Chapter 9

The young prince

There was a cold atmosphere between Jimin and Jungkook. Taehyung was thinking that maybe they would become closer after the Jimin's incident but it seems the world is against them being good to each other. Moreover, this would have ended up like this in a way or another. Because the army which was waiting for Jungkook was too small and he would have to get alliances to continue. Well, the marriage could have been spare as Jungkook would have something to give but at this moment Jungkook doesn’t have anything.

Tae- hey Jungkook... Stop being all gloomy we will be getting there soon. You need to be charming.

Jk- you are having so much fun, aren’t you?

Tae- not wrong... I mean my best friend is getting married.

Jm- I hope it happens. Lisa's character is so complicated.

Tae- well we already know someone like this

Jm- very funny, we are arriving, I will talk to the Queen first. You are not asking for her hand right now. We need to get her sympathy first. If Jungkook's charm doesn’t work then we will need to continue with plan B.

Jk- and what is plan B?

Jm- I just hope it doesn't have to go there. Do your best Jungkook.

Jimin hopped of Taehyung’s horse and went into the palace accompanied by a guard.

Tae- He seems a bit too familiar with this place.

Jk- he does.  Tae I...
Tae- Yes prince?

Jk- Nothing... I am just tired...

Tae- You are going to rest soon.

Jm- okay come in. The Queen wants to see you.

Jimin said while winking. Both Jungkook and Tae rolled their eyes at it and followed Jimin. When they entered the hall a beautiful woman was sitting on the throne. She looked very authoritarian.  

Jm- your highness this is Prince Jungkook. His army was killed by the lee and he wishes to stay some days at the palace.

Lisa- oh Jimin I definitely can’t refuse you anything. After all, I have a lot of favours, don’t I? Guard brings those gentlemen to the guest room and makes them feel at home. It must have been a hard Journey. And Jimin comes with me.

It was no surprise to this point. Tae and Jungkook were so used by now at Jimin's secrets. But Jimin's and Lisa’s relationship seemed rather intimate so that was intriguing to know the truth. But both Jungkook and Tae decided to follow the guard and to deal with Jimin later.

Lisa was walking to a garden that Jimin was very familiar with. 

Jm- that reminds me of our childhood, my dear Queen.

Lisa- oh come on,  drop it now. Call me noona as you used to. So tell me the truth. You can’t fool me. Who are they?

Jm- Prince Jeon... The army waiting for him was killed. And what I am about to ask is a lot noon.

Lisa- wait he, is the prince Jeon? But he is so young. How was the army killed?

jm- there was a traitor. 

Lisa- Jimin that's too much to ask. 

Jm- he is a good person. He will treat you well noona

Lisa- what if I am in love with someone else? What if I say no?


Lisa- how unfair can you be? You will betray anyone, sacrifice anyone, just for that prophesy to happen. 

Jm- you would do the same.

Lisa- of course, I hate the Lee if not as much, then much more than you hate them. But still, why do you think he will be able to win it. He is so Young. He probably never killed someone yet. 

Jm- he has it. The dragon. He succeeded it.

Lisa- wow now it makes sense. I didn’t wait in vain then. Fine I will meet him, he better know how to treat a woman despite how Young he looks like.

Jimin started laughing. 

Jm- well I guess that would be the problem. I will be going then. 

Lisa- let’s all meet for dinner.

Jm- yes.

Jimin knew this palace way too well. He went straight to the guess rooms and lied down in one bed when he suddenly heard the door open. 
Jm- I know I know yall gonna tie me up again now?

Tae- it is just me. So tell me.

Jm- my childhood friend. I was living in this palace when I was small. Anyway, she accepted to meet the Prince so now get out I am tired. Look

Jimin started coughing when Taehyung grabbed his neck.

Tae- I am warning you. Don’t hurt him.

Jm- oh I am so scared

A strong wind suddenly pushed Taehyung out of the room and closed the door. Taehyung threw a fist at the door annoyed then decided to just go in his room. Jimin tried to close his eyes and sleep but he just couldn’t so he decided to start the work already. Within a moment he appeared in Jungkook's room. The boy seemed to be sleeping so Jimin silently went near his bed and sat next to the sleeping figure. He caressed his hair and looked at him with soft eyes.

Jm- I'm sorry...

After caressing his hair for sometimes. He went and pinched his cheek. Suddenly with a flip he already bellowed Jungkook.

Jk- ah it's you. What are you doing here?

Jm- is it that bad to come and see if my prince was okay?

Jimin grinned and continued caressing Jungkook's cheek until Jungkook grabbed his hand. 

Jk- what do you want?

Jm- hmm Jungkook do you know how to treat a woman?

Jungkook's cheeks started changing colour slightly. 

Jk- what are you saying?

Seeing his reaction he knew already that there was a long way to go.

Jm- see with women you should be gentle. When you meet them to grab their hand and

Jimin grabbed Jungkook's hand and kissed the back of his hand while still staring deep into his eyes. Jungkook's cheeks colour became deeper red but he didn’t pull his hand back. He just stared back at him.

Jm- yeah good look at them with those eyes. Tell them how beautiful they are.

Jimin's arm was now around Jungkook’s neck. 

Jk- You are so beautiful.

It was now Jimin's turn to be caught off guard and he started to blush at how sincere Jungkook seemed. He was the one who broke the staring contest first and looked away retracting his arms.

Jm- that’s perfect. It doesn’t seem that hard now. It should be enough for tonight. Prepare yourself we gonna have dinner with the queen.

Jimin said while pushing Jungkook off him and getting out of the bed.

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