Part 7

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“Oppa, lift me up! I want to ring the doorbell” Yerim jump up and down in front of Joohyun apartment unit

“Aigoooo, this kid” Seulgi put the paper bag down then lift up his sister

Yerim press the doorbell furiously since she is excited “Yah, you will make her shock! Don’t need to press like that. Just do it once is enough”

“She not hear it if I press one-time” Yerim attempt to press the bell but Seulgi move farther then she knock the door instead “Baechu unnie, open the door!” she bang the door with her small hand

“Aishhh, Kang Yerim. You’re noisy”

“You’re whiny” Yerim retort

Joohyun open the door just before Seulgi say anything to his sister. She greet them happily

“Hi, good morning!” said Joohyun

“Good morning” Seulgi answer happily

Yerim throw her arms to Joohyun then Seulgi passed Yerim to his PA “Good morning unnie” she hugging Joohyun tightly

“Good morning baby. You look cute today” Joohyun peck Yerim cheek then she told Seulgi to come in. He follows both girls to dining table

“Mommy dress me up before she go out” said Yerim

“You’re beautiful like your mom”

“You too unnie” Yerim giggle “I pick oppa shirt today. Is he handsome?” she brags

Joohyun looking at Seulgi and scan his outfit. He wears black jeans and white T-shirt. It just simple outfit but he look good in it

“She really picked your clothes?” Joohyun asking Seulgi

“Yes except my boxer” Seulgi grin cheekily

“Oh, you look good in casual outfit” Joohyun turn to smiling Yerim “You have good taste. Do you always choose clothes for oppa?”

“Yes, mommy always does that for daddy so I do for oppa. If you help oppa to pick his clothes in future, oppa like simple outfit”

“Yerimie, unnie not do it for oppa” Joohyun pats Yerim head

“One day you’ll help oppa with his outfit” Yerim smile innocently

Joohyun practically blushing while Seulgi cackle “Okay then” she put Yerim on the chair “I will serve our breakfast. You two sit first”

“Joohyun, I bring choco milk for Yerim. Can you heat it for her?”

“Sure thing, do you want coffee?”

“Yes, anything will do”


When Joohyun busy at the kitchen, the sibling wink at each other then they bump fist


After breakfast, they decide to hangouts. Seulgi drive them to nearby mall. All the way to the mall, Yerim is the most cheerful. She talks about lot of things while Joohyun and Seulgi play along with her

“Unnie! Oppa! Walk faster” Yerim skip excitedly to the bookstore

“Yerimie, wait for us. We don’t want you to lose” said Joohyun then Yerim stop, waiting for them “Unnie hold your hand”

“Okay unnie” Yerim giggle while walking hand in hand with Joohyun

“You really behave today Yerimie” Seulgi comments while walking behind the girls

“I promised to daddy yesterday”

“You used to promise lot of time but still forget after that”

Yerim shrugs “I feel like behave today”

They enter the bookstore and Yerim drag Joohyun to coloring book section. She choosing the book that she like while Seulgi and Joohyun watching her

“She’s really like arts” Joohyun remarks

“Yes, it is her hobby. She likes to read too. When we go out, she will buy a book or two. One of us will read bedtime story for her every night but mostly mommy will do it because I and daddy are busy”

Joohyun amused by Yerim interest “It’s good that she have healthy hobby”

“Yup, better than spend time with nothing”

“Unnie, oppa” Yerim calling


“I’m done choosing books” the little Kang showing 2 coloring book in her hands

“What about bedtime story?” Seulgi asking

“No for now, I will just buy this”

“Alright then”

Suddenly Yerim saw a latest coloring set at the display “Oppa look! New coloring set!” she pointed at various type of set


“I want one, please” Yerim clasped her hands together

“You have 1 set already”

“I want new set. The one that I have was outdated” Yerim pouting

“Yah, you just buy it last year”

Joohyun feel sorry at Yerim then she crouch beside her “You want that coloring set?”


“Let’s go and choose which one you want. Unnie will buy for you”

“Yay!” Yerim squeal

Seulgi slump his shoulder “You don’t have to spoil her” he said to Joohyun

“It’s okay, poor her” Joohyun wink that make Seulgi froze “Let’s go Yerimie” Yerim run to the shelf but Seulgi still on his ground

“Aigooo Kang Seulgi, let’s go” Joohyun drag Seulgi by his arm. The bear is walking while staring at their practically linked arms. Her touch makes him nervous and happy at the same time. He loves the feel of Joohyun small hand on his skin. It so soft and warm

After Yerim choosing the coloring set, they go to the counter to pay for the stuff. The middle-age woman who owned the bookstore is friendly with Yerim since she used to see her come lot of time

“Hi sweetie” she greet Yerim happily

“Hi grandma” Yerim as usual, greet the woman with cheerful smile

“Who come with you today?”

“I come with oppa and unnie” Yerim pointed at Seulgi and Joohyun who just stop behind her while watching her antic with smile. They also exchange greeting with the friendly owner

“Where is mommy and daddy?” the owner talking with Yerim while scanning the price of the goods


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