Part 18

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Joohyun bring file to Seulgi office. Chorong is not around so she will do the work for her. She slowly enter but Seulgi is not at his table. He stand beside the window staring outside with his back facing the door

“Seulgi…this is file that you need” Joohyun said

“Okay” Seulgi answer without turn his face to see Joohyun

Taking a deep breathe, Joohyun walk to her boss and stop behind him


“Get out” the CEO said calmly

“No, I don’t want. I want to talk to you” Joohyun said stubbornly

“Nothing else to talk about. We’re over, remember?” Seulgi scowl

Suddenly Joohyun sneaked her arms on Seulgi waist to hug him from behind. Seulgi startled by Joohyun sudden action and he try to move her hands. For a girl, Joohyun is really strong. She hit Seulgi hand to stop him moving

“Stop moving around before both of us fall down on the floor”

“Let me go. It’s not nice for someone fiancé to hug random man”

Joohyun tighten her embrace and rest her head on Seulgi back “I’m sorry”

“It easy, huh?” Seulgi chuckle

“Seulgi, please hear me”

“What else you want to say? You want me to sponsor your wedding? I can write check for you now. Tell me how much do you want?” Seulgi breathing heavily as he getting upset

“I’m not getting married” Joohyun stated “I’m not marry anyone if that person is not you. What I told you before is just fake. I’m fooling around. It’s true that my old friend come to meet my family to propose me but I reject it. I told them I’m in love with someone else”

“What joke that you tell me now?” Seulgi still don’t trust her

“I’m serious right now. Please believe me. No one else that I want except you”

“Let me go”


“Yah, I want to turn around”

“You not run away?”

“Ayyy, of course not. Release me. I can’t breathe. Your embrace so tight” Seulgi said then Joohyun let him go

Joohyun looking at Seulgi cutely “I’m sorry, okay? Please don’t upset anymore”

“Why do you lie to me about marriage?”

“I just want to see your reaction if you know someone will propose me”

“Don’t you see it when Seungwan almost take you away from me?”

“I do but when Ms. Kim come, you changed. You don’t call me at night, we’re not going out, you not pick me up at apartment as usual, you always have lunch with her and you never tell me about her. I worry if you choose her and leave me. You not come to your penthouse. I’m waiting for you every night but you never show up. I afraid if I lose you before I’m even have you. Luckily my mama called me and tell me about the proposal. I can just answer it on the phone but I decide to go home instead. I want to take a break from broken heart. It’s hurt when I can’t show it here because I need to be professional” Joohyun tears rolled down slowly

Seulgi sighs heavily “I’m sorry baeby. I’m very sorry. I don’t realize it until you leave me” he reach Joohyun face to wipe her tears “I will never leave you again. I not meeting her anymore unless it is for urgent matter and you will go with me. Forgive me, okay?”

Joohyun nods while sobbing then Seulgi hugging her “I missed you so much”

“I missed you too” Seulgi kissed Joohyun forehead while holding her tightly in his arms

Joohyun pull back from the embrace “Don’t angry anymore, okay? You scare everyone with your anger”

“Okay, I will be good” Seulgi fixed Joohyun bangs then he realized something “You cut your hair already? Last time you don’t have bangs”

“I cut it last week” the CEO stare at his PA while smiling cheekily “Why do you stare at me? Never see someone pretty?”

“You’re prettier with front hair”

“So I’m not pretty before have bangs? Is that why you look at Ms. Kim because she is prettier than me?” Joohyun glare playfully

“Of course not. You always the prettiest woman in my life” Seulgi squish Joohyun cheeks

“Do you like the flower that I send?”

“You send me that?” Seulgi shocked

“Yes, to cheer you up. To apologize and to tell you that I want to start new beginning with you”

“So the initial B is you?”

Joohyun nods “B for Baeby. Don’t you get the hint?”

“I thought it is from random people. Luckily I not throw it away”

“Where do you put it?”

“There” Seulgi pointed at the coffee table and the bouquet resting on it

“Yahhh Kang Seulgi” Joohyun go and get the pitiful flower “You should put it on the vase or something” she cradle the flower while looking at grinning Seulgi

“I’m sorry, if I know it from you I will bring it back”

“No, just put it here and take care of it. Make sure it bloom every day. This flower represent me”

“Alright, I will buy beautiful vase for this gorgeous flower”

“Good” Joohyun put it back on the table “Shall we go home now? It’s late already”

“Really?” Seulgi checking his phone and the time is 5:30 PM “Aigoo, let’s go” he grab his bags then they leave his office


Seulgi and Joohyun cuddle at the rooftop at night since the weather is good. Since they reconcile, Seulgi often sleep at his penthouse to spend time with Joohyun. However, Joohyun always remind him to sleep at their house. She don’t want to conquer Seulgi alone because his family also need him.

Everything change a lot since that day. They go to office together and go home together. They talked every night before sleep if Seulgi not sleep at his penthouse. Seulgi informed his family about him and Joohyun. They really happy for both of them. Mrs. Kang called Joohyun immediately after she got the news and welcome her to their house anytime since she is part of their family. Chorong also happy for her friends and she is their number 1 supporter


“Emm?” Joohyun scoot closer to Seulgi neck

“When you will go to our house? Yerim keep asking about you”

“When I’m free I will visit them. We’re very busy lately and I’m tired. Let see this weekend if I’m not exhausted”

“Okay but you will stay overnight. We will go back on Monday” Seulgi grin

“Oho, do you think I will share room with you if I sleep there?”

Seulgi nods his head “Yes, where else you want to sleep? It will be your room too”

“It is a big no. I will sleep with Yerim or at guest room”


“We’re not married yet and I’m not your girlfriend” Joohyun wiggle her eyebrows

Seulgi gasped “You’re not my girlfriend yet?”

“As far as I remember, you never propose me to be your girlfriend. If you do maybe that girl is not me”

“Aigooo” Seulgi laughing “Okay, I will propose you now. Will you ma

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