Meet Z-I-C-O

It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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“I’m so bored!” You lamented on your bed. You sighed and looked up at the ceiling. Your head was falling off the edge of the bed.

There was a knock on the door. “Yeah, Seungri oppa?” He was the only one home.

Seungri poked his head in, “Seunghyun hyung left money for pizza. What kind of pizza do you want?”

You quickly scrambled up with a wicked smile, “Instead of using that money on pizza, how about we use it on something else?” “Huh?” Seungri blinked.

In half an hour, the two of you were under the Hankang bridge where the real underground hip hop artists thrived.

“Why did I let you drag me into this?!” Seungri slapped his forehead. “Seunghyun hyung is going to KILL me!”

“If Jiyong oppa doesn’t kill you first.” You added.

Seungri groaned. You looked around and spotted the stage. You brightened like Christmas lights. “Come on, oppa!” You took his hand and dragged him through the thick crowd of dancers. You looked up at the stage in awe, “Wow…This is my world here.”

Seungri anxiously looked around. But he spotted a pretty female dancing ily in shorts and tank top. She met eyes with him and winked. He couldn’t take his eyes off of her. Pretty soon, you were left on your own.

“Anyone wanna go against Lee?” The MC asked.

You raised your hand. He grinned, “Cute girl. Okay. You’re up.” He took your hand and lifted you onto the stage. “Name?” You gave him your name. “Okay, let’s go!” The MC said.

The guy named Lee went first. You listened patiently and beat him with the same rhyme you used against the green-cap guy in Anyang. Once again, the crowd went wild. Flustered, Lee went again but this time, you beat him with lyrics about his style. Everyone cracked up.

The MC held up your wrist, “Man this girl is bomb!” You grinned happily. “Who will go up against this amazing girl?” He asked. The crowd was silent.

Then someone came up. It was actually a group.

“I will.” A voice full of confidence said.

You turned your head.

Out of the shadows a tall guy with sharp, slit eyes and a self-assured smirk stepped out. He was wearing a white shirt with a silver chain necklace. Full of swagger, he wore 2 navy blue caps on his head. You were used to crazy styles because of Jiyong but this was far enough. *What kind of a bullting idiot wears 2 hats at once?*

The guy didn’t look away from you. Instead, he seemed to be searching through your soul to figure out who you were.

You straightened up with a defiant look. You wouldn’t let this bozo look over you.

Another smirk came on his face.

“Who will go first?” The MC asked.

“Losers first?” The guy smirked.

Your jaw turned rigid. *No way. He’s using my line! Stealer!*

You sweetly smiled, “Then you should go first.”

The smile slipped off his face. Behind him, his friends cracked up. “OH !” Everyone said.

The guy smirked, “You aren’t a normal girl, are you?”

“Don’t assess me already.” Your lips were smiling but your eyes were hard.

“Fine. I’ll go first.” The guy took the mic. His rap skills made your jaw fall open.

“I’m a man with endless creativity.

I’m a survivor of the law of the jungle.

Keep supplying the beats, I’m going crazy with the groove.

Make sure your two ears hear this right, oh!

Zico a.k.a. Zicova I already razed this place to the ground.

Gotta reconstruct this entire shabby place.

You wouldn’t be wrong to call me a psycho.

I’m hip hop from head to toe.

There’s a real difference between the real and the fake, do you know what?

Don’t overestimate me, but don’t underestimate me either.

All of those little puppies that follow me around, can’t stop it, we could be rapping the same thing but I still stand out.

Even if the themes are the same, I still make it sound fresh.”

(From Zico's mixtape)

“WHOO!” The crowd cheered louder than ever. “Yeah, man!” His friends slapped him hi-fives. The jerk named Zico smirked at you as if saying ‘Beat that.’

* you. I ain’t going to lose.* You snatched the mic and began your fiery lyrics,

Ridin down Seoul City, black on black Lamborghini.

Haters can’t never see me.

Come and get me, too slow. I’m bout that paper chasing Body, fly face amazing. Burn burn keeps it blazin, Too hot to handle,” You held out your hand.

Curious, Zico reached for it.

You yanked it back with raised eyebrow, “can’t touch this.”

“Holy , man!” His friends snickered in the back.

Zico raised an eyebrow. He was starting to get ticked off.

“You think you with it with it.

But you can’t hit it hit it.

You know I got it got it.

Cuz I’m so bout it bout it.

I let them hoes know,” You pointed to him, “I run the show show.

We get it poppin and we stick you for your dough dough.”

(Can't nobody-2ne1)

You finished your rap with a petulant expression. *How’s that, two-caps?*

Zico and your burningly glared at each other.

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Chapter 61: Yay~ This was a great story <3 I rlly luv it
I started and finished this yesterday and I'm going read it again because it's amazing!!!
Chapter 61: This was the best thing I have ever read.
WynterBelle #4
I'm excited to start reading your fanfic ^_^
Driizz #5
Chapter 61: Awwwwww it was my first kpop fanfics story and it will be my best one . I LOVED IT TOOO MUCH . Whatshouldido?????? Probably gonna dream the same story awwwww....
Lolypop123 41 streak #6
Chapter 61: Heheh love the endingggg♥♥♥♥
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I still love it! plus still my fav. ZicoxOC fic ever!
aabriannaa #9
Chapter 2: Jiyong is so funny xD im dying here c:
BLINKforever #10
I stalk ur stories' list and i see this story. i must admit, you've got me there. you put zico and gd in a same story which make me scream like because my biasses in the same story. congrats for the feature, well i'm going to read this now..