Part 23 - Final

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A familiar car arrived at WK Daegu building. Suddenly, the front desk staff and security team rushed to the main entrance. They make line up to welcome their CEO. Everyone not expect him to come so they not prepare anything to welcome them

When Seulgi come out of his car, the staffs bow their head while securities give him salute. Joohyun stand beside him then she whisper

“They must be choke their breathe when you come without warning”

“I should do this more to check if my staffs doing their work well or they play around more”

One of front desk staff come towards them then he bow again

“Good morning sir, welcome back to WK Daegu. Mr. Im will be here in few minutes”

“Okay” Seulgi nods

Meanwhile at general manager’s office, the secretary receive a call from front desk informing them about CEO Kang arrival. The secretary quickly run inside to tell their boss

“Mr. Im, good morning. I would like to tell you that CEO Kang is downstairs. He just arrived”

“What do you say?” Mr. Im Yoong, the general manager jaw dropped

“Our big boss is down there” Secretary Kim Seohyun repeat again

“Omo, let’s go greet him” Mr. Im quickly put on his jacket and run to elevator followed by Ms. Kim

When they arrived at ground floor, Mr. Im quickly strode to the entrance where CEO waiting for him. He also see Bae Joohyun, the PA of Kang Seulgi who also former staff of WK Daegu

“Good morning Mr. Kang” Mr. Im said politely

“Good morning Mr. Im”

Then Mr. Im greet Joohyun with big smile “Good morning Ms. Bae, welcome back to WK Daegu”

“Good to see you again sir” Joohyun said happily while Seulgi rolled his eyes, jealous

“Sir, sorry for not welcoming you properly. We’re not informed about your visit” Mr. Im said worriedly

Seulgi smile “It okay Mr. Im, I’m in Daegu this weekend so I decide to visit while I am around. Since it has been a while I came here, I want to visit every departments, checking progress of our business and I want report presentation for first half of this year so please arrange my meeting with head of departments. Please make sure to put every details in the reports. You know how I want it in the reports, right?” Mr. Im nods nervously “I expect good result from everyone, clear?”

“Yes sir” said Mr. Im “Umm sir, how long you will stay here?”

“Maximum 3 days. I want the meeting by tomorrow AND Ms. Bae will inform the time tomorrow”

“Okay sir”

“You can go back to your office and inform your staff about what I said just now. I don’t want to hear any excuse for absence in the meeting. If the leader is our, call them to come back or if they out of town, their assistant should replace them”

“Noted sir”

“Good, I and Ms. Bae want to tour around this building so everyone can dismiss” the staff bow again before they leave their boss

After everyone dismiss, Joohyun looking at Seulgi “What?” Seulgi asked

“Honey, aren’t you too mean to them? I mean you want half year report on meeting tomorrow”

Seulgi chuckle “That’s why they must complete monthly report to prepare for this kind of situation. They won’t have hard time finishing it if they really have it done every months. I just want summary of their report. It is something simple and detail. Not to brag but I can come out with perfect summary in 1 hour if needed”

“I know you’re Mr. Capable but I still feel sorry for them”

“They have 24 hours to make it though. I’m kind enough for not asking for the report today, you know. If my mood is not good, it not impossible for me to call for that meeting 1 hour from now. Today I’m not I mood to hear the long talk so I choose tomorrow”

“Alright Mr. CEO”

“That’s how business work, honey. We should always prepare ourselves. Expect the unexpected” Seulgi giggle “Let get inside and show me around the building”

“Oh, you excited to meet your fangirls?” Joohyun teasing her boyfriend

“Want me to announce that Ms. Bae is my girlfriend?” Seulgi smirk

“Not now my boy. Let’s go” both of them walk inside the building

As Joohyun said, lot of female staff squealing when they saw Seulgi. Their eyes twinkling while looking at him

“Baeby, why they keep looking at me?” Seulgi panic when he noticed female staff looking at him. Suddenly he feel awkward and shy

“I told you they are your fangirls. Some of them drooling over your body. They striping you with their eyes”

“Omo, shall we go home now? I’m getting scare”

“No, let just go. We still have more to explore. Act like nothing happen”

“But honey…they are scary” Seulgi whine

Joohyun found it cute, she giggle “You not even scare of me yet you scare just because they stare at you”

Joohyun link their arms together as they walking again not minding the staff looking at them with shock face. She smirk when she claim her territory in front of WK staff. She practically yell at their face not to dream of her boyfriend anymore because it will never come true


Both of they go home after checking the progress of WK Daegu. They have lunch with Joohyun parents at home

“How was work today kids?” Mr. Bae asked

“Company doing well appa. My staff are very dependable”

“Glad to hear that. People at Daegu talk a lot about your company. WK make big contribution to our place. It open lot of job vacancies for young people”

“Daegu branch is the most successful among WK branches. The others also doing well but this one is the best so far” the elder listening to Seulgi proudly “Joohyun, when is the last train to Daegu?”

“From Seoul?” Joohyun stop eating


“If I’m not mistaken, 4 o’clock”

Seulgi nods his head “Call Chorong to come to Daegu with last train today”


“I need her on meeting tomorrow. It is not your work scope so I don’t want to trouble you with that. Besides, I need record for that meeting”

“Okay, I will call her after this” said Joohyun “Emm, where she will stay?”

“Hotel, where else? We won’t let her sleep at train station” Seulgi said innocently

“Ayyy” Joohyun rolled her eyes “Mom, can Chorong stay here? I don’t want to let her sleep at hotel”

“Of course she can. We don’t have problem with that” said Mrs. Bae while her husband nods in agreement

“Thanks mama” Joohyun said happily

“Let’s fetch her at station together this evening then we have dinner outside” said Seulgi

“Sure thing” everyone continue their lunch happily


After pick Chorong up at train station, Seulgi bring them to have dinner at fancy restaurant that he reserve beforehand without anyone knowing. Joohyun introduce Chorong to her parents while the elders welcome Chorong happily. They treat her nicely even it is their first time meeting each other.

When they busy eating while chatting with each other, an arrogant voice distract them. Everyone look at that person questioningly

“Well…well…well…Bae family. Nice to see you guys here, huh? I thought I will never see you all in this luxury place” that woman is mother of Roger Park, Joohyun’s ex-lover. Her son stand behind her looking at them with cocky smile

Mr. Bae want to answer but Seulgi quickly hold his arm but Joohyun speak instead “Nice to see you too Mrs. Park. What do you want?” Joohyun speak calmly, not hesitation or stutter

“Wow, you have guts to look at me direct to my eyes now Bae Joohyun?”

“I can look direct at flashlight without blinking so looking at you is not a problem to me”

Mrs. Park clap her hands “What a word from gold digger? Your parents should teach you to respect elder”

“Look at yourself first before talk about my parents. Which part of you is respectful and deserve my rspect?” Joohyun answer back. She is getting angry and Seulgi caressed her back softly

“How dare you?!” Mrs. Park groan

“Ma’am, can you please leave us? You’re ruining our dinner” Seulgi stand up facing the woman

Mrs. Park show mocking smile “Oh, are you boyfriend of this gold digger?” she scoff “Oh, you look familiar”

“Oh, you don’t know me ma’am?” Seulgi smirk “I guess your son used to meet me somewhere. I bet he can tell you who I am” he looking at Roger intensely

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