Part 16

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Somewhere at Daegu

Joohyun hangouts with her best friend, Jennie Kim at the café. Both of them very happy meeting each other after a while. Jennie also working at WK Daegu, Joohyun former office and they become best buddy since then

“Unnie, you look healthier than before” Jennie smile cheekily

“Yah, are trying to say that I gain weight?”

“No, you just look vibrant than last time I saw you. You must be having fun there”

“Yeah, it is fun but work load getting heavier and very busy. My schedule is exactly same with CEO’s. If he is free, I will be free. If it is hectic for him then mine will be same”

“But it’s worth it. Right?”


“Unnie, is our CEO treat you well? Is he handsome?” Jennie got excited

“He is nice and warm person. Not arrogant but generous also friendly. He gifted with good look and resemble a bear”

Jennie squeal “Wow, you’re so lucky. I hope I have chance to meet him too”

“One day you will meet him in person” Joohyun smirk. She don’t know what will happen if she tell Jennie that their CEO courting her. Her friend will surely faint. She mentally laughing at her own imagination

“Hey unnie, I heard Minho oppa want to bring his family to meet your parents. He want to propose you. Is it true?”

“Yup, they came last night”

Jennie cover “Omo, are you getting married?”

“Of course not” Joohyun laugh “No way I will marry him. I don’t have feeling for him”

“How he react?”

“So far he is cool. He accept my decision and same goes to his parents”

“Ohh, that’s good that he not throwing fit” Jennie receive a text from someone then she look at Joohyun “Unnie, my friend said she is around this area. Can she join us?”

“Of course”


10 minutes later, Jennie friend arrived. Both of them greet her with different reactions. One is excited while another one is cold

“Jisoo unnie!” Jennie exclaimed the she throw herself to Jisoo embrace

“Long time no see Kim Jennie” Jisoo pats Jennie hair

“You disappear too long”

“Don’t be dramatic. It just 2 years”

Jennie giggle then she introduce Jisoo to Joohyun “Unnie, this is my best friend, Joohyun unnie”

Jisoo smile to Joohyun but she noticed the older girl forcing herself to beam “Nice to meet you again”

“Me too Ms. Kim” Joohyun bow. She is upset but still have manner

“You two know each other?” Jennie confuse

“Yeah, we meet at WK Seoul. Her boss is my friend” said Jisoo while Joohyun scoff

“Oh, the world is so small” Jennie chuckle, still don’t have idea about what happen between the two. Jisoo sit on the empty chair beside Jennie and they are facing Joohyun

“Ms. Bae” Jisoo speak nervously. She can feel the coldness aura from Joohyun and she know it is because of what happen between her and Seulgi

“Just call me Joohyun” Joohyun said dryly

“Okay” Jisoo getting nervous “Joohyun…I’m sorry for what happen between me and him”

“It’s okay, you don’t have to say sorry. If I know he is into you, I really wouldn’t close to him. It’s me who should apologize”

Jisoo waved her hands “No, it just misunderstand. He told me everything few days ago. I really don’t know that he is courting you. He never tell me about you until the night that he being grumpy because you don’t contact him. I scold him for ditching you just because he don’t want to hurt me”

Joohyun sighs “I told you he choose you. If he choose me, he will not going out with you. When you called him and talk about the dinner, I’m there in his office listening to everything. He not even hesitate to show me that who he prioritize the most. I told him that I will back to Daegu for days with hope he will cancel that dinner but he take it easy. He look like don’t mind if I’m not around”

Jisoo massage her nose bridge “He is really careless. I’m really don’t know about both of you. I’m very sorry for that. I don’t mean to hurt you or take him away from you. Even I’m clingy, there is nothing more than best friend”

Jennie interrupt the intense conversation “Wait a minute, did you two have some issue? I noticed the topic quite serious”

“Just something happen and we need to settle it. Give us a little space to talk, okay?” Jisoo ruffle Jennie hair

“Is it okay if I hear?”

“Of course, it is not something confidential”

“Okay, you two can continue” said Jennie

“Please Joohyun, trust me. I don’t have intention to take him away from you. He don’t have romantic feeling to me as well. You don’t know how down he is when you not around and he can’t reach you. It’s true that I am his past lover but Seulgi moved on. First I thought that I still have chance to be with him but I don’t see the spark in his eyes when he look at me. Then he said he is courting you and from there I know there will no place for me anymore. Even if he not courting you, we will never together again because his family will never approve us. He is very kind that he still give me chance to meet him again after I break him 2 years ago”

Joohyun can’t believe what she just heard. She really don’t have idea that Jisoo is Seulgi ex-girlfriend. She thought they are best friend but not to that extent. However, she glad that Jisoo being honest telling her about her feeling to Seulgi. She know Jisoo is serious from the way she talk and her body language

“Yerim often mention that she don’t want Seulgi to marry certain unnie. Is that you that she talk about?” Joohyun furrowed her eyebrows

“Yes, that unnie is me. Yerim witness everything that time and she is smart enough to understand the situation between me and her brother. That is why she hate me”

“May I know what really happen between all of you that everything look very bad if look back to the past?”

“They never tell you?”

“Seulgi said he will tell me but I want to hear from your side” said Joohyun

“Okay” Jisoo shifted her seat to make herself comfortable “Seulgi and me meet at college. He is my senior along with Seungwan. We become best friend since we join the same classes. He is really kind to me and take care of me well. He and Seungwan graduate first then me a year later. After that he propose me to be his girlfriend and I accept right away since I also like him. We so in love with each other. He also introduce me to his family and he met my family as well. Everyone very happy when they know we’re dating because my dad and his dad are acquaintance in business world. However, things not always going well. In our third years we face a huge storm in our relationship that lead to our separation” Joohyun and Jennie listen attentively to Jisoo story

“Then, what about Seungwan?”

Jisoo run her fingers through her locks “Everything turn bad when Seungwan plot to take me away from Seulgi. He like me since our first meet. He secretly courting me even he know that I like Seulgi. He never give in to get my attention. When Seulgi is around, h

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