Part 22

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“KANG SEULGIIIIIIIII” Joohyun scream while run for her life around the yard while Seulgi chasing her

Hearing Joohyun screaming, Mr. Bae quickly checking the situation “Hey kids, what happen?” he look panic

Joohyun hide behind her father “Appa, Seulgi chasing me with caterpillar”

“Yahhh, don’t scare. It won’t bite you” Seulgi said under his laugh while wiggling the caterpillar

“Don’t come near me Seulgi!” Joohyun yell

Mr. Bae covering his ear due to Joohyun loudness “Hyunnie, appa ears is hurt”

“Appa, kill that caterpillar” Joohyun hitting her father shoulder continuously

“Seulgi, give it to appa” Seulgi give the caterpillar to Mr. Bae while goofy smile still remain flash on his lips “Poor thing, why would Joohyun so scare of you” he put the small animal on his palm then caressed it

“Eww, it gross” Joohyun rolled her eyes

“Baeby, it cute” said Seulgi

“No way” Joohyun give disgusting look

Suddenly, Mrs. Bae show up at the doorway “I heard someone screaming. What’s happening here?”

“Mama, they scare me with caterpillar” Joohyun complain to her mom

Mrs. Bae gasped “Caterpillar?”

“Yes” Mr. Bae said the wiggle the caterpillar but he accidentally wiggle it too hard that it land on Mrs. Bae shoulder

“BAE YURI” Mrs. Bae scream louder than her daughter’s. Seulgi thought it probably the loudest scream in their neighborhood

“Sorry honey” Mr. Bae take the caterpillar and throw it away

“Sleep on the couch tonight” Mrs. Bae said then stomp her feet inside the house

“Honey, I’m sorry” Mr. Bae chasing his wife

Seulgi clear his throat then he tapping Joohyun shoulder “Baeby”

Joohyun giving Seulgi sharp glare “What?”

“I’m sorry”

“You also sleep on the couch”

“But I’m alone at guest room. Do you plan to sleep with me tonight? Your appa will chop my brother if he know it. You don’t want to have babies in future?” Seulgi pouting

Joohyun groan “Stop talking nonsense Kang Seulgi”

Seulgi cackle then he circle his arm around Joohyun waist “I love you baeby”

“I hate you”

“Baeby~” Seulgi whining

“I love you too silly Kang” Joohyun peck Seulgi cheek

“Baeby, I am thirsty. Can you make orange juice for me?” Seulgi said cutely

“Kiss me first” Seulgi kiss Joohyun on her cheek “Again” kiss on forehead “Again” kiss on her nose tip “One more” finally land on her lips that last for few second

“Where else?” Seulgi peck his favorite lips again after that

“That’s all, come in honey”


The couple go out for date in the evening. Before go to other destination, they go to Bae convenient store first

“Hi appa” they greet Mr. Bae who stand at the counter

“Hi kids, go out for date?” Mr. Bae teasing the couple

“Yes appa but Joohyun want to grab some snack first” Seulgi said

“Appa, why mama not come with you earlier?” asked Joohyun

“She want to watch drama that’s why I come here alone”

“Appa, is everything okay now?” Seulgi wiggle his eyebrows

“Yes, she cool down already” Mr. Bae smirk

Seulgi give thumb up to Joohyun father “How do you do it appa? Care to share with me?”

Mr. Bae clear his throat “Be a man” he wink

“Done with that talk. Come Seulgi, get that basket” Joohyun dismiss the talk quickly. She know where is it going even Seulgi don’t have idea what her father talk about

Seulgi bring the basket while Joohyun choosing snack for them and not forget a can of Pringles for the bear

“Your appa have nice store here”

“Appa and mama design it personally. They really creative, don’t they?”

“Agree” Seulgi said “How long since your family start this business?”

“Emm, 3 years or so. It is after appa retire from military. Oppa and I not agree at first because we want them to stay at home but appa is a type that can’t stay without doing something so he insist. Mama just agree with him so they end up open this store. This store pretty popular since the other store was closed last year. Everyone come here to buy stuff”

“The location also strategic. It is around the neighborhood area and under 24 hours CCTV surveillance”

“True, lot of teenagers come to apply part-time job here. At first appa not accept but seeing their enthusiasm to work, he give them chance. During school holiday they will come to work”

“At least we can help the kids to get side income and they won’t roaming around doing nothing if they not go to school” Seulgi said

“You’re right”

“Who manage this store if appa and mama not around?”

“My cousin, Kim Yongsun. She is Kibum’s older sister”


“Let’s go to pack our foods” Joohyun done choosing their snacks


“Appa, we’re done” Joohyun said to her father then she proceed to put the foods inside the plastic bag

Seulgi look around the he got an idea “Appa, if you want to expand your business you can tell me. I will be your investor”

Mr. Bae gasped “You’re serious?”


The father giggle “I should run supermarket then”

“Anything for you appa. Tell me anytime, I will work for it”

“This is not a joke, right?” Mr. Bae feel giddy

“Yes appa, I’m serious. Your store pretty popular here so why not make it big since you already have customer”

“Okay, I will talk with Joohyun mother”

“Cool” both of them bump fist

“Done with your future plan?” Joohyun asking


“Shall we go now?”

“Okay baeby” Seulgi remember something “Appa” he beckon Mr. Bae to come closer then he whisper

“Sure thing” Mr. Bae agree to whatever Seulgi ask for then he give key to Seulgi while Seulgi also hand a bunch of key to him in return

“We go now appa”

“Have fun kids” Mr. Bae watching them with big smile “Aigooo, what a kind son-in-law I have here”

Joohyun and Seulgi exit the store but Seulgi not walking towards his car. Joohyun confuse be she still follow him

“Honey, where are we going?” Joohyun asking

“I borrow appa’s motorbike so we will ride his bike” Seulgi smile sheepishly

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