Pirates Stories 2min SHINee history au


It is said that the "Shining Devil" is the ship with the most terrifying captains.
Lee Taemin escapes from his home and joins the crew of the ship, he reveals another side of the pirates, the freedom.
Love and plot, full of adventures in the sea and on land.


Band: SHINee
Ship: 2Min (Choi Minho and Lee Taemin)


This fanfic is about pirates

The story is history and adventure au

If there are grammar mistakes, I'm sorry I'm not so good at writing even though I love it.

I don't write ual content, except for jokes (if necessary)


So that there is no confusion here is a brief explanation of location and periods -

❗this story wasn't real or true in the past❗

The story takes place in East Asia, Korea before dividing into North and South Korea, China, Japan, India, and the area in the 18th century.

The names of the places are not well understood, so it is important to look at the map, at the beginning of chapters there will be pictures of the maps, and sometimes there will be a picture of the route that they go through during the book and at the end of the book there will be a summary.
*from here*

Yellow - The Shiloh (the central place in the story, belonging to the Choi family (SM + cube entertainment))
Yellow - The Shiloh (the central place in the story, belonging to the Choi family (SM + cube entertainment))

Purple-Pakche (belongs to the Park family (JYP entertainment))

Pink-Gaia (belongs to the Kim family (big hit + Pledis entertainment))

Green - Kogorio (up to the red ponytail line belongs to the Young (YG entertainment) family) (all other greens are divided into several kingdoms built from the same family)

* Another Map of the All-East *

 As in historical stories, Korea is divided into medieval-style kingdoms with traditional Korean-style clothing.

The era is a time when women were deprived of rights and there is an emphasis on that in the story


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It's fanfic, the characters are based on real people who don't belong to me.

I know it's mostly sad after the 2017 SHINee crisis but I want to write an idea I had.


All rights reserved 2020 © by Felix

in chapter 22 the maps are not historically correct but are taken to the story's sake.
also, in the jeon family tree, the Okinawa general is a woman and she has a husband, this is my mistake while making the trees.
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