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Together Even Tomorrow
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The much-awaited Sunday was finally here. However, what you didn't anticipate was being shaken awake by the maknae at 8am.

"Noona, I only have you for two hours. Let's get you ready and we'll go eat my favorite pancakes for breakfast." He speaks while hovering over you.
"You don't like what I make?" You ask him groggily, finally budging after ten minutes of being rushed to get up and get dressed for wherever he wanted to take you.

"That's not the point, go wash up, I'll pick your clothes today!" He says excitedly as he pushes you inside the bathroom.

You simply sigh and do as asked. Why is he so excited over pancakes?

You come out to an empty room, no sign of Huening. You pick up the romper lying on your bed and sigh. What's the need to get this dressed up? But you wear it nevertheless, and stick to your white sneakers.

Right then, you hear a knock on your door, "noona, you ready?" 
"Yeah, I'll be right out. Wait for me in the living room?" You tell him.


As you make your way out of your room, you see Taehyun gaping at you. "What?" You smile as he blinks several times. "You look pretty. You should dress like that more often." He tells you honestly, taking you aback. You begin to blush when you realise that he had just complimented you, "W-why would I wear a dress in the house? There aren't many opportunities to go out anyways." You smack his head lightly before making your way to Huening and walk out the main door to get pancakes.


"Huening-ah, why are we suddenly eating breakfast outside without the others?" You ask him sincerely as you dig into your honey-glazed fluffy fancakes. These were so much better than what you made, you wished you could eat these everyday.

"It's a secret," he giggles before continuing to eat. "How have you been, noona? What do you do when we go out for practice?"

"Random, but okay. I've been good but I could use a little more human interaction, but I do talk to this grandmother when I go out for grocery shopping. She's usually sitting by herself at the park on the way. And about what I do, I watch TV or talk to Hena. And work, of course." You tell him, completely omitting the fact that you would often look up new songs to strum on Beomgyu's guitar. You were still shy about it.

"Can we get the bill please?" Huening calls for the waitress that was attending our table. And before I can even go through my slingbag, he has already handed his card.

"Hey! I am paying for my food." You look at him confusedly. They were already paying for groceries at home and for your services. You knew you could pay for yourself but he was faster than you. "Ey, it's my treat, noona. Maybe you can pay me back with cuddles at home." He winks as he tells you, and you can't help but chuckle. Why was he being this way?

Huening now takes your hand in his and proceeds to take you back home.

"Thank for that, Kai." You smile gently at him who now looks flustered. "T-that was nothing." He chuckles awkwardly, but does not let go of your hand. "I think it was nice to have someone else cook for me," you giggle before continuing, "not that I am complaining about having to cook for all of us. I'd rather you guys not cook. You and Taehyun can't even cook to survive." 
Huening opens his mouth to retort but you quickly shut him down, "no, Huening. Ramyeon does not count." 
He looks down dejectedly. The sight of his pouty lips make you want to squish his cheeks, something Soobin would do too. So you do exactly that, and the younger boy looks at you in fake annoyance. "I-I am not a kid..."
"You will always be a baby to me," you coo at him and then you realise you were back at the apartment building.


"I guess my time's up, noona. You took too long to wake up," he says while pouting, "but I will see you later," he says while letting go of your hand reluctantly. You look up to see Beomgyu smiling at you. You return the gesture instantly. Are they taking turns to spend time with me today? The thought swells your heart with warmth. All because of what I said the other day? They're so adorable. 



Huening whispers something into Beomgyu's ear but you try to ignore it. He then hugs you goodbye, leaving you and Beomgyu alone in the parking lot. Your same-aged friend coughs intentionally to get your attention, "since it has come to my attention that you lack pretty clothes, or just clothes in general, we're going shopping."

"Wait what? Huening said that?! But I don't have money to shop?" You become flustered at his statement and sudden suggestion. Huening, you sneaky kid.

"Don't worry, my treat." He smiles cheekily before holding your hand and dragging you in some path you didn't know. "I also know you won't let me buy it for you if it is something expensive, so we're going to one of our favorite second-hand store. They actually have really good quality clothes." He rambles on the way yet your mind was still fixated on the hands that were holding each other. You were used to skinship with Hueningkai but with the other members, it was different. And especially Beomgyu with whom you joked around a lot.

"Today is not even my birthday, why are you all pampering me today? Huening didn't let me pay anything for breakfast too." You pout as he begins to swing your hands playfully. 

"Oh, we don't know when your birthday is! When is it? When is it? When is it?" He repeats excitedly and you feel like you had come out to take your little puppy out on a walk with the way he was jumping around softly.

