Together Even Tomorrow
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Next morning, you woke up fresh after a long sleep. You had slept in because it was your off day today. As you sat on your bed, you looked at the corner of your room where the boys' stuff were kept.

It still felt like a prank that all of them had asked you out on date. It flattered you. It made you feel special. Well, to them at least, you were.

You pick the five things in your arms and lay them out on your bedsheet. Even though it was clear that they weren't asking you to be their girlfriend or anything, this was enough. A date with your crush? It had been so long since you felt excited for a date that you had almost forgotten the feeling.


Your eyes glance over the wrapped croissant, packet of ramyeon, the guitar, the poster of BTS' Jungkook, and the dolphin doll. Even if they hadn't personally handed those things to you, you knew which thing belonged to which member. Perhaps it was because you had seen those things often when you were cleaning around, or maybe it was too easy to link it to the person's personality itself.




Choi Soobin. The bread-like leader.

Bread comes in many varieties and goes well with everything. It can be savory, or sweet. And it really helps balance the flavor when paired with strong flavors.

That's exactly how Soobin melded into Tomorrow X Together. He was the leader because he was a good mediator. He kept the balance in the group that otherwise had strong personalities. He really tied them together.

And croissant was such an elegant variety of bread. Soobin's aura exuded the same charm. He seems composed, but like croissant too, he can be fun too. All you need is the right ingredient to match, or perhaps the right person...




Choi Yeonjun. The staple ramyeon.

Ramyeon may seem like ordinary food, but it is so much more than that. The ver

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26rgephart #1
Chapter 13: AHH I love it!! im so glad you put separate endings for each of the boys, it was great! <3
Chapter 16: Wowww! Great ending Author-nim! 💗
Happy Holidays! 🎄
26rgephart #3
Chapter 11: This story has thrown me into a roller coaster of emotions.. but i love it!!! I really hope Juri ends up with Tae and that you finish the chapter soon, too (but no pressure)!!
Chapter 11: Author-nim, not trying to pressure you or anything, but when is the next time you'll update? 🥺
I miss this story so much! 😅💗
babyul #6
Chapter 7: author-nim!!! you did so well. i love how you potrayed the boys characters so well and the scenarios are heartwarming and not cringe at all
Chapter 7: I feel u juri...i really do
Chapter 6: Can i have a date with them T-T..farfetch..
Chapter 4: I'm in love with this story...its so good..