Part 13

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A/N For those who not comfortable with me put #wenrene on tag, I'm sorry for inconvenience. I put it on tag because there are some scene of Wendy & Irene. It is not for gaining attention or something. Dont misunderstand my intention. I removed the tag already. Sorry again, the worse is from me *bow*

As for readers who actively giving comments, I enjoy reading your comments 😁 maybe one or two of you try giving idea but I'm sorry that the next parts may be not like you guys wanted because every parts was written early and it is final. The story is around 70% done for now. Just enjoy the flow. I will do my best not to disappoint all of you. It may not good but I will work hard

With love, author ❤

Jisoo go to Seulgi office to invite him out for lunch. She doesn’t inform him about her visit since she want to surprise him. Some of senior staff surprise seeing her and she greet them with smile

“Hmm, still not change” she mumble as she’s step out of elevator

She walk happily to the office and smile as she saw the familiar figure at the desk in front of Seulgi office

“Chorong unnie!”

Chorong jolt on her seat when someone suddenly called her name. She looked up and squeals

“Aigooo, Kim Jisoo!” she engulf Jisoo to big hug “Yah, when did you arrive?”

“I return last week” Jisoo said happily

“You’re a big girl now. Are you returned for good?”

“Yes unnie, I’ll stay. You also prettier than before”

Chorong giggle shyly “You don’t have to say that”

Then Jisoo noticed someone unfamiliar beside Chorong “Unnie, you have new friend now?”

Chorong gasped as she forgot Joohyun “Omo, I forgot. This is Bae Joohyun. She is Seulgi PA”

Jisoo hold out her hand then shake hand with Joohyun “Nice to meet you Ms. Bae. I am Kim Jisoo”

“Nice to meet you too Ms. Kim” Joohyun smile

“Aigooo, Seulgi work with beautiful girls here” Jisoo chuckle

“He always lucky” said Chorong

“Is he busy?” Jisoo pointed at office door

“Not really, you want to see him, right?” Chorong smirk

“Yeah, can I come in?”

“Of course, you may go”

“Okay, thanks unnie”

“Alright” Chorong sit back on her place while Jisoo enter after knock the door

“Who is that?” Joohyun asked curiously

“She is Seulgi friend” said Chorong

“Okay” Joohyun nods her head then focus back on her work

Inside the office

Seulgi really surprise seeing Jisoo come without telling him first. It’s not that he don’t want her here but he worry if she bump into Seungwan

“Seul, I need your help” Jisoo pouting

“What is it?”

“I want to find apartment but I don’t know which one is good”

“It’s not a big deal. Why don’t you survey at my residence? Lot of unoccupied unit at the new building”

Jisoo shook her head “It is too far from the company. I want it near the office to reduce the risk of stuck in traffic jam”

“Emm, if you say so…I will bring you to meet my friend. He is property agent so he can help us”

“Okay then, when you can bring me to meet him?”

Seulgi tapping his fingers on the table “After lunch”

“You’re not busy?”

“Yes, I’m free. We can go to his office after lunch”

“Thank you, babe!” Jisoo squeal

Seulgi stare at Jisoo with sweet smile as he happy seeing the girl being cheerful “I miss seeing you being cheerful and lively” he said

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Please put genbender in the tags or description :)
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Chapter 2: From senior architect… to PA. I mean…. 😂
Chapter 23: Light and so fluff 💖💖
Chapter 23: Ah~ a sweet story with a light conflict. I suggest adding the genben tag, because some people are uncomfortable with that when they read but seul is the man here. Although it doesn't matter to me. Thank you author for the story.
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Chapter 24: Sequel maybe? Hehe, i love this story author-nim, thanks for the hard work
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Chapter 11: Technically...... Seungwan liked Joohyun first this time around :p
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