Part 20

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Joohyun sleep soundly in her room. She is quite exhausted after a day out with Seulgi. Seulgi take her to theme park and they tried all the rides that make her dying due to fear of height. Seulgi never stop teasing her because of that. She also accompany Seulgi to his friend art gallery since there is art exhibition held there. In short, their day spent well entirely

Her phone ringing loudly startled her from her deep sleep. She lazily grab the gadget and answer the call without checking who the hell is the caller

Joohyun: Hmmm!

Seulgi: Hello baeby!

Joohyun: Kang Seulgi, why do you call this late? *groan*

Seulgi: I miss you baeby. Are you sleeping?

Joohyun: Yes, I am sleeping right now and you wake me up. Why do you not sleep yet? It 12 already

Seulgi: I watch football match

Joohyun: Sleep now honey. We will go to Daegu tomorrow and I don’t want you to sleepy while driving

Seulgi: Don’t worry, I will be good. I will make sure we arrive at your home safe and sound. Besides you can drive for us if I’m sleepy

Joohyun: Just go to sleep. You can watch rerun of that match

Seulgi: It almost end

Joohyun: You sleep now or I go upstairs and throw away your Pringles stock

Seulgi: Honey…okay then. I will sleep now

Joohyun: Make sure you really sleeping. I will ask mommy to check you later

Seulgi: I not lying. I will sleep for real

Joohyun: Good, that’s my baby. Sleep now, okay? I’m very tired today

Seulgi: Alright, see you tomorrow honey

Joohyun: Okay my love. Goodnight

Seulgi: Goodnight love

Joohyun put her phone on the bedside table and continue her sleep again “Kang Seulgi…I love you…~” she mumble in her sleep


Seulgi arrive at Joohyun apartment to pick her up for their trip to Daegu. He help Joohyun to bring her bag then they go to the parking. When they arrive at Seulgi car, Joohyun saw a package on passenger seat at the back

“Honey, what is that package?” Joohyun asked

“That is gift for your parents from mommy and daddy”

“Really? What inside the box?”

“I don’t know. They don’t tell me about it. After I told them that I will go to Daegu, mommy called someone to prepare the gift for your parents”

“Ohhh, your parents really kind and generous” said Joohyun as they get inside the car

“They really happy because you’re their future daughter-in-law and they are thankful to your parents for raising you to be a good woman as you are now” Seulgi said happily

Joohyun suddenly blushing because of Seulgi remarks “Ayyy” she pinch Seulgi forearm lightly “What do you think they put inside?”

“It quite heavy. Maybe gold or diamond”

“Aigooo, no such things. Why would your parents give gold or diamond as gift?”

Seulgi laughing “Nothing is impossible for Mrs. Kang, honey. What Mrs. Kang want, Mrs. Kang get. You must remember that”

“I hope it is not what you said. My mom will faint if it really gold or something like expensive jewelry in that big package”

They arrive at Bae house in Daegu. When he parked his car in front of the house, he suddenly nervous as he remembered that Joohyun parents upset because of him

“Why do you silent suddenly? Do you want to pee or hungry?” Joohyun asking Seulgi

“I…I just nervous” Seulgi looking at his wet palm

“What make you nervous? This is not first time you come here” Joohyun caressed Seulgi cheek

“You remember that your dad was angry when I made you cry and he want…” Joohyun laugh after she know the reason Seulgi suddenly nervous

“Honey, they will not scold you” Joohyun coo

“Are you sure?”

“Yes honey, let’s go inside. They are waiting for us already”

Seulgi take deep breathe then let it out again “Okay”

They take their luggage and the package from the car then walk to the front door. Joohyun press the doorbell, few while later Mr. Bae open the door for them

“Hey kids!” he greet them with cheerful grin

“Hey appa” Joohyun hugging her dad

“Welcome home darling. Appa missed you so much” Mr. Bae kiss Joohyun forehead before release his daughter from his embrace

“I miss you too appa” Joohyun said happily

Then Mr. Bae looking at Seulgi, he flash big smile to him “Welcome back son” he offer handshake

“Thank you uncle” Seulgi chuckle while shaking hands with Mr. Bae

“Now you come back as her boyfriend, huh?” Mr. Bae wink

“Ayy yes, you’re right” Seulgi said shyly

“Take care of my baby girl or else…welcome to hell” Mr. Bae make cut throat gesture and Seulgi gulp hard

“Appa, don’t scare him” Joohyun said while her hand caressing Seulgi back to comfort him

“It just a reminder” Mr. Bae laugh “Come in kids. Your mother is waiting inside”

“Miyoung-ah, our kids is here!” Mr. Bae hollered from hallway as he excitedly dragging the luggage even Seulgi said he can bring it but he insist

“Mama at the kitchen, sweetie” Mrs. Bae answered then she come out to living room wearing pink apron

Joohyun and her mother hugging each other happily. Mrs. Bae kissing Joohyun like she is a little girl. That scene remind Seulgi of his mom and Yerim so he smile

“Kang Seulgi, welcome home” Mrs. Bae offer hug but Seulgi froze

“T-thank you aunty” Seulgi stutter

“Why do you stutter sweetie? Are you okay?”

Joohyun sighs “Mama, you’re pointing knife to him”

Mrs. Bae looking at knife on her hand then she laughing “Aigoo, I forgot that I hold knife. You could be the 10th person that I kill if Joohyun not telling me”

Seulgi jump in shock while Joohyun rolled her eyes “Mama, stop saying some

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