Part 19

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“Aigoo, where is Seulgi? It has been 5 minutes we’re here but he not arrive yet” Chorong said to Joohyun

Currently they are at meeting room but the CEO is still not coming. Everyone feel weird seeing his secretary and PA is there but him. Usually they will go with him

“He not telling him if he can’t attend the meeting?” asked Joohyun

“No, he just said he have something to talk with his dad and it won’t take long”

Suddenly the door open and Seulgi coming in. He rushed inside go to his place at the head of the table between Chorong and Joohyun

“Good morning everyone, sorry I’m late because I have very urgent meeting with our chairman. Let me make it quick. From now on, every project that handled by Mr. Son will be takeover by Ms. Park Sooyoung and me. Not only projects but everything involving him will transfer to me and Ms. Park until we have his replacement. My secretary will notify project managers that was under Ms. Son to let you know which one will go to Ms. Park and me. This project will be under me. Mr. Son still available until next Tuesday so anything you need from him better do it quickly. The new formation will effective next week on Wednesday. I can’t join you guys in this meeting because I still have to continue meeting with chairman so you proceed with Secretary Park and Ms. Bae. If you need my signature, give it to my secretary then she will pass it to me, clear?”

“Yes sir” everyone answer firmly

“Good, now excuse me. I have to go” everyone stand up and bow to their CEO

Joohyun tugged Chorong arms “What happen? Why suddenly things change?”

“I don’t know. He don’t inform me anything” Chorong said “Ms. Jung, you can start your presentation”

“Okay ma’am”


Mr. Kang office

“Seungwan and Sooyoung, I call both of you to come here because I have something to say. It is regarding WK Tourism Canada. As we informed, a week ago Mr. Samuel said they need replacement for Marketing and Promotion Director since their current director will retire that will effective by end of this month. Seulgi and I had made final decision during our meeting early this morning and we choose Seungwan to go” Mr. Kang said while looking at Seungwan

“Me?” Seungwan shocked

“Yes, we choose you. You are qualified since you studied marketing before”

“What about my current projects? I handled 3 projects overall and all of it still half-way to go”

“Don’t worry, Seulgi and Sooyoung will handle it temporarily until we have your replacement”


“Uncle, who will replace Seungwan oppa?” Sooyoung asked

“Seulgi will find one” Mr. Kang looking at his son

Seulgi rubbing his chin “I recommend his assistant, Ms. Im Yoona because she know the most about his current works. For now I think she is the most qualified but we will see if there any candidate that also can replace him. It won’t take long though. Just a week or two because both of us also have to focus on our own works”

“Yeah, I’m a bit free for coming few weeks so I can do it” said Sooyoung


Seungwan ask after that “When I will depart to Canada?”

“Next week, Tuesday is your last day here. You still have few days to clear your undone works. My secretary will inform your project managers to let them know who will take over your place temporarily. HRD will find your replacement soon”


“That’s mean we will start on Wednesday?” Sooyoung asked


“Okay, I will tell my secretary to adjust my schedule”


Mr. Kang looking at the three “So Seungwan, I look forward to hear a good news from you. Don’t disappoint me. Your training period is within 3 months before you confirm to sit for that position. If the result is not impress, it will extent for another 3 months. I know you will do better. Car and apartment are provided. The staff of WK will wait for you at the airport and drive you to your place to stay”

Seungwan smile to his uncle “Okay uncle, thank for trust me to sit on that position. It’s my honor”

“Do your best. Don’t make me regret my decision”

“I will do my best” Seungwan said confidently

“Good” S

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