Part 3

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“How long since you start working here?” Joohyun initiated their conversation after clear their work

“Around 6 years or something” Chorong tapping her chin “What about you?”

“This year is my 5th years”

“Just a year younger than me”

“Yeah, I work at other company for a year before I apply at WK Daegu. Emm, do you start as secretary of CEO right away?”

Chorong shake her head “No, I work at other department. Then, I was listed as candidate of secretary for Seulgi after few months he takes over the position. Same as you, I also doing some tests before selected to be his secretary. Mrs. Kang is really strict in choosing people that will involve with her son”

“Why she do that? I’m curious too”

“She doesn’t want people who work with Seulgi will take advantage on him. Mrs. Kang is really careful in that matter because she doesn’t want to choose the wrong people. If she chooses you that mean she will trust you no matter what. She has faith on you but if you betray her, she will make you regret. She may look cool but when she angry, she won’t tolerate. As your friend, I remind you to be very careful in every step you make. Since this morning until now, I can see why she chooses you even there are lot of better candidate like you said. You have everything that she wanted. I will keep guiding you until you can walk on your own. Let work together for long time”

Joohyun awed by Chorong kindness. She never meet someone as kind as her and she really thankful that she have Chorong as her colleague. From the start Chorong treat her well and teach her with detail everything that she needs to do. They get along with each other in no time and their same age is a bonus. Chorong is first friend that she made at WK

“I look forward for many more years with you too. Thank you for accept me as your friend” Joohyun said with puppy eyes

“Why are we suddenly so cheesy?” Chorong hit Joohyun shoulder lightly while they laughing

“You start it first”

“Aigooo” Chorong still cackle “Seriously Joohyun, Mrs. Kang is angel alive if she pleased with our work. She will be very generous and kind. She giving you apartment is a good sign already. We’re the luckiest staff in entire Wonder-K, you know” she brags

“Do you get same treatment too?”

“Yes, she provide apartment for me, send me for vacation once a year, they generous to my family too and even buy a car for me”

“Really?” Joohyun shock

“Yes, I live at same apartment complex with you but in different building. You can come to play at my house sometimes or I will visit you”

“No problem” Joohyun said “Why not same with Seulgi penthouse?”

“He hasn’t used that penthouse yet when I move in but I don’t think it necessary for me to stay close to him. I’m just his secretary and it not really cool if we encounter with each other too much. We already dissing each other a lot in this office, I don’t want it to happen at neighborhood too”

Joohyun giggle “He is that playful, huh?”

“You will see it yourself soon. We look close with as boss and secretary because of work but behind the close door we’re best friend. We share thoughts about lot of things mostly I hear his complain and stuff. Sometimes we also gossiping around”

“He is into gossiping?”

“You don’t have idea how open minded is our boss. It’s hard to find a man who loves gossiping. I thought I will never found one until I meet him. It’s fun gossiping with him. He know everything especially his favorite actress”

“He looks strict and snobbish when we left his dad office earlier”

“Yeah, he has that look because it is first time meeting you but when he is comfortable with you, you will see the childish side of him. He hates it when he lost to me whenever we argue but he always gives in though. Sometimes he is whiny so get ready to deal with his antic”

Joohyun shake her head “I will prepare mentally”

Chorong check her phone and it still early to go back. Seulgi also busy with his work in his office so he will not disturb them for a while

“Hey’ let’s grab some snack at pantry. Maybe we can eat ramyeon. I restock the snacks yesterday” Chorong chirped

“I noticed that no one come to the pantry except both of us” said Joohyun while they walk to pantry

“This pantry is for Seulgi, both of us also Mr. Son and Ms. Park. Those two have meeting outside so you don’t see them coming a lot today. Mr. Son just comes once or twice a day if he at office since he brings his own drinks from home. He just comes when he is hungry. The regular visitor is Ms. Park and me. Ms. Park is big eater and can’t live without something to eat. Seulgi call her female giant” they giggle “Other staffs at this level have their pantry at other side. We’re not sharing pantry. Feel free to eat or drink anything here and tell me if you want any food or drink that is not available here so I can order for you. In this building, our pantry is the most awesome. You will know when you open those cabinets and fridge” she said proudly

“Noted” Joohyun eyes sparkle as she open the fridge that filled with various types of snacks and instant food. Like Chorong said, nothing they don’t have here. You name it, everything is provided in the house. To Joohyun, it is not pantry but mini mart at office


“Joohyun, let’s go back” Seulgi said soon as he step out of his office

“You don’t have something to do anymore?”

“Yes, my work is done. We can go back early today”

“Okay” Joohyun grab her handbag then they go to elevator

Seulgi speak again when they reach the lobby “Do you come here by car?”

“No, by taxi. I don’t have car”



“What about driving license?”

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