Part 17

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A/N This chapter probably the end of angst so have fun

Bunches of crumples tissues scattered on dining table. A series of whimper filling the place and it make Joohyun annoyed but having fun at the same time

“Yah, can you stop crying already?” Joohyun said annoyingly

Seulgi whimper getting loud “How can you expect me to stop? I’m really sad now”

“What make you sad?”

“My girlfriend is getting married. Why would I be happy?” Seulgi wipe his nose with tissue

Joohyun suppress her laughter “Who is your girlfriend again?”

“You!” Seulgi whine

“If I recalled back, I’m just your PA. There is nothing between us right after you run after Jisoo. We never in relationship, remember it Kang?” Joohyun smirk while Seulgi bawling


Joohyun watching movie in her phone while waiting for laundry to be done. Yerim already sleeping a while ago while her parents also rest in their room. Seulgi also in his room since she don’t see him when she’s come from upstairs after tuck Yerim to sleep. When she busy laughing at the comedy movie, someone presence distracting her

“Baeby” that is Seulgi who appear out of nowhere


“Can we talk?”

“Aren’t we talk already?”

“Baeby please, I’m serious”

“Alright, have a sit” Seulgi sit a chair away from Joohyun “What do you want to talk about?”

“Chorong told me that someone propose you, is it true?” Seulgi nervous

The PA mentally smirk because her expectation comes true “Yes, it’s true”

Seulgi gulped hard “Do you…accept?”

“Of course, why not? I’m single so nothing to worry about”

“Then what about me?”

“I has nothing to do with you, so what’s the matter?”

“I’m courting you”

“We’re over. You have Ms. Kim and I have my future husband. Stop bring up our past”

“Yah, you can’t do that?” Seulgi retort

“I’m free to choose whoever I want and you don’t have right to stop me. I warned you already but you take it easy”

“You’re so mean. Do you know that you’re hurting me?”

“Then you’re not hurting me when you seeing Ms. Kim at the same time you’re courting me? You let her hold you. You two often go out together. For the record, I never do such things with you and you never holding my hand like you do with Ms. Kim. Do you think I’m happy with that?” she paused for few second to take her breath “I stop meeting Seungwan when I know you unhappy but you don’t care at all even you know that I don’t want you to go with her” Joohyun glare at her boss who dabbed his cheeks with tissue. She wonder where on earth Seulgi got that tissue box because her mother never put tissue on dining table

“I know you hurt and you’re jealous…” Joohyun cut him off

“You know but you don’t care” said Joohyun “It’s clear that I’m not important to you. I should just give Seungwan chance instead. Maybe he will not hurting me like you do” she rolled her eyes

“Joohyun-ah, I’m sorry. Please don’t get married”

“Nope, I cross my heart already. I will invite you and your family to my wedding. If possible, please sponsor the event, okay?” Joohyun said happily then Seulgi throw the balled tissue to her


That is how Seulgi start crying like a kid. He know it not manly but he don’t care. All he want is Joohyun know how regret he is and he want Joohyun to call off her engagement. He don’t know what to do anymore. Joohyun will not look back

“You’re noisy. Yerim will wake up because of you”

“No one will hear. They are upstairs” Seulgi sniff

“Still, you’re annoying” Joohyun groan “Yerim also not crying like you”

“You’re so mean to me. I come here to apologize and bring you back. Mommy already gave us blessing but you…”

Joohyun chuckle “So what now? You want to report it to your mom, huh? Truly a mommy boy. Oh, your mom called you Ddeulgi. Ddeulgi-ah~ you’re irritating noona with your cry. Stop crying, will you?” she mocking the sulking bear

“Don’t make fun of me!”

“I’m not” Joohyun giggle “Hey, how long you will stay?”

“I will go back tomorrow” Seulgi said coldly

“That’s good. It not nice to stay too long at someone’s fiancée house”

“I don’t want to stay too long too”

Sound of washing machine heard from laundry room signaling it done washing. Joohyun get up from her seat

“I’m done and I want to sleep. You should go now and don’t forget to throw away your tissue. I won’t clean for you…yuck” she act like throw up then skip to laundry room then she shout from the room “YOU CAN TRY WOOING IRENE TOO, MAYBE SHE WILL CONSIDER AND LEAVE KANG SOMETHING FOR YOU”

“Bae Joohyun!” Seulgi yell while Joohyun reply with hearty laugh. She feel sorry for him but she is having fun teasing Seulgi. She will make it up to him when they return to Seoul. As for now, she want to .

She is happy seeing Seulgi appear at their doorway because she also missed him so much. She know Seulgi sulking during her absence but she need time to think about both of them. Now there is nothing will come between them. No Seungwan, no Jisoo, just both of them. She’s happy when she know Mrs. Kang bless their relationship. That is what she need the most before start relationship with Seulgi


“Good morning!” Joohyun greet Chorong happily when she enter Chorong car

“Good morning, someone look happy now, huh? Care to tell me” Chorong giggle as she drive out of the parking lot

“Nothing special. I just happy after meeting my parents”

“That’s all? Nothing else?”


“Seulgi telling me something yesterday so what happen? I don’t know if I should trust him”

Joohyun laugh “Okay, I will tell you something but don’t tell him

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