"I told you guys it's in December when we first met." You tell him.

"Duh. We need a date." He says, and then quickly realises what had slipped out. "I-I mean on which day were you born?" You stifle a laughter at his antics.

"23rd. I was born on the 23rd." You tell him. "I'll keep that in mind..." He trails off and you see his eyes sparkle. "We are here." He says, before taking you inside the quaint shop on the corner.

It is small but full of clothes to the point it was almost too cramped with just the two of you and the shop owner. He smiles when he sees Beomgyu and they exchange pleasantries. You bow to the owner and begin to look around on your own. You were scanning through some clothes hung on hangars when you feel warmth and a presence behind you. "Found anything you like yet?" His voice was so close to your ear that you felt shivers run down your body. It was suddenly chilly in this tiny place in the middle of summer. He was standing so close that you knew that if you moved a little, you would bump into him. 

"N-not yet." You tell him a little shakily. You could only hope he would not notice the nervousness in your voice. "Come, there are better clothes at the back." He says and moves away from you. You let go of the breath you didn't know you were holding.

Beomgyu ends up buying you two dresses - one is more dressy while the other one is more casual for days like this. You also found a pretty shirt and bought it with the money you couldn't use to pay for your breakfast. Surprisingly, it was really cheap considering how nice the clothes looked. You keep it in mind to come here again when you need clothes.

"Thank you, Gyu. You always pay for me, first the amusement park and now these clothes. I can't thank you enough." You tell him sincerely as you walk back towards home. This neighborhood is amazing, you think as you admire the beautiful shady tress on the path. Some flowers were in bloom too.

Beomgyu follows your gaze and plucks off a flower. He turns to you and hands it to you, "this is nothing. I am more thankful for all you do for us. Life has really become easier since you came into my our lives."
You stare into his black orbs and feel the sincerity. You almost choke up at the sight and sound of his voice. "Likewise, Gyu. I am glad to have met you guys."

He tucks the flower behind you ear and takes your hand wordlessly. He intertwines your fingers and it makes you feel warm at your chest. You two did not need words anymore. Simply being in each other's presence was enough. And like that, you two walk back home.



Yet again you were stopped at the parking lot, "Hey, Juri~". You see Yeonjun waving at you excitedly, and so you wave back at him as you let go of Beomgyu's hand. You did not see his sad expression because you were now fixated on the oldest boy who was skipping towards you. "Bye, Beomgyu." He says and wraps his arm around your shoulder.

Beomgyu smiles softly, and you step forward to ruffle his hair. His smile grows bigger at your action and he skips back to the elevator after saying 'goodbye'. 

You turn your attention back to the now frowning eldest. "You never do that to me," he speaks poutily. It is sometimes hard to believe he is older than you. "What? Are you jealous, Yeonjun-ssi?" You and he looks taken aback.

"Me? Jealous? Pfft. I get what I want." He scoffs before pulling you by your hand. You stumble towards him, standing close to him. He bends down slightly for you, "ruffle my hair too." You burst out laughing at him and it makes him even more annoyed.

"Ugh, whatever. Let's go eat, I am really hungry." He huffs and stomps away to the bus stand. "You are so childish, Yeonjun." You mutter to yourself before following him. You had stopped calling him and Soobin 'oppa' after getting to know them better; you realised that they were too child-like to be considered 'oppa's'.

"So...what's on the menu for lunch?" You prod him with the topic of food because you knew it always got him excited. You didn't know anyone who loved and enjoyed eating as much as he did. However, much to your dismay, he does not reply and climbs on the bus. You frown at the lack of reaction but follow nevertheless. He had maintained his stoic face for the past seven minutes.

With no other option left, you ruffle his hair softly, careful to not ruin his hair. You see the corners of his lips tweak slightly. "H-hey, you are ruining my hair," he says while pretending to fix his hair. The happiness in his voice went unmissed by you, and you smile in satisfaction.

"I haven't had kalguksu in a while so I was thinking of having some today. Are you okay with that?" He looks at you cautiously. Cute. You simply nod because you knew that there was no denying him when it came to food. He's quite persistent in everything.
He smiles and sits closer to you, his feet tapping out of excitement of eating his favorite food in a while.

At the little restaurant, he slurps on the noodles like he has been starving for weeks. You stifle a laughter and eat from your bowl too. Right then, you hear him coughing. He had choked on the food.
You lean forward and try to rub his back, and pat it lightly. He drinks the water from the glass

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