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“I don’t think I can take it if someone ever cheats on me…” She was saying while wiping her tears, “Like that is terrible. If you don’t love that person anymore… just let them go!”

She was reading a novel as they sat on the grass of their college campus. Jongin’s heart ached to see her tears and reached out to wipe the remaining tears.

“Only someone who is not right in the head will cheat on you…” He says smiling fondly at her, “Trust me.”

If she was his there will be no way he would ever, ever cheat on her. She was such a masterpiece he couldn’t even imagine someone cheating on her.

Give me a chance… he wanted to tell her, give me a chance to love you.

“The girl just forgives him… can you believe that? I don’t think I can ever forgive anyone who cheats on me. I’ll probably…” She trails off looking around as though trying to see what to say. She was adorable. “Probably just run away. I wouldn’t be able to take it.”

“Yeah…” He laughs aloud at her cuteness, “Do that. Run far, far away from any bastard that cheats on you and maybe tell me so that I can bash him up.”

She smiles too at that. “Really?”

“Yeah… really.” He breaths out, nodding longingly at her.



* * *


Jongin woke up with cold sweat. Why would he dream something like that? But that was not a dream… it was a memory of when she was still not his when he could only dream about her being his.

He screams and throws his pillow blindly not caring where it lands.

He was the one sick in the head now. He was that blind guy.

But he had promised to change, right? He will never lay a single hand on any other woman ever again so she will not leave him, will she?

His breathing slows down from the rapid ones he was heaving and he dragged himself out of his bed to get a cold shower.

He needed to calm down after all he was back in Seoul and she had promised him a date. How long has it been that they went out on a date?

He smiles widely thinking about how she had surprised him at the airport last night. Perhaps it was the way she looked that triggered that memory-like dream. She looked so ethereal that he even forgot how to breathe. But then again even when she just woke up or was crying her eyes out while editing some sad novel, she was the most beautiful woman ever.

They were going on a date and he will love her more than ever… and maybe someday, far in the future he will come clean to her and ask for her forgiveness…



* * *


His breath was taken away again. She had walked into the café looking so incredibly beautiful and radiating that he was blinded. How on earth was it that he got such a woman in his life?

A bitter taste came from the back of his throat but he pushed it down. Today his guilt will take a backseat and he will only love.

She was wearing a wonderful dark-colored dress that accentuated her divine figure making her seem heavenly. He stands up and walks to her unable to wait. He hugs her like he did last night mostly because he is so overwhelmed by his love for her again.

She chuckles and pats his head making him sigh.

“Do I look pretty?”

“You look ethereal…”

She giggles at that, tucking a stray hair behind her ear and leads him back to their table.

“Jongin…” She says as soon as they settle down, “Can you tell me that you love me?”

He is a little taken aback by that question.

“Of course! I love you more than anything in this world.”


“Yes, really.”

“Okay.” She smiles like she had been assured of something making him study her.

“Wait. Where’s your ring?” Her empty finger gave him a sudden shiver as he held her left hand, his heart beating wildly as his mind blanks. “What happened? Why-”

“Hush… I took it out for today.” She says smiling but it did not do much to soothe his heart. He knows he must be looking panicked now because she cups his face. “Today I decided that I am not a fiancee but am a girl you will woo…”<

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I kept thinking of Kai yesterday and today and so I had to come here to go through this heartbreak again. I miss him so much T.T.


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Chapter 24: So hear I am at 5am- awake before my alarm finishing up a story of love that was basically always one-sided. And crying over it. Im glad you wrote it like this. They both finally grew into their true feelings and destiny.
Chapter 22: Now I’ve done a whole 180 in my feelings for him.
Chapter 21: It’s always at a certain point when God opens your eyes to your own issues, doesn’t He?
Chapter 20: I’m not sure how to feel about him now. Certainly I feel sorry for him but there have been some really good relationship lessons here so far that they both needed to learn.
Chapter 14: Well spit…. Now I’m feeling sorry for him - and I don’t wanna
Chapter 13: I’m so proud of her- she needed this. Maybe not in this manner but this independence
Chapter 12: I mean…. His boss does have a point. We both have a little smirk at the “that’s what you get” of him being left behind
Chapter 9: He should just have trusted his instincts
Chapter 7: The fact that there are people who have done this irl ….smh
Chapter 4: Her utter horror at finding herself as not the self she knows and remembers. I felt that