: TOP, G-dragon, Taeyang, Daesung, Seungri, ~~~~~~.

“It’s you again.” A voice said. You looked up and gasped.

Zico looked you up and down. *Damn. She looks pretty cute today.* Yesterday, you had been wearing shorts but today you were wearing a miniskirt. His eyes ran up and down your smooth, lengthy legs. He had to admit. You were attractive, in a feisty, y sort of way.

Seunghyun raised an eyebrow, “You know him?”

“Know me?” Zico chuckled, “I’d say she knows me well enough to punch me.”

Seunghyun gave you a puzzled look.

Jiyong came over, “Hey, . Take a hike.” He jabbed his thumb the other way.

Zico smirked, “So your family is competing? Should be interesting…” Laughing, he and his friends walked away.

“Ignore him.” Daesung rubbed your shoulders.

The 6 of you watched the rap, dance, and vocal battles. Seungri and Daesung were in the dance team. Taeyang sang. You, Jiyong, and TOP rapped.

“All right! We have our final contestants! Big Bang vs. Block B!”

The 6 of you looked at each other *Who?*

Zico and his gang came up.

*Oh hell no. Why do our paths always cross?* You groaned inside your mind.

Zico smirked, “We meet again.” You crossed your arms, ticked off. Seunghyun furrowed his eyebrows, “I would appreciate if you didn’t act like you know my sister.”

“But I do know her.” Zico blinked. “She’s a .” His friends laughed like hyenas.

You stepped up but Taeyang held you back.

“I’ll make you eat your words today.” Jiyong snapped. He grabbed the mic and spat,

From head to toe, different swagger.

To follow up here, this style’s mine.

Today, stand in line pretty ladies.

Everyone only looks at me, what’s love.

Don’t fight and slowly come come and I’m tired from being like this, and I know I was born well.

Too fast to live too young to die.

Even though my body’s young, my voice is Gulliver.

Even though my age is young, this floor’s Sullivan.

I make my rounds once a warrior.

My name is G G G G baby baby GD GD baby baby.

You want fame? Playing this stupid little game.

You should check your girl’s phone. It’s my face on the frame.”

(G-dragon-The Leaders)

“OHHH!” The crowd oohed. Everyone laughed and cheered, “GD GD GD!”

Jiyong triumphantly smirked.

Zico twirled his mic and put it to his lips, “Good but not enough.

Attention, let me excuse myself for a moment.

I will be catching some guys in those leading groups.

They might feel a bit tied up since I'm popping out of nowhere.

Watch your mouth! my next target is you.

Making fools out of fakes is my career.

Working hard doesn't satisfy me, I'm fearless all around.

Who dares to take me up? The results are already obvious.

It's like Seung Jin VS O'Neal.

I've got thorns spiked in my words, my rhymes are strong.

All they hear are my adlibs and they're already saying, "Amazing!"

Anyone that gets the meaning behind my words. The more you talk and try to use sarcasm, the worth of your ransom goes up.

It's obvious that you're getting worked up. Going overboard and making a fool out of yourself.

I'll just give you a chilling smile.

Keep rowing your boat while you can make money.

I'm already at the root of this four beat rhythm game.

Use every energy to spit out what I have written.”


Jiyong had to admit. This guy was good. Now people were chanting Zico. He laughed and hi-fived the people around him.

You furrowed your eyebrows in disgust. You didn’t like how he humiliated your brother. You snatched the mic from him. His smile disappeared instantly.

Just say what you gotta say.

How can you be uncool to the very end?

Fiancé? Beyonce.

I'm walkin' out of destiny.

Not pitifully alone, but a glamorous solo.

That's my way.

I gave it my all, so I don't have regrets.

Pretending like you're more sad.

Pretending you're cool to the end.

All you do is act a fool.

YOU AIN’T WITHOUT YOUR CREW.” You pushed his cap over his face.

“OH !” The crowd laughed and threw their arms up in the air. Zico straightened his cap and glared at you.

You smirked and blew him a kiss,

I don't have time, I gotta go.

So long, good bye, adios

I don't want to see your ugly face again no more.”

(2ne1-Go Away)

“BIG BANG!” The audience chanted.

“That’s our sister!” Daesung proudly claimed.

You laughed as Taeyang and Seunghyun hugged and ruffled your hair.

“And the winner is BIG BANG!” The MC said.

“YEAH! EVERYONE RAISE YOUR HANDS IN THE AIR!” Seunghyun bellowed into the mic. “WOO!” The crowd jumped up and down in excitement. “We’re BIG BANG!” The 6 of you held out your hands and laughed.

You looked at the disappointed Block B. You met eyes with Zico. You almost felt sorry for him.


You smirked and looked away.

Zico gritted his teeth and left the stage *She always humiliates me.*

That night, you and your brothers celebrated the victory by grabbing snacks and having a movie night in the living room. Daesung was doing a pretty good impression of you. Everyone cracked up. Laughing, he sat down on the sofa.

“You were seriously awesome today.” Daesung held out his hand. You gave him a handshake and smiled.

“Where’d you learn to rap like that?” Taeyang asked.

You looked at Jiyong. He smirked, “Now you’re thanking me?”

You beamed and put your hand in the middle, “Big Bang forever!”

All of you put your hands in the middle and shouted, “BIG BANG!”

The 6 of you burst into laughter again.

You started dozing off and woke up in the middle of the movie credits. You looked around.

All of your brothers were asleep.

Seungri was on the floor sleeping next to Daesung. Taeyang was asleep on the armchair with his hood hiding his face. Seunghyun and Jiyong were asleep next to you with their heads tilted your way.

You softly smiled *This is the family that I love. Without them, I couldn’t do anything.* You slipped your hand into Seunghyun’s and rested your head on Jiyong’s. He unconsciously nuzzled your head. Smiling, you closed your eyes and drifted back to sleep.

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