Chapter 7

Pirates Stories 2min SHINee history au


The next day the crew stood ready to leave, everyone gathered on board, knives, and swords in their belts and in hidden places in their dull clothes, even a gun was hidden with one of the captains, just in case.


The gang of pirates set off. After parking their ship in the old harbor when they saw that no soldier was walking around there, they went down to the ruined platform trying not to make a sound as they passed the closed ghost pub.


Further on, where they began to see soldiers patrolling, they split up. Of course, the captains were not stupid and didn’t leave their identifying marks on themselves, Key left his key chain on the ship but only took one, the key they would use, on his neck and hid under his shirt, and Bling-Bling changed the earring on his ear, a noise-free earring, of course.


Their progress to the palace was rapid and no one was caught. The group entering the palace arrived at the place where they were scheduled to meet, an alley that was located close to the entrance to the palace, from where they could see the entrance they had to enter from. Their plan was particularly simple after their spy helped them clear the area for the next two hours, with only one guard sitting outside the large doors completely drunk and his eyes half-open. With Key's instruction, Jongin, with his bow and arrow, which its tip was a rock, sent the arrow straight to the guard's head which caused him to seek into unconsciousness quickly and quietly. The one who took the place of the guard was Chanyeol who hurried to drag the guard aside, take off his clothes and change with his own. The tall pirate went to the guard's place with the black-red guard clothes standing in his place looking first to see if more soldiers were in the area and only when it was sure no one was around, signaling them to enter after opening the gate.


The pirates rushed in straight into the palace grounds. They entered the magnificent building. They have only a few minutes before a guard team will return to their positions along the wall. They turned off every fire lamp they passed by. Everyone had a match to light the fire in the torches and fire lamps in case something happened, or rather, the soldiers will be the ones to do so and light the lamps because they wouldn’t notice the pirate waiting in the dark. Each pirate was placed in his position so the crew continued to the basements and the dungeon. 


If Chanyeol is at the entrance then another pirate not far away near a large fire lamp. And so Taemin was in the third position where there was an exit to one of the courtyards of the palace. Baekhyunwas the one to stay in the second position, he had to take over a soldier who came out of nowhere after hiding and then jumped on him with a napkin with a sleeping drug.


The gang of pirates began to descend to the lower and underground floors of the palace, leaving Taemin in his position, which was also placed near the first staircase down.


At one point Taemin got bored, he looked at the big yard from his position. 'This is probably the yard where they gather everyone when the king wants to talk,' the young pirate thought to himself. On the other side of the courtyard, one could see a small stage with a throne and two flags on either side. Taemin imagined the king sitting there and next to him the prince standing straight, looking at the large expanse with a sealed look. With that thought in mind, Taemin hurried to look elsewhere and continues to imagine the full expansion of the soldiers standing still and bowing to their king, and to their prince. 'What is wrong with me?' He decided not to think about the prince and went back to looking at the dark, empty corridor, but when he looked, he saw a torchlight approaching him. 


The pirate hurried to hide in the shadows not far from the lamp he was watching. A number of soldiers appeared patrolling the yard. 'What is taking them so long?' According to the captains he had to stop any soldier who interfered with their mission, but for some reason, Taemin could not do so, hurting or killing the soldier who came towards him, he killed only one person since time party, and it was some drunk and big and stinky man, but whoever walked towards him was a boy around his age who is doing his job. Taemin did not have a sleeping drug because only Baekhyun had it, and Baekhyun was in a different position down the hall where there was no light.


He was almost caught. The same guard who came in his direction did not see him and was busy returning the light to the same lamp in the position. 'This is not good.' Tae decided to move a bit instead of hiding in the shade. The guard did not notice him, he was too busy lighting his matches that did not stop breaking every time he tried to light them.


In about the sixth match the fire was lit and the lamp was lit again. Tae's place was revealed. The shadow could no longer help him. He saw a large flag hanging on the wall behind him. The soldier only then noticed a man dressed in black on the spot, but for the guard, it was too late, the heavy flag fell on him and the metal that kept that flag straight fell on the soldier's head causing him to lose consciousness, but nevertheless, the lamp also fell loudly. Taemin could not move from where he stood, the fire blocked his way. The flag burned and so did the soldier's body underneath, Taemin looked at the fire curving the cloth and the flesh beneath it, with a bubbling panic inside also shudder was added to the feeling. The food he put in his mouth before they left insisted on going back up. "Oh no," he said loudly.


Voices were heard from outside. The corpse in the fire screamed in pain. Taemin hurried out to stick his sword in the body so that the man would die a quick death without too much torment. 


Not only did the guards notice the fire that started, because of the heavy smoke, the royals in the palace also noticed the smoke that smelled throughout the palace. Taemin hurried to put the hood on his head and his mask on his nose so that he would not breathe the smoke and so that he would not be recognized as the one who "danced" with the prince a week before at the ball.


A group of guards came to the hallway and stood in front of the firewall, seeing someone dressed in black stuck in a corner on the other side of the firewall. "Pirate," one of the guards said, pointing at him making everyone look at him across the wall. He saw a figure coming to the area from the same direction of the corridor, from where the pirates did not enter. That means that Baekhyun and Chanyeol were not caught.


The prince approached. You could see how he hurried to dress so that his belt did not sit neatly on his waist and his hair was sloppily gathered on his head. He looked at him through the flames. Taemin felt the heat around him and began to sweat, not taking his mask off his mouth and nose so as not to be exposed and breathing from the heavy smoke that filled the hallway. The soldiers themselves cover their faces with their sleeves. The exit to the yard was on the other side of the wall and was captured by soldiers standing there looking at him. Everyone looked at him. He had nowhere to run. 'Where is everybody?'

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