Part 9

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Joohyun receive a bouquet of flower early in the morning that was delivered to her apartment. She wonders who the person that sends the flower to her. It is a bouquet of daisy, her favorite flower. She spotted a card slipped between the flowers then quickly takes it out

Good day beautiful 💋

I hope you like this flower. It reminds me of you so I send it to you. A beautiful flower must belong to beautiful girl, isn’t it?

Call me if you received this flower

SSW  ❤

Right after she read the note, Joohyun grab her phone and search for Seungwan number to call him

Joohyun: Hello Seungwan

Seungwan: Hi beautiful, do you receive the bouquet already?

Joohyun: Yes, it delivered just now

Seungwan: Do you like it?

Joohyun: Yes, it is my favorite flower. Thank you. It is very beautiful

Seungwan: I know you like it *giggle*

Joohyun: How do you know?

Seungwan: Daisy scattered everywhere around you. Your phone case, notebook cover and if I not mistaken, your wallpaper also tulips. It literally anywhere

Joohyun: I’m that obvious, huh? *chuckle*

Seungwan: Yes, you are *laugh* do you free today?

Joohyun: Yup

Seungwan: Let’s go out. Watch movie or something. Are you on?

Joohyun: Why not

Seungwan: I will pick you up on 11 so we can lunch together before watch movie

Joohyun: Alright, see you later

Seungwan: Bye

Just after Joohyun put her phone on the table, the gadget ring again. She picked the call without checking the caller

Joohyun: Hello

Seulgi: Hi baeby

Joohyun flinch when she hear Seulgi voice because she thought Seungwan call her again

Joohyun: Kang Seulgi?

Seulgi: You sound like surprise. Are you expecting someone else call?

Joohyun: No, I just not expect you will call this early. I thought you still sleeping. It still too early you know

Seulgi: Emm, I suddenly want to wake up early. What are you doing right now?

Joohyun: As usual, laundry day

Seulgi: You so into laundry, huh?

Joohyun: It is my hobby. What about you? Are you up already?

Seulgi: Not yet, I still on bed. Your face suddenly appears in my mind that’s why I call you. Maybe I miss you

Joohyun: Sweet-talker Kang *chuckle*

Seulgi: Baeby, I want to take you out for date today

Joohyun eyes turn wide due to sudden invitation. She already promise to Seungwan, how can she say yes to Seulgi? No way will she go out with 2 men in a day. She will look like a player

Seulgi: Baeby, do you hear me?

Joohyun: Y-yes, I hear you

Seulgi: So when you will free? I will pick you up

Joohyun: Seulgi, I…I already have plan with my friend…I’m sorry, okay? *biting her nail*

Seulgi: Is that your friend last time?

Joohyun: Yeah

Seulgi: Hmm, okay then. Have fun

Joohyun: Seulgi, I’m sorry. Don’t upset

Seulgi: Don’t worry, I’m fine. I can’t stop you to go out with anyone, don’t I?…enjoy your weekend date. Gotta go now

Joohyun: Where are you going?

Seulgi: Sleep again

Joohyun: You should get up already

Seulgi: No reason for me to get up early. My plan cancelled. You should get ready to go out. Don’t let your FRIEND wait

Joohyun: Emm…okay

Seulgi cut the call immediately. Joohyun feel bad for turning him down but she can’t cancel the plan with Seungwan because he asks her first. She sigh and brush away the feeling of guilty. She will apologize to Seulgi later. She know Seulgi will not contact her when he upset


“How was the food?” Seungwan asked as both of them have lunch at certain restaurant

Joohyun give thumb up “It really awesome. You’re good at picking place to eat”

“Glad that you like it” Seungwan giggle “I also never come here. This is my first time. I saw the advertisement on internet so I bring you to try it together. Lot of people give good review for this place”

“No doubt, the foods are really tasty”

Seungwan happy seeing Joohyun eat well “So what movie do you want to watch later?”

“You haven’t picked the movie yet?” Joohyun frown

“Nope, I don’t know what will air today. You pick for us since I not really know which one is good to watch”

“I also not updated about recent movie. Let see when we get there later”



Seungwan is waiting for Joohyun to buy the ticket for both of them. He holding a bowl of popcorn and 2 cup of soft drink that he just bought from the stall. Few minutes of waiting, Joohyun return with wide grin


“Yes” Joohyun show the ticket on her hand

“What movie do you pick?”

“I hope you don’t mind because I pick romantic movie” Joohyun grin

“I’m not really picky. As long as you enjoy it, I’m fine with that” said Seungwan

“Okay then” Joohyun said excitedly

Finally it is their turn to enter the theater. Since the movie is trending, lot of people especially couple come to watch it. Joohyun and Seungwan also look like a real couple even they just out for friendly date

“I think this movie is very popular judging from the crowd” Seungwan refer to the amount of people inside the theater. The seats are barely empty

“I made quick research just now. This movie is trending worldwide” Joohyun said

“You’re very quick” Seungwan chuckle

“I just curious”

The movie running at the screen and Joohyun focus on it. She’s really into the movie while Seungwan is sleepy as he not into something romantic. He wanted to watch action movie but he worry if Joohyun don’t like it so he let her choose for them

Seungwan eat the popcorn to erase his boredom then he shifts his seat a bit to get a better view of his partner

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