Part 4

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Double update today guys!

*Alarm ringing*

“Hmmmm” Joohyun groan while grabbing her phone from bedside table to turn off the alarm. She lazily sits up and stretches her body then she walks to bathroom with her eyes still half-closed

20 minutes later she comes out fresh and wearing pink bathrobe. She humming while looking for her outfit to wear on that day

“Purple for today” she said while takeout purple dress from her closet

She start to dress up, put on her makeup then do her hair. As she done prepare herself, her phone ringing. She grab it and check the caller ID. It is a call from Seulgi

Joohyun: Hello boss, good morning

Seulgi: Good morning Joohyun. What are you doing now?

Joohyun: I just done dress up. Why?

Seulgi: I will pick you up at 7:20 so you don’t need to ride bus or taxi

Joohyun: Seulgi, its okay. You don’t have to trouble yourself

Seulgi: I insist. Just wait for me at your place. I will go upstairs later

Joohyun: Okay boss

Seulgi: Got to go now. I not shower yet. See you later

Joohyun: Yup

She sigh loudly while checking her appearance again “Why my handsome boss busied himself to fetch me and go to office together? Doesn’t he care about gossip or something? ...hmm, he is the boss by the way. He can easily shut the mouth of people who talk badly about him” she shrugged it off then skips to the kitchen to prepare breakfast

When she’s eating, doorbell ringing signaling Seulgi is arrived. Joohyun quickly jog to the door to welcome her boss

“Good morning” Seulgi smile brightly soon as Joohyun open the door for him

“Good morning too, you’re so early than I thought. Are you always leaving your house early?” they walk to dining table

“I’m late most of the time but today I excited to go to office”

“Why?” Joohyun pour a cup of tea for Seulgi

“Well, I have my personal assistant and I’m her driver so I can’t let her arrive late at office. What will other staff say if she make mistake in her second day, right?”

Joohyun giggle and shake her head “Thank you for consideration. Breakfast?”

“Nope” Seulgi resist

“Why? You eat already?”

“I will have breakfast at office”

“Chorong told me that you just eat snack as your breakfast. You should eat proper meal. Don’t tell me your mom not nagging about you eating that kind of food every day”

“She did and it was her routine since before but I can’t get myself up early to eat breakfast so I always eat at office”

Joohyun glare at the bear “I will make sure you eat something before start your day. If you don’t have time for breakfast at home, just call me so I can pack food for you”

“It’s fine, you don’t have too” Seulgi said awkwardly

“It is part of my duty Mr. Kang”

“Thank you then” Seulgi show puppy eyes

“Don’t show that eyes to me. You’re not cute. Now let eat breakfast together before we go”


Before they left her apartment, Joohyun check her makeup and dress to make sure she look good. When she satisfied, she go to living room where Seulgi waiting for her

“Done, Ms. Bae?”

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Please put genbender in the tags or description :)
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Chapter 2: From senior architect… to PA. I mean…. 😂
Chapter 23: Light and so fluff 💖💖
Chapter 23: Ah~ a sweet story with a light conflict. I suggest adding the genben tag, because some people are uncomfortable with that when they read but seul is the man here. Although it doesn't matter to me. Thank you author for the story.
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Chapter 24: I am hoping and waiting for a sequel?😁😂🤣
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Chapter 24: Sequel maybe? Hehe, i love this story author-nim, thanks for the hard work
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Chapter 11: Technically...... Seungwan liked Joohyun first this time around :p
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Chapter 24: Just finish this, this one is also good