Part 11

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Seulgi tap his fingers on the table. He is waiting for Jisoo to arrive at the restaurant for dinner. Since it is their first meeting for the first time in a while, he is a bit nervous. He don’t know how she look like now but he sure Jisoo still look pretty or even prettier than before

“Kang Seulgi” he flinched as the familiar voice greet him. He is zoning out that why he don’t notice Jisoo arrival

“Kim Jisoo” Seulgi whisper and he stand up. It’s true that the girl is very beautiful now but Joohyun still the number one

Both of them hugging each other tightly then Seulgi peck Jisoo head “It has been a while. You really grown up now” he said after break their hug

Jisoo smile lovingly “You also look better than before. You gain weight and handsome”

“Have a sit” Seulgi pull the chair for Jisoo then he return to his chair across to the girl

“How’s life now?” asked Jisoo

“Everything going well. I’m still a CEO of WK and getting successful now”

“Glad to hear that. I know you can do well and I’m proud of you”

“Thanks” Seulgi giggle “So, how about yours? I expect something fun”

Jisoo fold her arms on the table “Nothing really fun. I just graduate from university after my master degree and will start working with my dad by next month. I want to rest for now and explore the city. I see lot of things change since I’m away”

“Congratulations on your graduation”

“Thank you Seul”

“Hey, let order our food first” said Seulgi then he call the waiter “What do you want to eat?”

“Just order anything, I’m fine”

“Shall I order your favorites?”

“That’s good too. Let see if you still remember the foods that I like” Jisoo grin

“Of course I still memorize your preference”

“Okay” Jisoo shrugs

Seulgi proceed to order their foods while Jisoo watching him in admiration. The man in front of her is the one that she used to love with all her heart but things not going well between them that they break up. Both of them are hurting but it is the best way for everyone. She admit that she still in love with him and sometimes she missed him badly. She tried to date other guy but it failed. None of them can replace Kang Seulgi in her heart

“Jisoo?” Seulgi tapping Jisoo hand softly then she flinch


“You’re zoning out for a while now. What’s wrong?” Seulgi asked worriedly

Jisoo shook her head “Nothing wrong, I’m okay”

“You sure?”

“Yes, positive”

“That’s good then”

Jisoo clear as she want to ask something “How is him now?”

“Him as in Seungwan?” Seulgi feel annoy hearing Seungwan name but he hide it well


“He is good as usual. Nothing really change”

“You two really in good term now, right?”

“Yes, we’re good but the cracked can’t be repaired anymore. We just friend”

“At least no more issue”

“Yup” Seulgi sighs “He know about your return?”

“No, I don’t tell him. I don’t think it necessary to call him. I not ready to see him too”

Seulgi nods his head as he understand the situation “When you’re ready, just meet him. He once told me that he want to meet you to apologize”

“I don’t know when I will be ready for him”

“Will you forgive him?”

“I don’t know Seul. It almost 3 years but I still hurt when I remember what he had done to me, to us. He create huge damage between us. If only he being mature, we’re still together until now. You and he still stick with each other. I don’t know why you forgive him that easy after he ruin everything” Jisoo puzzle

“I don’t have choice. For sake of family relationship, I have to give in and give him chance. The process is not easy. He keep begging for forgiveness until the point he kneel in front of me during family gathering”

Jisoo scowl “He know when to drop the bomb. He use the chance when everyone around to beg so you don’t have any choice but forgive him. Of course you have to give in since everyone are pity at him, don’t you? Sorry to say this but I don’t believe that he is 100% change”

Seulgi silent as he listen to Jisoo reasoning. Somehow he agree with her that Seungwan is still the same, judging from his action when they argue about Joohyun

“It’s up to him to choose whether he want to change or

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