Part 14

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Joohyun bring a cup of coffee to Seulgi office. Actually it just Seulgi excuse to have a talk with Joohyun because it has been a day since his PA talk to him. Yesterday he is busy so he don’t have time to ask Joohyun. He don’t know what’s wrong with Joohyun that she avoiding him

“Baeby, sit” Seulgi command before Joohyun leaving his office. The PA obeys to her boss but her expression still cold and straight “What’s wrong with you lately?”

“Nothing wrong with me. Why?” Joohyun speak nonchalantly

“You’re avoiding me. You not talking to me, you not reply my texts and not answer my calls. What I do wrong, baeby? Tell me”

Joohyun rolled her eyes and scoff “Let me be straightforward like you. I’m not avoiding you but I make a distance between us. I don’t want to step in someone territory”

Seulgi getting confuse “Baeby, what are you saying? I don’t understand”

“Stop calling me baeby. My name is Bae Joohyun!”

“I really don’t understand now. What is territory that you’re talking about?” Seulgi puzzled

“Do you forget Ms. Kim Jisoo?” Joohyun giving Seulgi cold stare

“You…you know about her?” Seulgi panic

“Hey, I’m at my desk when you and her walk out link arms with each other. I’m not blind Seulgi”

Seulgi palm sweating as he realize his mistake. He totally forgot Joohyun that time. He not supposed to let Jisoo holding him but he is too careless. Now he taste his own medicine. Joohyun is angry because of him. He know he deserve that resentment

“Why do you silent? You just realize my existence now?”

“Baeby, I’m sorry. I don’t mean to make you angry. We’re just friend. There is nothing between me and her”

Joohyun snort “I don’t know that both of you’re too close to that extent. Do you holding hands with Chorong too? Maybe I don’t realize it when we go out together. Next time I will be sharper”

“Baeby, I swear there is nothing going on. Trust me” Seulgi plead

“You don’t have to swear or something. I don’t want to think about it anymore. It’s enough for now. I don’t know if you want me to feel the same when you saw me with Seungwan or not. If you do, you’re success now. Don’t worry, I won’t stand on the line. We’re just friend and I don’t have rights to stop you seeing anyone. I don’t know who Ms. Kim to you and I don’t want to know. I think I made drastic decision for letting you courting me. I’m sorry for being emotional and unprofessional. I hope you will be happy with whoever you end with” Joohyun said calmly with short smile that Seulgi can’t even read the meaning behind it. Her stare alone is enough to send chill down Seulgi’s spine

“Please believe me. Me and Jisoo just friend…we’re best friend” Seulgi still trying to convince Joohyun

Suddenly Seulgi phone ringing as sign of incoming call. The caller is no other that Jisoo. Both of them stare at the phone

“Your BEST FRIEND is calling” Joohyun said sarcastically

Seulgi pick up the call with heavy sighs. Joohyun keep staring at her boss coldly while he is talking to Jisoo. He tries hard to avoid Joohyun piercing glare

“Dinner…tonight?” Seulgi said hesitantly while take a glance at Joohyun “Okay, I will pick you up…okay, bye”

“Best friend, huh?” Joohyun remarks after the call end

Seulg rubbing his face “I don’t know what else to do to make you believe me”

“You don’t have to do anything” Joohyun said “Oh, before I go out I want to let you know that I will go back to my hometown. I take leave for 3 days. Chorong will replace me to attend you or you can ask your best friend for help. I guess she know you better”

“Why take leave so long?”

“My parents said they have something to discuss with me…about my future”

Seulgi eyes widened “Your future?” suddenly he feel uneasy

“You don’t have to know. Enjoy your dinner with your BEST FRIEND” Joohyun said then leave


Before go home, Chorong and Joohyun go to supermarket to shop for groceries. Both of them go to different section. Joohyun is at detergent section while Chorong at frozen foods. While Joohyun choosing her fabric softener, someone tapping her shoulder and she turn around

“Seungwan?” her eyes widen in shock

“Joohyun, can we talk?” Seungwan asked softly

“I don’t have anything to talk with you” Joohyun speak coldly

“Please, I want to clear thing between us. Let’s grab a coffee”

“No, just make it short and talk here. I’m not in mood to hangouts” Joohyun said with serious tone

“Okay” Seungwan give in “I want to say sorry for what happen before. I really don’t know what’s wrong with me that I unable to control myself. I really screw up big time. Please forgive me, Joohyun”

Joohyun run her hand through her locks “Okay, I will forgive you” Seungwan smile in relief “But I will never forget what you had done. You’re lucky that I not lodge a police report”

Seungwan bow his head “I’m very thankful for that. We’re good now, right?”


“Can we be friend again?”

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Please put genbender in the tags or description :)
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Chapter 2: From senior architect… to PA. I mean…. 😂
Chapter 23: Light and so fluff 💖💖
Chapter 23: Ah~ a sweet story with a light conflict. I suggest adding the genben tag, because some people are uncomfortable with that when they read but seul is the man here. Although it doesn't matter to me. Thank you author for the story.
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Chapter 24: I am hoping and waiting for a sequel?😁😂🤣
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Chapter 24: Sequel maybe? Hehe, i love this story author-nim, thanks for the hard work
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Chapter 11: Technically...... Seungwan liked Joohyun first this time around :p
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