dear diary

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Dear Diary,

I am 9 years old, Dad has finally returned from his journey, he has shown me his ship, she is so beautiful, all the sailors and merchants he owns are so interesting, I also want to be a sailor, just like my father, at sea.


,Dear Diary

I am 13, my mother died of pneumonia, father in serious mourning, we burned the body and released the ashes into the sea. Dad was no longer the same, he left me alone at home with overseers and went out to sea.


Dear Diary,
I am 16, my father died on a journey, his ship returned empty-handed and half-destroyed, at night there were thieves and the ship was stolen, my father's friend took me under his supervision, I was betrothed to his daughter, I couldn't say no.


Dear Diary,
The royal house announced the return of the Prince from India, there was a festival on the streets but was stopped because of robbers, there are rumors of pirates.

Dear Diary,
I've run away, and I'm not coming back.

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This story has 46 chapters. All of them are written in my native language so all I have to do is translate them. So don't be surprised if there will be many chapters uploaded the same day or day after day.
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