Part 5

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“Ms. Bae” Joohyun look up to the person that stand in front of her desk

“Yes Mr. Son, what can I do for you?”

Seungwan clear his throat, suddenly nervous “Errr…I just need you to give this file to Mr. Kang. He is out to meet with client, right?”

“Yes, he is. He will be back around 3 or 4 PM”

“Okay” Seungwan nods his head “Why you not join them?”

“I have something to do on behalf of Ms. Park so I stay here”

“Okay” the blonde rubbing his nape “Ms. Bae”


“Do you…want to go out with me later? For lunch” Seungwan very nervous right now but he try his best to calm down

Joohyun give sweet smile to Seungwan “Sure thing”

“You agree?” Seungwan excited

“Yeah, why not”

Seungwan look like he won jackpot “Cool, I will come here later then we go out, alright?” he wink

“Okay, I will wait”

“See you later” Seungwan left with happiest smile as he is in good mood today

In 12 PM sharp, Seungwan skip to Joohyun desk while humming random song. Joohyun just finish tidy up document when Seungwan show up

“You ready?” Seungwan asked

“Yes” Joohyun grab her handbag

“Let’s go my lady”

As they wait for elevator, Sooyoung come greet them. She also on her way to have lunch

“Good afternoon”

“Good afternoon Ms. Park” Joohyun said

“Afternoon cousin” Seungwan chirped

Sooyoung motioned her finger to both of them “You two lunch together?”

“Yes” Seungwan quickly answer

“Do you want to join us, Ms. Park?” asked Joohyun

“I want to but I promised with my friends already. Maybe next time”

“Okay then”

They ride elevator to ground floor then separate way as Sooyoung go to her car while both of them go to Seungwan car. Seungwan drive them to nearby restaurant because he doesn’t want to stick on traffic jam when they go back later. He choose to lunch at his favorite restaurant

“Ms. Bae, what do you want to eat?” Seungwan asking when they settle on the table

“Since this is your favorite restaurant, why don’t you order for us?” said Joohyun

“Alright, I tried every menu listed here but I will choose the top 3, is it okay?”

“As long as it is not chicken, I will be fine”

“Oh, you can’t eat chicken?” Seungwan also showing same reaction like Seulgi

“Yea, I will get sick if I eat chicken”

“Okay then, I will choose the food that don’t contain chicken”


Seungwan call the waiter then he places their order. After they left alone, Seungwan start to get nervous again. He don’t know why his heart thumping so hard whenever he around Joohyun. He never has that feeling before and seeing Joohyun for the first time makes him nervous to death. Even meeting with client can’t make him nervous like Joohyun did. He almost faint in happiness when Joohyun agree to have lunch with him earlier

“Mr. Son?” Joohyun waved her hand in front of Seungwan

He is zoning out since the waiter leave “Ughh…sorry”

“Is everything okay?” Joohyun worry

“Yeah, I’m good. Don’t worry” Seungwan take deep breath “Can you just call me by my name when we’re alone? We should be comfortable around each other”

Joohyun fold her arms on the table and lean forward “You want me to call you Seungwan?”

“Yes, any name that make you comfortable as long as not Mr. Son. It is too formal”

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shinchan222 #1
Please put genbender in the tags or description :)
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Chapter 2: From senior architect… to PA. I mean…. 😂
Chapter 23: Light and so fluff 💖💖
Chapter 23: Ah~ a sweet story with a light conflict. I suggest adding the genben tag, because some people are uncomfortable with that when they read but seul is the man here. Although it doesn't matter to me. Thank you author for the story.
forgotme #5
Chapter 24: I am hoping and waiting for a sequel?😁😂🤣
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Chapter 24: Sequel maybe? Hehe, i love this story author-nim, thanks for the hard work
MsTaeyong 249 streak #7
Sir_Loin #8
Chapter 11: Technically...... Seungwan liked Joohyun first this time around :p
Chapter 19: i just finish this story in 1day...thank you so much for this story author its so good and i want to reread it again and again
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Chapter 24: Just finish this, this one is also good