Part 21

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A/N 2 more parts to go

Joohyun wake up with big smile while hugging her pillow. It has been a while since she gets good sleep. Last night she sleeps well in her room since she misses her comfy bed so much. After tidy up her bed, she goes to her bathroom to take bath.

Once she done dress up with comfortable clothes, she goes downstairs for breakfast. Joohyun saw her father sit at living room watching morning news

“Good morning appa”

“Good morning sweetie, sleep tight last night?” Mr. Bae flash warm smile to his beloved daughter

Joohyun smile widely the sit on the chair, joining her father watching TV “Yes appa, that’s why I wake up a bit late today. Where is mama?”

“Your mother goes out to buy some fresh food at the market”

“She goes alone? It’s rare”

“Seulgi drive her to the market”

Joohyun snort “Pfftt…Seulgi go with mama? Seriously?”

“Yeah, what is funny with that?”

“Appa, Seulgi never wake up early in the morning. It surprising me that he able to open his eyes early and drive mama to the market” Joohyun laugh heartily while holding her stomach

“He offers to drive your mom to the market. He invites appa too but appa not in mood to go out early today”

“He like do that stuff because his mom always bring him along when they are shopping groceries since his dad sometimes outstation. He not complain whenever his mom tag him along”

Mr. Bae chuckle “That’s good then. It’s hard to find young man that volunteer to accompany their mother to the market. Most of them think that it is not their job”

“You’re right appa, Seulgi also can shop groceries alone. He know everything needed” Joohyun said happily

Her father adores her when she talked about her boyfriend. Mr. Bae knows his daughter is so in love now “Is he the right one?”

Joohyun looked at her father with smile “Yes appa, he definitely the right one. He never give up showing how much he want me even I practically push him away in our early days. He protects me from something that can hurt me and take care of me well. I not regret choosing him”

“Appa is happy for you”

“Thank you appa”

“If he is the best man for you, don’t ever doing something that can make him regret dating you. His family love you are good enough. Your part is returning the favor to them. Respect them and love them like you love appa and mama. Not everyone is lucky as you when they meet rich family. You experienced it already in your past. You’re good girl, appa know you can make everyone happy. Appa not always there to advice you when you make mistake so you must know how to behave yourself around people. Now appa have Seulgi as replacement to guide you. If he make mistake, guide him to right way. You’re older than him so you know what to do. If both of you have problem, sort it out and solve it. Don’t jump to conclusion. Don’t let ego and anger take over yourself. You see how scary is your mother but she never make rush decision when she argue with appa. We will talk after we cool down to avoid making decision that can make us regret. That’s why appa still with your mama even lot of people thought that your mom is hard to handle. Be a good girl, okay?”

Joohyun listen to her dad advice attentively “Okay appa, I will not disappoint you. I will be a good girl that you and mama can proud of”

“You can do it” Mr. Bae pump fist in the air then they laugh

“Appa, I want to have breakfast. Do you want to join?”

“No, we had our breakfast already. Your mom put your foods on the table. She wants you to finish it”

“Yaaa, how dare you all not waiting for me” Joohyun whine as she walk to the kitchen

“Who told you to wake up late?”

Joohyun gasped when she saw lot of foods on the table “Appa, are you sure mama want me to finish these foods?”


“She will make me fat”

“Seulgi will still love you even if you fat” Mr. Bae teasing his daughter


At the market, Seulgi tailing behind Mrs. Bae while holding basket for her. They decide to buy fresh seafood because Seulgi said he craving for grilled seafood. He also offer to pay for their stuff and he let Mrs. Bae choose anything she need

“Imo!” someone tapping Mrs. Bae

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