Our Summer

Together Even Tomorrow
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You check your clothes and your shoe laces again before making your way out of the front door. Soobin locks the door behind you, and you follow the rest towards the elevator.

The six of you had decided to go to the amusement park this weekend. The boys said they wanted to unwind from the stressful weeks and made you tag along. Though you loved the idea of it, you didn't have the money for it. Beomgyu volunteered to pay for it despite your refusals. So, here you were, in a subway along with the five other teenagers. 

Your phone's ringtone breaks your thought as you look at the caller ID. "Hena?"
"I am almost there now. What about you guys?" She asks loudly from the other side.

Soobin who sitting beside you overhears your best friend's voice and mouths you 'ten minutes'.

"It will take us about ten minutes more." You tell the over-excited girl on the line. You thought it would be nice to have her come along also. Of course, you asked the boys about it. They showed no denial to it.

"I'll see you guys at the ticket booth. See ya!" She cuts the call as you put it back inside your pocket again.


When you see Hena, you almost don't recognize her. Her bucket hat and black clothes were nothing like you had seen her wear before. "Why are you so dressed up?" You whisper to her. 

"They are freaking idols in training. A good impression would be nice, don't you think?" She whisper-yells at you. "You look good with the crop-top too." She winks at you.

"I kind of outgrew it. That's why it's short." You tell her.

"Oh, I like your clothes, Hena-ssi." You hear Yeonjun speak up behind you two. "T-thank you." Hena stutters before looking forward. "Hah! Look who's freaking out." You .


As you guys roam around, getting on different rides together, you begin to

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26rgephart #1
Chapter 13: AHH I love it!! im so glad you put separate endings for each of the boys, it was great! <3
Chapter 16: Wowww! Great ending Author-nim! 💗
Happy Holidays! 🎄
26rgephart #3
Chapter 11: This story has thrown me into a roller coaster of emotions.. but i love it!!! I really hope Juri ends up with Tae and that you finish the chapter soon, too (but no pressure)!!
Chapter 11: Author-nim, not trying to pressure you or anything, but when is the next time you'll update? 🥺
I miss this story so much! 😅💗
babyul #6
Chapter 7: author-nim!!! you did so well. i love how you potrayed the boys characters so well and the scenarios are heartwarming and not cringe at all
Chapter 7: I feel u juri...i really do
Chapter 6: Can i have a date with them T-T..farfetch..
Chapter 4: I'm in love with this story...its so good..