Together Even Tomorrow

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You had just landed your first job after becoming legal, and perhaps it was your luck or your doom that you were hired to be the housekeeper of five teenagers who were training to be idols. The pay wasn't so fancy, considering they were trainees who could barely afford your services, but it was enough to buy your necessities through the month, and if you spent carefully, you could afford those cute clothes in the thrift shops. And most importantly, it provided you a home.




With one hand you hold your phone which showed you directions of the place you were supposed to go to, while the other hand struggled with the heavy suitcase. You swayed your backpack contentedly, clearly delighted with the move. You were finally about to have a place to call home, even though it was to be shared with a few other people. Excitement and a pang of nervousness overwhelmed you as you took those heavy steps towards this so-called home. The auto-generated female robotic voice announces your arrival to your set destination, putting your rambling thoughts to a halt. You look up from your screen to look at a building, it didn't look shabby, thankfully. Rather, it looked quite well-maintained. As expected from Big Hit Entertainment to treat even their trainees well. You sigh light-heartedly.

You go through your contacts that had only two people to search for the person that had recruited you - Choi Soobin, the name read. You tap on the contact and wait as the familiar default ring plays. "Hello? Lee Juri-sshi?" I hear the deep yet youthful voice from the other side call. "Ah, Soobin-sshi. I have reached the given address and I'm currently standing in front of the building. Which floor and room number am I supposed to go to?" 

You hear a slight ruckus in the back, seemingly people fumbling with things across the room. "I'll come down and pick you up. You must have your luggage with you, I'm sure it must have taken a toll on you to come here." And before you can reply a fervent "no, thank you", he cuts the call, leaving me dumb-founded on the curb. It doesn't take more than three minutes before the said person appears in front of you. Even though he was wearing slightly disheveled clothes, his visuals were breath-taking. A trainee indeed. And as he came closer to you it seemed as though you had to tilt your head more and more because of his towering figure. His pale skin seemed flawless as they shone in the daylight, and when he smiled, as though apologetically, bowing all the while, it revealed his bunny teeth and you could not help but squeal inwardly at the sight in front of you. You involuntarily gulp as you take a few moments to register all of this, and then bow back to him. The both of you shake hands and without further words, he silently takes your sapphire suitcase and leads you towards the elevator. The ride up to the fourth floor was nerve-wrecking. You were still quite shaken up by the presence of this tall person beside you. What about the rest of the boys? Were they this dashing as well?

You eye the green walls in the hallway as you make your way to the only door. Room No. 403. Soobin knocks on the metal door to let the others know that we had arrived, and then he swiftly pulls open the door, revealing the white painted walls and lavender smell of the living room. It seemed like the air freshener was just recently sprayed across the room, a little excessively. Soobin keeps your suitcase near the door and joins the other four jaw-droppingly handsome guys to form a small semi-circle in front of you. With Soobin's lead they chant what you assumed was their catchphrase, and their voices resonate through the thin walls, "One Dream! Hello, we are Tomorrow by Together!" 


Youe eyes dart from one person to another, widening as you take in the looks of each boy. All of them could easily hover over you with their tall bodies. Your lips fall apart in realisation that your life was about to change completely after this.






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And like that, we wrap this story!!
I'm so sorry that I made you guys wait for so long, but thank you for staying patient. I hope you will like the ending hehe.
I love you guys sm! Thank you!! Stay safe, and happy holidays! <3


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26rgephart #1
Chapter 13: AHH I love it!! im so glad you put separate endings for each of the boys, it was great! <3
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Happy Holidays! 🎄
26rgephart #3
Chapter 11: This story has thrown me into a roller coaster of emotions.. but i love it!!! I really hope Juri ends up with Tae and that you finish the chapter soon, too (but no pressure)!!
Chapter 11: Author-nim, not trying to pressure you or anything, but when is the next time you'll update? 🥺
I miss this story so much! 😅💗
babyul #6
Chapter 7: author-nim!!! you did so well. i love how you potrayed the boys characters so well and the scenarios are heartwarming and not cringe at all
Chapter 7: I feel u juri...i really do
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