Maze In The Mirror

Together Even Tomorrow
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One night when you were texting Hena while laying on bed ready to sleep soon, you heard soft knocks. "Come in", you called softly to the person on the other side of the door. Beomgyu's little head pops in with a gentle smile.

"Sorry to disturb you at this hour, Juri. But I promised you." Your eyes check the time on your phone, 12:34AM. You tilt your head confusedly, unable to recall any promise that had to do with talking at midnight.

"Just come here," he holds your hand and drags you up from bed. After seeing that you had enough balance, he takes you to his room. Your eyes quickly glanced at the other room's door. It seemed like everyone else was asleep.

"What's up, Gyu?" you ask, sitting on his bed comfortably. He merely sits on his wheeled chair, taking the wired headphones and putting them over your ears. He presses the space bar and a familiar melody plays. Ah! The song he had not finished back then. It's been over three months...

You hum with the guitar intro, this brings a smile on Beomgyu's face as he notices that you still remember the song. It was his first production and the members had recently gathered together to write the lyrics. It recorded the memories of their trainee days, and was a really precious song to him. And you were the first person to listen to it after finishing it, and your opinion obviously mattered a lot to him.

While Beomgyu was lost in his anxious thoughts, you were in awe of the completed song. What you heard was merely a demo, and now there was a hook too. And this time, you could hear not only Beomgyu, but the other members' voices too. 


I want to fly now
Like Peter Pan that flies for eternity
I want to become a star
Like that clear sweat that broke out for the first time

I surrender in front of the mirror again
It’s too dark here
My delicate shoulders
Neither can I hide nor can I straighten them

At the end of the maze, at the end of the maze
On the other side, on the other side of the mirror
Find me please, please
Please don’t give up on me


You don't cry this time, but you mutely hug Beomgyu when the song ends. The boy is surerly surprised by your actions but rubs your back anyways. "I am so so proud of you, Gyu. This is absolutely amazing. I can't wait to see all five of you shine on stage like the stars you are. My precious stars." You softly speak into his ear. Beomgyu, touched by your honey-dripping words, starts to cry. You don't notice until you begin to feel your shoulder getting wet.

"Gyu?" You cup his reddened face in your hands, pouting as you see him struggling to keep his tears in but in vain. Your thumbs glide over his cheeks to wipe his tears. "Please don't cry..."

He smiles a little, "thank you, Juri. Your words really mean a lot to me. You've been the best gift this year. I can't wait to make you feel proud of me, proud of us. We are a

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26rgephart #1
Chapter 13: AHH I love it!! im so glad you put separate endings for each of the boys, it was great! <3
Chapter 16: Wowww! Great ending Author-nim! 💗
Happy Holidays! 🎄
26rgephart #3
Chapter 11: This story has thrown me into a roller coaster of emotions.. but i love it!!! I really hope Juri ends up with Tae and that you finish the chapter soon, too (but no pressure)!!
Chapter 11: Author-nim, not trying to pressure you or anything, but when is the next time you'll update? 🥺
I miss this story so much! 😅💗
babyul #6
Chapter 7: author-nim!!! you did so well. i love how you potrayed the boys characters so well and the scenarios are heartwarming and not cringe at all
Chapter 7: I feel u juri...i really do
Chapter 6: Can i have a date with them T-T..farfetch..
Chapter 4: I'm in love with this story...its so good..