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Together Even Tomorrow
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Purring over the warmth of the blanket, I unwillingly open my eyes and stretch my limbs in an attempt to lose all the morning laziness. I check my smartphone which indicated that it is 7 in the morning, and I could already hear a rustle in the kitchen, though at a distance from my room. The thin walls allowed so.

As I sit up on the bed I realise that I had fallen asleep while watching Yeonjun fix the curtains. A blush creeps up my face when I think of the possibility of him tucking me in, there was no other way I had slept so comfortably under the covers. I shake my head and go the bathroom to freshen up for the day. First official day as TXT's caretaker housekeeper. Let's do this.

As I walk down the hall I hear the shower running and soft noises from the room next to it. The opposite room seemed quiet. I make my way to the kitchen from where I could hear the rustles of plastic wrappings. Why are they up so early?

I make eye contact with the groggy Huening munching on bread while his eyes were barely open. However, his eyes shot open when he sees me. Perhaps he had forgotten about the new person in their dorm. "Good morning, Huening." He nods to me, too tired to say anything at the moment, and I hold back the urge to smoothen his fluffy bed hair.

Soobin comes out in his pajamas, sporting a disheveled hairstyle, taking small steps towards Huening only to snatch his bread and stuff his face with it. Yeonjun also joins us, however he looked like he had already changed into stylish clothes, fit for a day of work out. "Want me to fix up breakfast for you?" I look at Yeonjun, wanting to thank him for last night. "Oh, you will? Thank you." He shows me his usual small smile, his eyes looked brighter though.

"Breakfast?! I'm hungry!" Beomgyu rushes in with his usual loud voice. It surprises me how he can be so cheerful this early. 

I go through the stuff in the refridgerator, eyeing the lack of groceries. All I see are cold drinks, bread, ice cream, eggs and packets of noodles. I take a mental note to go grocery shopping later. Grabbing the bread and eggs, I start whisking up plain french toasts.

Smelling the food, Taehyun walks in to the kitchen, his hands drying his wet hair. "Noona, what is that?" He leans over my shoulder, standing a little closely. Close enough for me to smell the strong fruity bodywash. "Oh, this is french toast. You guys don't have anything to be able to make a better meal, I'm so sorry."

"Don't apologize, the hyungs are lazy and can't cook properly. Except for Yeonjun hyung, he can make a few dishes, but we all get so tired after practices so we rarely make our own food." My lips part and my head nods in understanding. I worry about their health since he just told me that they survive on take-outs.

"I will go grocery shopping today. I will try to keep dinner ready for you guys everyday. Wait, what's your schedule?" My eyes stay on the toasts as I wait for his reply, wondering how long the practice hours were. "It is different for each day. Wait, I will go bring the print-out." He rushes to his room and comes back in a moment. "Here." He shows me the paper which had a time table for each day while I place the last toast into a big plate. Taking the paper in hand I scan the load of information, making note of the time they were to be let off today. 8PM? I exclaim in my head. They are supposed to reach the agency by 8AM and spend twelve hours there? I go through the contents labelled as 'vocal practice', 'dance practice', 'individual assessment' and more, and my eyes bulge at the amount of activities they had per day. Poor boys, they must be so exhausted. 

Taehyun had already taken the plate to the table in the living room, and everyone was seated, enjoying their firsts and seconds. Soobin waves at me to join them. The leader was happily chewing the food in his mouth, despite the fact that he and Huening already had some bread earlier. The oldest was wolfing down the toasts, seems like he really liked them. Beomgyu bites into the toast and gives me a smile with two thumbs up.

"This is really good," Soobin speaks between his munches. No other words from the rest were needed when I realised that they probably shared the sentiment, as I see them eating wordlessly. I smile and take a seat next to Soobin, taking my own share of toasts and begin to eat. Hmmm, not bad for the lack of ingredients. Though it would have been better with some whipped cream and fruits.

One by one, they get up from the table. And together, they leave the apartment, not without 'goodbye's' though. And I begin my job, beginning with cleaning up the dishes from the morning. I go through the first door in the hallway, and upon opening the door I see two bunk beds. Does that mean only one member sleeps in the other room? That's odd.

I begin by de-cluttering the desk which had a laptop, along with food wrappers. I shake my head at the mess, then proceed to make their individual beds.

One of top beds had a lot of plushies on it. I scrunch my nose in adoration at the sight. Must be one of the maknaes.

Under the lower bed were little cartons of almond milk, which were thankfully empty. I wonder which one of them likes it so much. I should probably buy it when I go out later.

I move to the next set of bunk beds. The lower bunk had a few clothes thrown on it. Seems like someone was busy dressing up in the morning. Yeonjun, probably.  I fold the clothes neatly and place them near the foot.

I climb up the upper bunk to see BTS' Jungkook's picture taped on the wall next to the pillow. Wow, someone's an avid fan. And surprisingly, it was neatly made so I simply dust it off before proceeding downstairs.

I take the trash to the bin and proceed to dust around. Then I enter the room which was closer to mine, which was apparently used by only one member since there were four beds in the earlier one. I carefully open the door; the dark room was slightly illumi

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Chapter 11: Author-nim, not trying to pressure you or anything, but when is the next time you'll update? 🥺
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Chapter 7: author-nim!!! you did so well. i love how you potrayed the boys characters so well and the scenarios are heartwarming and not cringe at all
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