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Lena swung her head at the name feeling all her insides drop to the ground. That was Jongin’s nickname. That was the name he went with for his work, a name she had picked after her favorite character from her favorite show as a child.

A month without him and she was barely coping. Far away from him… far away from every memory of his.

It was rightly said in both proverbs ‘distance makes the heart fond’ as well as ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.

There were times when suddenly she would be attacked with the searing pain of his absence and she would almost breakdown anywhere, anytime. During such nights, the time it usually happens she would miss sleep and cry the entire night away. But then there were times when he would be completely out of her mind when she would immerse into her new work with passion and vivacity.

It was joyful to work in such a company. Just a month in and she had made much more connection than she had done her entire time in Seoul. Kim Jongdae, the HR head was such a pleasant fellow to be with who was literally just sunshine. She liked him quite a lot and liked being in his presence, basking on his sunshine every possible opportunity.

Other than that she had dozens of Chinese friends now who were so eager to help her settle in Shanghai that now she had one of the best flats ever with lower rent than usual. She knew more places to eat than she knew in Seoul. She was living a life… Finally a good life without being worried about when to go home and cook for him or when to go home for the curfew.

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I kept thinking of Kai yesterday and today and so I had to come here to go through this heartbreak again. I miss him so much T.T.


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Chapter 24: So hear I am at 5am- awake before my alarm finishing up a story of love that was basically always one-sided. And crying over it. Im glad you wrote it like this. They both finally grew into their true feelings and destiny.
Chapter 22: Now I’ve done a whole 180 in my feelings for him.
Chapter 21: It’s always at a certain point when God opens your eyes to your own issues, doesn’t He?
Chapter 20: I’m not sure how to feel about him now. Certainly I feel sorry for him but there have been some really good relationship lessons here so far that they both needed to learn.
Chapter 14: Well spit…. Now I’m feeling sorry for him - and I don’t wanna
Chapter 13: I’m so proud of her- she needed this. Maybe not in this manner but this independence
Chapter 12: I mean…. His boss does have a point. We both have a little smirk at the “that’s what you get” of him being left behind
Chapter 9: He should just have trusted his instincts
Chapter 7: The fact that there are people who have done this irl ….smh
Chapter 4: Her utter horror at finding herself as not the self she knows and remembers. I felt that