Chapter 2

The young prince

Taking the appearance of a wounded child, Jimin lied down near the lake where Jungkook currently was.
Hearing some noises nearby Jungkook stood up alarmed.
Jk- Tae, did you hear this?

Tae- what? You are just being delusional comeback. let's eat! I am tired.

Jungkook ignored him and continued. When he saw a body lying down and yelled at tae to come and see. Tae now alarmed too ran to him. Jungkook kneed and inspected the body. It was a wounded kid. Fortunately, it wasn't serious injuries so Jungkook was relieved. He started shaking the kid to wake up. Soon the kid started blinking his eyes open.

Jk- Are you okay? What happened?

The kid said nothing and just stared blankly at Jungkook.

Jk- seems like someone doesn't know how to talk.

The kid rolled his eyes and looked away. Jungkook was shocked at the brat's attitude.

Jk- okay now tell me where are your parents.

Jungkook said with a serious voice to which the kid couldn't ignore. He turned to Jungkook and replied.

Jm- they died long ago.

Jk- oh I'm sorry... Let me just take you home and treat your wounds, would you?

Jm- hmm okay

Suddenly Jungkook lifted the kid making the kid shocked but he let him and laid his head again Jungkook chest taking advantage of the situation.

Jk- By the way, what's your name?

Jm- you will know soon enough Jungkook.

Jimin said while pulling away from Jungkook and wanting to walk by his own. Surprised by how the kid talk as if he is older than him, Jungkook just put him down.

Jm- My house is there. See you soon.

Jimin said and when Jungkook and Tae looked back, he was no longer there.

Tae - what a weird kid...

Jk- I feel like I saw him somewhere.

Tae? Even his face was so unfamiliar to me

Jk- well nonetheless I think he is fine.

Tae- He is. Let's just go to Hyung!!

They walked into the small cottage the doctor lives.

Jk- Hyung I'm back.

Yg- aye Jungkook we need to talk come and sit next to me and Tae too.

Jungkook and Tae just looked at each other then went to sit next to Yoongi.

Yg- I am going to relate your past to you Jungkook and your destiny. As you already know I am your uncle and the only one left in your family but what you don't know is that You are the prince of the Jeon's kingdom which the lees are ruling at this moment. Your family was betrayed by the lees and they were all killed. All except You and I.

Yoongi now lifted his head to see everyone's shocked faces.

Jk- I... What?

Yg- yes and I have to say that the lee's kingdom is not good. There is destruction everywhere and it is chaos. Here too as you can see is being affected. It is said that once the crown prince will kill the king and gets his throne back, he will save us all from the misery. The king searched for you everywhere but couldn't find you...

There was a part that Yoongi skipped and didn't want to tell Jungkook. It was that another boy was killed in his place to save him.

Jk- but it can't be me... I have lived my whole life as a peasant and no... It can't be true... There's no way it is true...

Yg- Jungkook you have to accept it as soon as possible because tomorrow you are leaving.

Jk- what? Where?

Yg- to get back what is yours and for that, you would need your men.

Jk- what are you even saying uncle

Yg- there's a group of people who is loyal to the Jeon. They have been hiding into the northern forest waiting for their king to come back. Jung kook you have to go there. And there's someone who you will meet. He exists to serve you and without each other, you will never be able to achieve anything.

Jungkook had too much to comprehend at that moment and he just stopped talking and even listening. His parents were killed. And he had to save the kingdom. He had never known his parents and never thought of revenge. What he always wanted was a simple life but because of his good heart, he always got into trouble. He always wanted to help people hence became the famous fugitive of the village.

Jk- Hyung I am tired, I am going to sleep...

Jungkook said and went to his room without looking back. Tae was silent, not knowing what to say or how to help.

Yg- Tae... I have a request... You are my dear apprentice and you are the one who knows Jungkook the most... I want you to accompany Jungkook on his journey. Be there for him. I can't get away from here without creating a commotion and the Lee knows me a bit too well. I will need to stay here...

Tae- Hyung I will do it. I will stay with Jungkook. I will protect him with my life and stay faithful.

Yg- what a good boy you are Taehyung... Look after Jungkook well he is our last hope.

Tae- yes Hyung.

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