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Kim Kai watched as the smoke raised up and drifted off to the atmosphere down below. His apartment really showed off how much he was earning and he was enjoying every bit of it. He turns away from the breathtaking city-view down below and looked around his apartment. Some women lie around his apartment, drunken and tired from all the frenzy that gone around the last few hours.

Some minutes from now they would all leave and he can finally enjoy some peace. At times like this, he wonders what on earth he was even doing. He had a woman he loved dearly just an hour away from where he was and yet as he looked at the woman in his bed with her dark red lips, her full s and her long legs it just aroused the old Kai that resided in him.

Kim Kai was a personality he created to show off his skills as a business consultant. He was good with his words, was smart and could think on his feet and he had been an independent consultor but with connections he had built in just some years, the biggest business mogul had taken him in as their personal consultant. He was now an indispensable part of their business taking part in every plan making sure that they were ahead in everything. He was the head director in their planning department now.

He was good at his job no doubt and perhaps that had gone to his head without him knowing.

An alarm is sounded somewhere and everyone wakes up groggily and began moving out. He watches them quietly taking in all thei

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I kept thinking of Kai yesterday and today and so I had to come here to go through this heartbreak again. I miss him so much T.T.


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Chapter 24: So hear I am at 5am- awake before my alarm finishing up a story of love that was basically always one-sided. And crying over it. Im glad you wrote it like this. They both finally grew into their true feelings and destiny.
Chapter 22: Now I’ve done a whole 180 in my feelings for him.
Chapter 21: It’s always at a certain point when God opens your eyes to your own issues, doesn’t He?
Chapter 20: I’m not sure how to feel about him now. Certainly I feel sorry for him but there have been some really good relationship lessons here so far that they both needed to learn.
Chapter 14: Well spit…. Now I’m feeling sorry for him - and I don’t wanna
Chapter 13: I’m so proud of her- she needed this. Maybe not in this manner but this independence
Chapter 12: I mean…. His boss does have a point. We both have a little smirk at the “that’s what you get” of him being left behind
Chapter 9: He should just have trusted his instincts
Chapter 7: The fact that there are people who have done this irl ….smh
Chapter 4: Her utter horror at finding herself as not the self she knows and remembers. I felt that