6 years later

It's a Hip-Hop World, Baby!
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6 years had passed. The 6 of you had to run away a few times since then. But when you entered high school, Seunghyun legally changed all of your last names for better protection. (Except for yours. The bureau told him there were a lot of your names around so it might be safer).

Ever since then, the Dragons had had a hard time finding any of you.

Now, you and your brothers lived in a narrow but big enough 2 story-house in downtown Seoul.

Seunghyun worked as a manager of a restaurant while Jiyong taught dance part time and worked at a fashion store part time. Taeyang and Daesung went to college with their own part time jobs. You and Seungri were forbidden to take jobs and just had to study, study, and study.

But you had more important things in mind than studying.

Seungri, now 18, anxiously glanced around the Anyang underground hip-hop club. You pulled the lollipop out of your mouth to cheer for the teams. Seungri shook you, “Yah, we can’t be here. It’s not safe. Let’s go back to Seoul, please?”

You pulled away, “Relax, big bro. Have a little fun.”

“Aww,” He slapped his face, “Hyungs are going to kill me if they find out we didn’t go to the library after school but here instead!”

“Exactly. If.” You winked.

Seungri sighed and shook his head, “What big sin had I caused in my past life that made me become stuck with a sister like you?”

You ignored him and continued to bounce along to the crowd. Your hands itched to grab the mic and start spilling your own rap.

“Anyone wanna go against me?” A boy in a green cap asked.

“I will!” You raised your hand eagerly.

“Yah!” Seungri hissed. But you were already up on the stage.

The boy tossed the mic at you, “Ladies first, yeah?”

You thought about it then threw the mic back, “How about losers first?”

“OHHH!” The crowd laughed.

The boy smirked and shrugged, “All right. Cool.” He started rapping about how ‘little girls’ should stay at home.

You crossed your arms and watched. He was good but you had seen better. (Like, Teddy).

The boy tossed the mic at you. “Let’s see what you got, little girl.”

You tapped the mic and started rapping, ( I didn't make these lyrics up! These are actually 2ne1's lyrics!!!)

Confidence is good, you're fair.

But it's embarrassing where you're weak.

Please show me some strong charms.

I like bad boys, soldier type.

It's okay if you're not too tall, like Napoleon.

Like a bad boy who'll take over the world, don't hide like a coward.

That's right, the one I need is a black knight.”

The more you rapped, the more confident and powerful you felt. You had missed this feeling.

“Hey boy to the left to the left. Pretty boy who's full of it, move to the left.

I feel it all day, smiles without sincerity.

Your style isn't appealing.

Outside, you're a tough gangster boy, But at home, you're a broke mama's boy.

It's weak, a weak plant in a green house.

Pretty boys are so out of style.

We have to hurry, I can't feel the regret.

I'd rather it be you than miss out.

Inside the tension, my mind feels like it’s in a trance.

Wake up, I've won the game.”

The crowd went crazy at your rap. Random girls hugged you and guys hi-fived you. “Pretty impressive.” Your opponent smirked, “But can you handle this?”

Before he could give you another taste of his rap, the back doors burst open and familiar looking men came in.

“~~~~~~~~~~~~~~!” Seungri panicked.

“Maybe next time!” You threw the mic at the boy and hopped off the stage. You and Seungri made a run for it.

“STOP!” The men yelled.

You thought fast and pulled down the garbage behind you.

“Ugh!” Some of the men slipped on banana peels and flattened milk cartons.

Cackling, you ran faster. Long time ago, you would’ve been scared and traumatized. But now, you’ve grown a lot stronger. You had a quick mind for these kinds of situations and the first rule was to NOT PANIC.

“Got you!” A man appeared out of nowhere.

“Oh !” Seungri jumped.

You frowned, grabbed a trash can lid, and slammed it into the man’s face. “ARGH!” He fell down.

Seungri stared at him with a pale face.

“Come on, you wimp.” You grabbed his hand and ran off.

The two of you hopped onto a bus and sat in the back. Through the window, you could see the men slowing down. You stuck your tongue out and shot them your middle finger. They glowered resentfully at you. You turned back around and settled back with a satisfied smile.

“Why are we on the bus to Jamsil? We don’t live there.” Seungri said, confused.

You rolled your eyes, “Because if we take the bus to Seoul, they’ll know where we live. We’re trying to outwit them.”

“Ohhh.” He nodded in understanding.

You tapped his head, “Think for once, oppa.”

“I always do.” Seungri muttered. His phone began to ring. He saw the caller id and turned pale.

“Who is it?” You asked.

Seungri gulped, “Someone scarier than the gang…Seunghyun hyung.”

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Chapter 61: This was the best thing I have ever read.
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Chapter 2: Jiyong is so funny xD im dying here c:
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