Chapter 13

The young prince

Jm- Why are you following me?

Jk- because i know you are going in your office right now.

Jm- ha you caught me red handed 

Jk- *sigh* why are you such a workaholic?

Jm- i don’t think i need to hear that from you. Do you even look at yourself? What’s with those huge dark circles under your eyes. Do you even sleep? I wonder how Lisa still find you attractive like this.

‘Whose fault do you think it is' Jungkook thought. Arriving at the working place Jimin flipping the papers urgently. 

Jk- what’s wrong?

Jm- I am scared we are running out of time.

Jk -what ? Why?

Jm- the assassin had something on him that i am way to familiar with.

Jk- can you please calm down and sit down for a minute and tell me everything...

Jimin sighed and sat next to Jungkook.

Jm- remember the magician who betrayed us? Well i know him... yes he betrayed us and is now working with the Lees but there is another part of the story. You wouldn’t have been alive if he didn’t save you. You and his lover... Yoongi. I was getting information about the Lees through him before for sometimes before it stopped. Well the information had always a symbol and i found that symbol somewhere on the assassin. And I am sure he is warning us about something.

Jk- but you said he was our enemy?

Jm- yes because he would definitely betray us for him. And anyone like this is our enemy or at least my enemy. 


Jungkook asked while holding Jimin’s collar. Their face was inches away. Jimin at first was shocked from that reaction but then he just smiled. And had put his hand on Jungkook’s hands trying lightly to make him let go.

Jm- Jungkook- shi I’ve got nothing to lose. Nothing compare to my revenge. Can’t you see i have no one close. I am a free man. And you should be the same.

Jk- not even that Hyung that came to help you the other time?

Jm- oh Jin- hyung ? Don’t even try  he is not even living. Moreover he got nothing to lose too now.  Letting that aside why i am saying that we got no time is because i think Yoongi is in danger right now and i don’t want you to get all depress if something happens to him. And i have a favour to return to him. I hate being in debts. 

Jk- i will be going. I will get him.

Jungkook said making his way towards the door when it closed right in front of him. 

Jm- Nope. If you go there right now this will cause more trouble. You stay here and continue you job. You are very much hated there from what i know. You thief? Well yeah anyway you can-

Jk- you don’ have the right to go either being the right hand of the queen.

Jm- would you let me finish Jungkook? What i am saying is that we will need an allegiance with the Kims and to that Queen Lisa won’t refuse to let me go. The Kim's kingdom is very powerful if this succeed then we will have a big advantage.

Jk- no you are not going. The king Kim is a hypocrite and unjust ruler. He doesn’t even care about his people. You going there to pledge allegiance won’t be only useless but also dangerous. 

Jm- The king Kim knows me don’t worry. Moreover his daughter seems very fan of me and to what i know the king will do anything for her daughter. If i need to cut his daughter’s throat to get what i want i will do it.

Jungkook was shocked to hear Jimin talking as if it is nothing. Jimin was very much scary. He wondered how many men he had killed till now to be able to talk about killing a girl so easily. Jimin seemed to realise what he said and just smirked and Jungkook’s reaction.

Jm- ah Jungkookie... you are still a child... I bet you never killed someone am i right? Well i need you to know that this person standing in front of you had done so many bad things. There’s blood dripping from my hands and soon enough you will have too. 

Jk- I know you are not someone bad but i also know that you are broken and you keep trying to feel better saying that you are the evil when you have a soft heart.

Jungkook said while sitting down to look up at Jimin. Looking straight into his eyes. Eyes filled with pain and anger within. He brought his hand up to Jimin’s cheek and caressed his face. That’s when Jimin realised that he was actually very tired.

Jm- pfft  i wonder how your brain works... are you stupid?

Jk- you saved me... I remember the boy of the lake who save me from an undoubtful death.

Jm- yes because i need you. You are the one to fulfill the destiny and i need you for my revenge. In anyway you see it it is just for my selfishness.

Jk- you saved Lisa too.

Jm- well she is useful too Come on... i am not the good guy.

Jungkook now was getting annoyed with Jimin’s facades. He grabbed his wounded arm hard enough to make Jimin hissed.

Jk- so you would feel absolutely nothing if something happened to her that’s why you basically jumped in front of an arrow to save her? Just stop lying to yourself.

Jimin moved his hand in a way to make Jungkook let go of his arm then he grabbed his chin up making him stare more intensely into his eyes which were inches way.

Jm- don’t misunderstand I love Lisa. I love her dearly and want her happiness. Just not enough to make me give up. I would sacrifice anyone. Got me?

Jungkook unconsciously started moving closer which made Jimin scoffed and stood up. 

Jm- go now. Tomorrow i will be gone. I can promise you something to make you feel more at ease. I will bring Yoongi safe and sound. And know that i never go back on my words.

Suddenly Jimin felt someone back hugging him. He sighed realising he probably did a huge mistake allowing the younger to get close to him. Jungkook had a lot to learn, a lot to understand. He would have to go through much more at such a young age. But then again Jimin had to grow up way too soon. He had seen horror at a very young age. Jungkook was lucky that he was just a baby when his parents died. He never knew them. He didn’t have feelings for them. He never lost someone he really cared about. Jimin was jealous. Jealous that Jungkook could still love people, care for them, making them his priority  whereas Jimin was just dying little by little, he was getting eaten by the hatred he was carrying in his heart and his thirst for revenge. ‘Please be careful and come back safely’ Jungkook said while kissing Jimin’s hair and letting go.

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