Part 10

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Seungwan come to Seulgi office after receive a call from the CEO. His voice sound cold and Seungwan assume that something is wrong with his cousin

“What with that tense face, dude? Is something wrong?” Seungwan asked while sit facing Seulgi

Seulgi take a while to answer the question with scoff “What’s going on between you and my PA?”

Seungwan smile shyly, still don’t know the bear is jealous of him “We’re just friend for now dude. I want to take it slow before confess my feeling to her but she know that I like her”

“Did she like you too?”

“She said she like me as friend” Seungwan pout

“That’s good then” Seulgi mumble under his breath “I don’t want you to go after her” he stated seriously

“Why?” Seungwan asked blankly

“I just don’t want to. You can be her friend but not more than that”

“What’s wrong if we’re more than friend? She is single and so I am” Seungwan answer back “Why it matter to you? You’re not his boyfriend. You’re just her boss. If I recall back, the agreement don’t say anything about who she can date or not. This literally has nothing to do with you”

Seulgi balled his fist “When I say no, that’s mean no!”

“Are you jealous, Kang?” Seungwan snort “Do you like her? Last time you seem like you not interested at her”

“That is before she comes here”

Seungwan chuckle “No wonder you behave like this. You’re such a kid, so immature. How can you just ask me to stay away from her? She is free to choose whom she want to be with. You shouldn’t control her. You not even her boyfriend. Do you worry if I get on your way and you lose Joohyun because she chooses me instead of you” he smirked

“Just stop chasing someone that I want. You never change Seungwan. Go find other girl to date but not a girl that I aim for” Seulgi groaned frustrated

“No Seulgi, no. I want Joohyun and I’m not back off” Seungwan said with firm voice “I don’t want to argue more but remember this…BEST MAN WIN” he smirk then leave the office

Seulgi slump his body on his chair and massage his temple. Just seeing Seungwan smirk earlier bring back the memory of their past. He really upset right now. He reaches for office phone. He press the button to Chorong line

“Yes boss” Chorong answer

“Chorong, cancel all my schedule today and I don’t want to see anyone. Whatever urgent matter, just move it to tomorrow. Tell Joohyun to prepare my lunch and leave it at pantry then you two just go out to eat. That’s all”

“Noted boss”

Outside of the office, Chorong and Joohyun looking at each other questioningly after receive the sudden order from Seulgi

“What’s wrong with him?” Joohyun worry

“I don’t kn

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